Dios Trio

Dios Trio
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Dios Trio is a math rock/post punk band from Westborough, MA. Originally a lineup switching 3 piece (consisting of Tony Kissell, Tim Longo, and Justin Brown), the band later added Sam Perry to play bass. The band formed after the breakup of an earlier, more straightforward, rock band and the band recorded demos in October of 2008. The band played a handful of shows while recording the “Birds Split” (a split EP with the other half consisting of Justin Brown’s side project material). The bands self recorded first release was released somewhere between March and August 2009. They pressed about 90 of these demos. After the release of the Birds Split, the band added bassist Sam Perry and soon began writing more complex and intricate songs. They released a handful of songs between October 2009 and February 2010. Band activity ceased during the summer of 2010 due to members Tony Kissell and Justin Brown playing shows with the band Tomorrow’s War. They started playing again during the winter of 2011 and released a single song “Spoons” in January.

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High On Bikes
1. Yo, Duh................00:51
2. Japan...................05:46
3. High On Bikes.......04:08
4. Pip.......................04:10
5. Squeak.................01:55
6. Chef.....................06:04
7. Minzi....................03:54
8. Spoons ................09:21

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Dios Trio - High On Bikes - 2011
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Type: Album
Year: 2011
Quality: MP3 VBR V0 and FLAC
Size: 82 mb and 278 mb
Runtime: 39:24

Список треков:
01. Yo, Duh
02. Japan
03. High On Bikes
04. Pip
05. Squeak
06. Chef
07. Minzi
08. Spoons
09. Fast Car

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На главную если там не был этот релиз!!!
пост рок джаз эдакий ))))
а впринципе неплохо

Это сообщение отредактировал kombinator356 - 17.10.11 в 21:04
А мата много? Вокал есть? =)
вокал отсутствует что хорошо а хотя... в 1 треке есть и в 9 но так что почти и нет . мата в меру.
за осень пока лучшее в этом жанре что удалось услышать.

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Sounds From Outside My Window
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Спасибо, качаю!

не круче Strawberry Girls ) явно. но и не плохо конечно)
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Здорово! как раз то что нужно)
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dios trio - Fair Enough (2012)

1. Parks 05:32
2. Rosa 03:28


появился трек этого года Mouse Trapeze
Sounds From Outside My Window
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dios trio - II (2017) 320 mp3 / 88 Mb

01. Get Slept 04:31
02. Pillow Flipper 03:15
03. Shark Top 03:25
04. Bikini Bottom 02:25
05. (You Need A) Hammock 02:07
06. Tool Time With Al Borland (Predatory Home Improvement) 02:21
07. Mos Def Eisley 04:29
08. Ocarina Of Tim 05:39
09. Root Wood 06:06
10. Artie T. Cooked The Books 03:13

Sounds From Outside My Window

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