новый клип: Dirty Projectors – "Cool Your Heart" (feat. D∆WN)

Dirty Projectors - Dirty Projectors (2017)

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mp3 / 320 kbps

[04:30] 01. Keep Your Name
[05:08] 02. Death Spiral
[07:30] 03. Up In Hudson
[04:23] 04. Work Together
[05:05] 05. Little Bubble
[04:49] 06. Winner Take Nothing
[06:55] 07. Ascent Through Clouds
[03:49] 08. Cool Your Heart
[06:05] 09. I See You
https://omerta.is/Zw шесть
новая видеоработа "Up In Hudson"

anyone with a bitte orca link? thanks! thumb.gif

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Artist.....: Dirty Projectors
Title......: Lamp Lit Prose
Label......: Domino Recording Co
Genre......: Rock
Rip date...: 2018-07-12
Runtime....: 37:19
Tracks.....: 10
Size.......: 87.51MB
quality....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
Codec......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)
Encoder....: LAME
Url........: play.google.com


01. Right Now 03:39
02. Break-Thru 03:47
03. That's A Lifestyle 04:22
04. I Feel Energy 04:37
05. Zombie Conqueror 03:45
06. Blue Bird 03:49
07. I Found It In U 03:27
08. What Is The Time 03:14
09. You're The One 02:18
10. (I Wanna) Feel It All 04:21

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Artist: Dirty Projectors
Title: Lamp Lit Prose
Label: Domino
Genre: Indie
Quality: 252 Kbps Avg
Time: 37:21
Size: 67,77 MB
Rip Date: 2018-08-30
Str Date: 2018-07-13
URL: http://dirtyprojectors.net

Track List:

01. Right Now (feat. Syd) 3:39
02. Break-Thru 3:47
03. That's A Lifestyle 4:23
04. I Feel Energy (feat. Amber Mark) 4:36
05. Zombie Conqueror (feat. Empress Of) 3:45
06. Blue Bird 3:49
07. I Found It In U 3:27
08. What Is The Time 3:15
09. You're the One (feat. Robin Pecknold & Rostam) 2:18
10. (I Wanna) Feel It All (feat. Dear Nora) 4:22

Release Notes:

'Lamp Lit Prose' arrives just over a year after 2017бпs self-titled 'Dirty
Projectors.' Here David Longstreth's band returns with a new album that is the
yang to the yin of the 2017 effort. The songs signal a page turned for
Longstreth: hope instead of heartbreak, a restorative balance. Guitars have
returned to the Dirty Projectors' world, intricate and gorgeous vocal harmony
too. The album begins with 'Right Now," David singing, "there was silence in my
heart, but now I'm striking up the band." In addition to the core musicians and
guests, LA string group the Calder Quartet, and The Brass Players of Los Angeles
both appear on several songs. 'Lamp Lit Prose' is a recommitment to the sounds
and ideals of Dirty Projectors, embracing the band's trademarks while pushing
forward the sonic envelope. Lamp Lit Prose will be the ninth release for Dirty
Projectors and comes with collaborations from HAIM, Syd, Robin Pecknold, Rostam
Batmanglij, Amber Mark, Empress Of and Dear Nora. Lamp Lit Prose was recorded at
Ivo Shandor in Los Angeles.

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