2006 - Butcher's Ballroom
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01 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Balrog Boogie.mp3
02 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Heroines.mp3
03 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Poetic Pitbull Revolutions.mp3
04 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Rag Doll Physics.mp3
05 Diablo Swing Orchestra - D'Angelo.mp3
06 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Velvet Embracer.mp3
07 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Gunpowder Chant.mp3
08 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Infralove.mp3
09 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Wedding March For A Bullet.mp3
10 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Qualms Of Conscience.mp3
11 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Zodiac Virtues.mp3
12 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Porcelain Judas.mp3
13 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pink Noise Waltz.mp3

2009 - Sing-Along Songs For The Damned And Delirious
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01 Diablo Swing Orchestra - A Tapdancer's Dilema.mp3
02 Diablo Swing Orchestra - A Rancid Romance.mp3
03 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Lucy Fears The Morning Star.mp3
04 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Bedlam Sticks.mp3
05 Diablo Swing Orchestra - New World Widows.mp3
06 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Siberian Love Affairs.mp3
07 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Vodka Inferno.mp3
08 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Memoirs Of A Roadkill.mp3
09 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Ricerca Dell'anima.mp3
10 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Stratosphere Serenade.mp3

2012 - Pandora's Pinata
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01 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Voodoo Mon Amour.mp3
02 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Guerilla Laments.mp3
03 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Kevlar Sweethearts.mp3
05 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Black Box Messiah.mp3
06 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Exit Strategy Of A Wrecking Ball.mp3
07 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Aurora.mp3
08 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Mass Rapture.mp3
09 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Honey Trap Aftermath.mp3
10 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Of Kali Ma Calibre.mp3
11 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Justice For Saint Mary.mp3

2017 - Pacifisticuffs
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01 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Knucklehugs (Arm Yourself With Love).mp3
02 Diablo Swing Orchestra - The Age Of Vulture Culture.mp3
03 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Superhero Jagganath.mp3
04 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Vision Of The Purblind.mp3
05 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Lady Clandestine Chainbreaker.mp3
06 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Jigsaw Hustle.mp3
07 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pulse Of The Incipient.mp3
08 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Ode To The Innocent.mp3
09 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Interruption.mp3
10 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Cul-De-Sac Semantics.mp3
11 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Karma Bonfire.mp3
12 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Climbing The Eyewall.mp3
13 Diablo Swing Orchestra - Porch Of Perception.mp3

All 320 kbps

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01. Knucklehugs (Arm Yourself With Love)

iTunes Plus AAC m4a ~256kbps

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Back in the 90's, your author was admittedly a "metal purist" (or more fashionably, "metal elitist"). Anything that didn't represent the spirit of metal in its purist form was outcast, listed as "false" or "not metal."  Age, wisdom and curiosity - which is normally the precursor to discarding old interests in their entirety - only expanded the interest, allowing in so many different genres of music and "forbidden" subgenres of "heavy music."  The expansion has only made appreciation for that which is "true" much more enhanced.

There has been a soft spot in your old metal rudder's heart for bands like Russkaja, Kontrust and Diablo Swing Orchestra. The Swedish avant-garde act captured my attention with "Pandora's Piñata" and its  enrapturing opening number "Voodoo Mon Amour." On "Pacifisticuffs," the band is at its bold, trailblazing best with more jazz, more swing and just more bizarre in general.  This is what you want from Diablo Swing Orchestra, if only in small doses.

The key to Diablo Swing Orchestra's captivating sound is the stunning ability to come across like a roaring 20's swing band driven mad by the anger of modern music.  Its bold direction and sheer audacity to explore nearly every realm of music and blend it together can be both intoxicating and annoying. This isn't an insult, just the product of jarring horns. The album has so much good going for it - whether through the terrific cello piece of "Ode to the Innocent" dominated by Kristin Evegård's audacious vocals (a mix of vaudeville and pop), or the wondrous and brazen swing classic "Karma Bonfire," the symphonic "order from chaos" chorus of "Lady Clandestine Chainbreaker" or the modern swing/pop mash of "Jigsaw Hustle."

