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Artist .: Dirt Nasty
Album ..: Nasty As I Wanna Be
Year ...: 2010

Ripped .: 2010/08/07 Source .: CD
Retail .: 2010/08/10 Lang ...: English
Genre ..: Hip-Hop Size ...: 82.08 MB
Label ..: RBC Records Ripper .: TEAM FiH!

Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality: 182kbps/44.1KHz/Joint Stereo
Grabber: Exact Audio Copy V0.99 beta 5

Track: Track Titles: Length

01- Nasty As I Wanna Be 4:21
02- Boombox 3:19
03- Milk, Milk, Lemonade Ft. Too Short And Warren 3:28
04- Motel Room 3:49
05- Big In Japan 3:32
06- So L.A. 3:39
07- Turn It Up Ft. Beardo 3:00
08- Lookin' For A Nasty Girl 3:15
09- Fuck Me I'm Famous 5:12
10- Miami Nights Ft. Ke$ha And Benji Hughes 4:35
11- I Can't Dance Ft. LMFAO 4:55
12- Cougars Ft. Bonnie Mckee 4:38
13- Suck My Dick 3:20
14- Canal Street Ft. Christian George 4:58
15- Gibberish Ft. Andy Milonakis And Andre Legacy 3:31

Time: 0h 59min

Dirt Nasty popped on the scene as a member of his 3 man
group "Dyslexic Speedreaders" (which also includes Mickey
Avalon and Andre Legacy). Dirt Nasty produced and was
featured on the cult hit "My Dick" which was featured on
Mickey Avalon's debut self-titled Interscope release and
has been licensed in numerous film and TV shows including
"Harold & Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay," HBO's series
"Hung" & "Entourage", and the upcoming film, "The Rebound."
His music has also been featured in the blockbuster hit
"The Hangover." Dirt Nasty released his self titled, debut
album in 2008 on the label he co-owns, Shoot To Kill Music
which has scanned 5K units exclusively though MMN and
ITunes. Now Dirt is back with his second solo release
"Nasty As I Wanna Be" featuring Ke$ha (# 1 single on iTunes
for the past three weeks), Too Short, LMFAO, Warren G
Beardo, Andre Legacy, Andy Milonkis, Brother Marquis from 2
Live Crew, and Benji Hughes. Production from Alchemist
Cisco Adler, and Kojack
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Dirt Nasty - Palatial
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Dirt Nasty - Palatial (2013)
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1 Pussy Too Hot
2 Threesome
3 Bang Her (feat. Too $hort)
4 Who Farted in the Club
5 Hydrocodone (feat. Andre Legacy)
6 Black Girls (feat. Beardo)
7 Riding Low
8 Animal Style
9 Twisted (feat. Three Loco)
10 Like This (feat. B.A.R.S. Murre)
11 Just a Dream
12 Hustlin' (feat. Big Twins)
13 Healthy

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Нарики в двенарике ловят парики,
Рвут пакетики, насыпают на руки.
Потрошат папирки, делают в бутылке дырки
Угарают, пьют разные напитки.
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiceeee finaly someone up it thumb.gif

cameo: Dirt Nasty
Нарики в двенарике ловят парики,
Рвут пакетики, насыпают на руки.
Потрошат папирки, делают в бутылке дырки
Угарают, пьют разные напитки.
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The White Boys (feat. Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy & Beardo) - The White Boys ????

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Dirt Nasty & Mickey Avalon - Married To The Game (2015)

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mp3 / 320 kbps

[03:47] 01. Top Down
[02:54] 02. My Girlfriend
[02:49] 03. Netflix & Chill
[03:13] 04. Do It All Over
[02:48] 05. Meet Me In The Bathroom

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