Dirk Geiger

Dirk Geiger - Elf Morgen (2012)
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Artist: Dirk Geiger
Title: Elf Morgen
Date: 2012
Label: Tympanik Audio
Cat.#: TA069
Genre: Electronic
Tech.:: MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME3.98)


01. Alignment Of Mind (5:35)
09. Einsam (feat. Erode) (6:58)
11. Elf Morgen (Anklebiter remix) (6:40)
05. Elf Morgen (6:03)
08. Frozen Lights (6:27)
02. Last Departure Tempelhof (5:24)
04. Slow Forward (7:52)
06. So What Do You Say (5:43)
07. Thirteen (5:23)
10. Twin Flame (Tapage remix) (4:16)
03. Twin Flame (5:04)


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Dirk Geiger - Second Life (2011)
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Artist: Dirk Geiger
Title: Second Life
Date: 2011
Label: Tympanik Audio
Cat#: TD009
Source: 14 x File, MP3, Album
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Ambient
Tech. info: MP3 CBR 320 kbps


01. Night In Haskovo (Almaach Remix) (7:20)
02. Minus10 (SE Remix) (4:41)
03. Itch Glitch (Tapage Remix) (4:28)
04. Minus10 (Midimode Remix) (4:08)
05. Winter Senses (Anklebiter Remix) (5:16)
06. Noise Format (Subheim Remix) (5:03)
07. Night In Haskovo (Halogen Light Remix By Candle Nine) (3:28)
08. Overhead Projection (From Above Mix By Autoclav1.1) (4:13)
09. Winter Senses (Hotaru Bay Remix) (5:21)
10. Noise Format (Archos Remix) (3:27)
11. Autumn Life (Pleq Remix) (4:37)
12. Autumn Life (HFSN Remix) (3:04)
13. Autumn Life (Strahlenzentrum Remix) (5:49)
14. Autumn Life (Ahnst Anders Remix) (6:53)


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Dirk Geiger - Autumn Fields (2010)
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Artist: Dirk Geiger
Title: Autumn Fields
Date: 2010
Label: Tympanik Audio
Cat.#: TA046
Source: CD, Album
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch, Abstract, IDM, Experimental
Tech.:: MP3 VBR V0 (LAME3.98r)


01. Gewitterregen (3:30)
02. Autumn Life (9:06)
03. Noise Format (8:24)
04. Night In Haskovo (6:34)
05. Botanic Garden (6:21)
06. Minus10 (6:28)
07. Winter Senses (7:42)
08. Overhead Projection (6:29)
09. Itch Glitch (6:37)
10. Night In Haskovo (Svart1 Mix) (5:26)
11. Overhead Projection (Access To Arasaka Remix) (4:31)


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"Elf Morgen"-это просто восхитительно, я слушал и повторял про себя-"Черт побери, это же великолепно!!!", аж мурашки по коже!!! Огромное спасибо тебе CAMOCBA/\!!!

Сейчас в обяз остальное солью...

Это сообщение отредактировал peper_s - 08.06.12 в 19:20
Что ты здесь делаешь?
Чего ты хочешь?
Мы можем играть музыку.
Но ты хочешь большего.
Ты ждешь чего-то и кого-то нового.
Я прав?
Конечно, прав.
Я знаю, чего ты хочешь.
Ты хочешь экстаза
Желания и мечтаний.
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Хочу поделиться с вами моим интервью с Дирком, приуроченное к фестивалю Raumklang Music. Это фестиваль прошёл в Москве 9 июня 2012 года.

Расскажи нам, почему ты решил организовать фестиваль, посвящённый десятилетию твоего лейбла Raumklang Music, именно в России?
Ну, во-первых, это была идея моего друга Sandy, который управляет Kirti Promo. Он захотел это сделать, поскольку ему нравится музыка Raumklang. Он спросил меня у меня, что я думаю об этом, и эта идея мне очень понравилась. Публика в России открытая и дружелюбная. Поэтому уверен, что это будет замечательная вечеринка.

