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DJ Doom – Temple of Doom 2011

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1. Intro
2. Here We Go (feat. Granddaddy I.U. And Cymarshall Law)
3. Self Worth (feat. John Robinson)
4. Classic Hip-Hop (feat. Prince Po And Large Professor)
5. Hey Young World (feat. Blacastan)
6. Flood (feat. Blak Philly)
7. Dreamer (feat. Kahli And Estelle)
8. False Acts (feat. M-Dot)
9. Turn It Up (feat. Lex Boogs, Wordsworth And Tableek (Maspyke)
10. Flatline (feat. Pace Won, Nutso, Punchline And F.T.)
11. Double Trouble (feat. Craig G And Thomas Handsome)
12. Hitman 4 Hire (feat. Blaq Poet And Blacastan)
13. U Belong 2 Me (feat. Nutso And Amber Ojeda)
14. Rookies (feat. Krumbsnatcha, Reks And J-Ro (Alkaholiks)
15. Its F.B. (feat. Finsta Bundy)
16. Betta My Self (feat. Blacastan)
17. Not Fall (feat. Ree-Up)
18. Outro

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artist ... : DJ Doom
title .... : Temple of Doom
genre .... : Hip-Hop
source ... : CDDA
type ..... : Album
rls date . : 11-08-2011
st date .. : 00-00-0000
size ..... : 90,6 MB
website .. : n/a
label .... : Solo Productions


01 Intro 00:33
02 Here We Go 03:03
(Feat. Grand Daddy I.U. and Cymarshall Law)
03 Self Worth (Feat. John Robinson) 03:31
04 Classic Hip-Hop 02:45
(Feat. Prince Po and Large Professor)
05 Hey Young World (Feat. Blacastan) 03:41
06 Flood (Feat. Blak Philly) 03:21
07 Dreamer (Feat. Kahli and Estelle) 03:32
08 False Acts (Feat. M-Dot) 03:17
09 Turn it Up 03:06
(Feat. Lex Boogs, Wordsworth and Tableek)
10 Flatline 04:15
(Feat. Pacewon, Nutso, Punchline and FT)
11 Double Trouble 02:24
(Feat. Craig G and Thomas Handsome)
12 Hitman 4 Hire 02:35
(Feat. Blaq Poet and Blacastan)
13 U Belong 2 Me (Feat. Nutso and Amber Djeda) 02:39
14 Rookies (Feat. Krumbsnatcha, Reks and J-Ro) 03:34
15 It's F.B. (Feat. Finsta Bundy) 03:02
16 Betta My Self (Feat. Blacastan) 03:02
17 Not Fall (Feat. Ree-Up) 04:24
18 Outro 02:08

54:52 min


DJ Doom's debut release the TEMPLE OF DOOM, in
which he has entirely produced..DOOM is setting
the bar high for the years to come - it's not
about battles or local awards, but taking the
operation global. His beats keep getting stronger
as his raw and versatile style continues to
evolve. DOOM will continue to reach more heads.
You'll be hearing some of the illest MCs on his
beats in the future - stay tuned.

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ARTiST:...DJ Doom
ALBUM:....City Of God bw Transmitting Live
LABEL:........Blunted Astronaut R.
ENCODER:.....Lame 3.98
PLAYTiME:....22:33 min
SiZE:........40,4 MB
QUALiTY: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo

01. City Of God feat. Reks [03:31]
02. City Of God Instrumental [03:30]
03. Transmitting Live feat. Blacastan [02:42]
04. Transmitting Live (Instrumental) [02:43]
05. City Of God (Park Bench Mix) feat. Reks [03:30]
06. City Of God (Park Bench Mix Instrumental) [03:29]
07. SP Madness (Bonus Beat) [03:08]
22:33 min
40,4 MB


Born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y.,
Doom has been into the culture since
the early 80's from being a Graff
writer, a B-Boy, a DJ and a Hip Hop
producer. He has been in the studio
with numerous artists all over the
globe. His latest album "Temple of
Doom" was a great success and
received positive reviews worldwide.
It featured many veteran MC's,
including Craig G, Large Professor,
Prince Po, Krumbsnatcha, Blaq Poet,
and Grand Daddy I.U. to name a few.