However, there is a grating side to the album like the amorphous polka/jazz number "The Age Of Vulture Culture," which meanders a too much with little excitement.  If you are looking for a "heavy" track - the highly entertaining "Superhero Jagganath" is sure to please.

For a once pure metalhead, I find myself both riveted and fascinated by Diablo Swing Orchestra's chaotic and brilliant style, but can only take the madness for 15-20 minutes at a clip. Just like the first time I heard them, every fiber of my metal being wants to hate them - but the overwhelming catchiness and the band's aversion to any standard is much too hard to resist as a fan of music. The band's swing metal insanity is the perfect seasoning to your metal playlist, especially when book-ended by traditional and death metal, but without coming off like purely a novelty act. This is not a release for the pure metalhead, it dares way too much and offers far too little "metal." "Pacifisticuffs" is a feast for the ears for those who love energetic music that continually pushes boundaries. Diablo Swing Orchestra continues to forge a path as the evil alter ego of the Brian Setzer Orchestra.

7.5/10 HAILS
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New single, ”The Age of Vulture Culture” out now!
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Diablo Swing Orchestra - The Age Of Vulture Culture (Single) (2017)
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MP3 320 kbps
rqst in pm - https://t.me/SVFLC - flac`s

Открытие января CLANN - Seelie (2017) - Violin, Downtempo, Female Vocal, Trip-Hop
Вокалистка АГОНЬ просто! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
rqst in pm - https://t.me/SVFLC - flac`s

Открытие января CLANN - Seelie (2017) - Violin, Downtempo, Female Vocal, Trip-Hop
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pacifisticuffs (2017)
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Время: 0:44:20
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 103.19 Мб

01. Knucklehugs (Arm Yourself With Love) (2:26)
02. The Age of Vulture Culture (5:00)
03. Superhero Jagganath (5:41)
04. Vision of the Purblind (1:01)
05. Lady Clandestine Chainbreaker (4:50)
06. Jigsaw Hustle (4:52)
07. Pulse of the Incipient (0:34)
08. Ode to the Innocent (3:49)
09. Interruption (5:21)
10. Cul-De-Sac Semantics (1:09)
11. Karma Bonfire (4:14)
12. Climbing the Eyewall (4:40)
13. Porch of Perception (0:43)

zippyshare - turbobit
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pacifisticuffs (2017)
flac (tracks)
Цитата: st.liar
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pacifisticuffs (2017)
flac (tracks)

спасибо огромное
Скрытый текст / Hidden text
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Наверное, подобная манера исполнения и голос подходит коллективу по характеру и всему остальному, безусловно, и поёт отлично, но...как-то с вокалом, в целом, передоз, по личным ощущениям. blink.gif Это, конечно, не объективно, но мне исполнение показалось уж очень раскрепощенным. До боли и смущения харизматично и пафосно, везде пере (можно где-то, но не везде же!), почти на грани кривлянья (при всей техники, умениях и голосе). Музыка и так перенасыщена и мои уши просто не выдерживают всей этой вульгарной энергетики от вокала. Слишком клёво и жирно для меня. ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif
Даже для заряда на утро - слишком перенасыщено энергетикой (вокал в особенности).
Не мой коллектив, совершенно точно. Но понимаю тех, кому это прямо "в кассу", тем не менее...

такое ощущение, что они Kate Bush пригласили на вокал.)
Изначально скептически относился к смене вокалистки. К тому же как мне показалось на Pandora's Pinata группа полностью изжила себя.
Однако новый альбом вселяет оптимизм. Все вроде бы на месте, а в то же время как-то по-новому.
Nothing Has Changed
Музыка не понравилась
Но вокалистка - просто бомба. Жаль, что на такую бездарщину растрачивает талант dry.gif
читаю вас, слушаю последний альбом - мнения противоречивые пока что. что-то утрачено, что-то новое появилось в музыке. в голосе не хватает "жыра" и "объёма", но появилась какая-то Сканк Анансивость.

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