Дирк Гайгер в России

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ARTiST....[ Contagious Orgasm & Dirk Geiger
TiTLE.....[ Fallen Empires
GENRE.....[ Electronic
LABEL.....[ Ant-Zen
KHZ.......[ 44,1
MODE......[ 238kbps / Joint-Stereo
ENCODER...[ Lame 3.98.4
REL.DATE..[ 05.04.2013


01 Exceed The Limit 05:45
02 Banished Kings 04:56
03 Black Heart 06:14
04 Fettered Soul 07:41
05 Defeated Shadows 04:38
06 Jiyuu 09:25
07 Resistance 05:40
08 Defeated Shadows (Phillipp Munch Remix) 04:50
09 Resistance (Richter Magnitude Scale Remix By P*A*L) 06:40

Since 1987, japan's contagious orgasm has been active in many
intersecting and diverse areas of experimental electronic music,
including noise, industrial, rhythmic noise, and ambient. an
important and prominent aspect of this project's work are the
numerous collaborations with artists from all over the world like
bad sector, atrax morgue, kotodama and brume. for this recent
release, c.o. is working together with the german based
electronic musician dirk geiger. dirk was born in 1975, and has
been involved with music since his youth. in 2002, he formed the
music label raumklang music, releasing works from artists like
hotaru bay, klangstabil, tapage, pandoras black book and his own
debut album 'dondukov 15'. for the past few years he has been
working on a self titled solo project in which he mainly produces
music that could fall into the genres of idm, glitch, and

On 'fallen empires', the two collaborators generate a cinematic
masterpiece of ritualistic ambience. captivating atmospheric
synth pads, well-placed field recordings and samples, melodic
sequences and dub-like use of echo effects carried on a diverse
collection of beats, adding up to make impressive soundscapes of
beauty and menace. this album is finished with a dark electro
industrial remix by philipp mьnch, strongly reminiscent of
cabaret voltaire and a melancholic orchestrated version of the
track 'resistance' by p·a·l. 'fallen empires' describes the
downfall of man-made empires. the end of the beginning. the
hopelessness of contemporary civilization. their fear and their
anger. captivity in a society whose values are no longer your
own. the fight against it, to preserve freedom. and the focus on
what nobody can ever take away.... your inner freedom.

ifolder / turbobit
Dirk Geiger - Connected Worlds [Tympanik Audio][TA086] (2014) 320
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Artist: Dirk Geiger
Title: Connected Worlds
Label: Tympanik Audio
Cat.#: TA086
Release Date: 02/12/2014
Style: Electronic
Ganre: Ambient, IDM, Downtempo
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 155 Mb

1. Connect (04:13)
2. 24 Hours Without Interruption (06:11)
3. Mats (04:28)
4. Closer (06:23)
5. Meeting Of Both Worlds (05:56)
6. Endless (04:38)
7. Don't Break Down All Bridges (07:03)
8. Not The Last Meeting (07:00)
9. Black Sundays (04:33)
10. Disconnect (17:27)

Listen/Buy: bandcamp.com
Download: rusfolder.com
VA - Snowflakes V (2014)

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ambient, experimental, glitch, idm, industrial

1. Cent-Ans-De-Solitude - In Deep Of Gaza (Recomposed By Instinct Primal) 06:12
2. [basementgrrr] - Anti 08:04
3. Displacer - The Rescue 03:55
4. Mind.Divided - Tales Of Winter 06:16
5. Tineidae - Denied 04:45
6. Conjecture - Hard Rimes 06:39
7. Ecstasphere - Demedicate The Puppeteer (Their Dawn Of Bitterending’s Near) 03:23
8. Disharmony - Aural Coder 03:53
9. Loss (Remix By If) - The Turning 07:36
10. Flint Glass & Boris Volant - Undulatin Shadows 05:35
11. Huron - Breaking The Light 06:24
12. Philipp Münch - Grab, Crash, Break 04:37
13. Phasenmensch - Verbunden Im Zweifel 04:45
14. Hotaru Bay - Deepend 05:46
15. EyeScream - The Anxiety Square 04:31
16. The Empath - Let’s Hibernate 07:10
17. Aynth - Silver Tongues In Golden Mouths 03:54

With this year’s snowflakes compilation, Raumklang Muisc continues its tradition since 5 years and gives the first 100 Downloaders this compilation as Christmas gift. More than 93 Minutes filled with the best IDM, ambient and electronica are waiting to be explored. 17 tracks that carry you through the winter easily. The right compilation for fighting the cold days.

Download FREE! Bandcamp

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Access To Arasaka & Dirk Geiger & Erode - Reports From The Abyss

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