'City Of God' featuring Reks is a
powerful narrative about the violent
state of affairs in many of America's
cities. Inspired by the movie 'Cidade
De Dios' by Fernando Meirelles, Reks
gives the listener an in-depth
descriptive about everyday events one
has to experience in order to survive
in a tough, concrete jungle. Doom's
precisely chopped piano stabs
complement his lyrics, adding further
gloominess to the track. There are
two versions of 'City Of God' on this
record, the original on Side A, and
the "Park Bench Mix" featured on Side

On 'Transmitting Live', Blacastan
schools all wanna-be rappers on what
it takes to be a true, hard to the
bone MC. The charismatic poet, Blac
brings us right to the centre of
action in a crime-filled
neighborhood, where gang violence is
omnipresent. His explosive delivery
and gripping storytelling blends
perfectly with Doom's grimey, head-
nodding instrumental.

The last track on the EP is a bonus
beat called "SP Madness". Like in all
of the instrumentals on the 10", here
Doom also utilized only 10 seconds of
sampling time.

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re-up please

DJ Doom - Temple of Doom

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Year: 2011
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps

[00:33] 01. Intro
[03:03] 02. Here We Go feat. Cymarshall Law & Grand Daddy I.U
[03:31] 03. Self Worth feat. John Robinson
[02:44] 04. Classic Hip Hop feat. Large Professor & Prince Po
[03:41] 05. Hey Young World feat. Blacastan
[03:21] 06. Flood feat. Blak Philly
[03:31] 07. Dreamer feat. Estelle & Kahli
[03:16] 08. False Acts feat. M-Dot
[03:05] 09. Turn It Up feat. Lex Boogs, Tableek & Wordsworth
[04:14] 10. Flatline feat. F.T., Nutso, Pacewon & Punchline
[02:23] 11. Double Trouble feat. Craig G & Thomas Handsome
[02:35] 12. Hitman 4 Hire feat. Blacastan & Blaq Poet
[02:39] 13. U Belong 2 Me feat. Amber Ojeda & Nutso
[03:33] 14. Rookies feat. J-Ro, Krumbsnatcha & Reks
[03:01] 15. It's F.B. feat. Finsta Bundy
[03:02] 16. Betta My Self feat. Blacastan
[04:24] 17. Not Fall feat. Ree-Up
[02:07] 18. Outro

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DJ Doom - The Set Up (2016)

01. Intro
02. Day One
03. Revenge
04. Scheme
05. Threat
06. Doomsday
07. Clouds
08. Brooklyn
09. Robbery
10. Stick Up
11. Ambushed
12. Power
13. The Set Up
14. Riots
15. Car Jacked
16. On The Run
17. Ghetto
18. Young Criminals
19. Loyalty
20. Vendetta (Outro)

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perpetuumbeats presents:
Bonus Track For Japan - Vol. 1-37
Napoleon Da Legend & DJ Doom - Path of a Warrior (2018)

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mp3 / 320 kbps

[01:54] 01. Path of a Warrior
[03:01] 02. Gone feat. DJ Tha Boss
[03:46] 03. Doomsday feat. DJ Eclipse
[04:06] 04. Beautiful Journey feat. DJ Modesty
[03:50] 05. Devil and God feat. General Steele
[03:58] 06. Love and Hip-Hop
[03:52] 07. Steve
[02:45] 08. Condolences
[03:24] 09. Bionic Trigga feat. Blacastan & Q-Unique
[03:21] 10. Propaganda
лучшее что слышал за последнее время!!! DOOOOPE SHIT!!!!!!!

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