Dinosaur Bones

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Artist: Dinosaur Bones
Album: My Divider
Label: Dine Alone Records
Playtime: 46:23 min
Genre: Rock
Rip date: 2011-02-09
Street date: 2011-03-08
Size: 67.82 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: VBR kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo


01. Making Light ( 3:05
02. Sharks In The Sand ( 3:37
03. Bombs In The Night ( 2:19
04. N.Y.E ( 4:15
05. Hunters ( 5:07
06. Life In Trees ( 4:09
07. Point Of Pride ( 5:04
08. Ice Hotels ( 4:19
09. Royalty ( 3:52
10. Highware Act ( 4:18
11. My Divider ( 6:18

Release Notes:

Last fall, Toronto, ON indie poppers Dinosaur Bones announced that they had
signed with Dine Alone Records. While the group almost immediately unleashed
digital-only EP Birthright via the imprint, the bigger news was that the
outfit were prepping a full-length, My Divider, to be released sometime in
2011. Well, three months on, Dinosaur Bones are finally dishing out some
concrete details on their new set: it will be issued March 8

As with Birthright, the new album was recorded and mixed by Jon Drew (Tokyo
Police Club, Fucked Up, Arkells). The 11-song set is said to feature a
"collage of influence, combining the swagger and grit of NYC garage with the
earnest emotion of Radiohead and the Smiths." A press release further
describes the disc as "impactful and engaging" and "a glimpse into to the
extent of what Dinosaur Bones brings to stereo or stage

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Dinosaur Bones - N.Y.E. (2011)
Dinosaur Bones - Birthright [EP] (2010) (192 kbps)

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01.We Use Our Hands
04.Ice Hotels

Худшая из дурных привычек-решаться на подвиг.
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Dinosaur Bones - "Nothing Left Between The Lines," from the album Shaky Dream, available August 6, 2013.
Dinosaur Bones - Shaky Dream [2013]
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1. Dreamer's Song
2. Spins in Circles
3. Sleepsick
4. Nothing Between the Lines
5. Go Free
6. Career Criminal
7. So Brand New
8. Don't Decide
9. Pacifist in Camouflage
10. End of Life Crisis


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