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Being 15 years in the dance industry has made Riri Mestica the person who has set the ball rolling in Indonesia’s underground culture. He is now the high flying Indonesian DJ and most probably the busiest man in the Indonesian dance scene. He was born and raised in Jakarta, starting his musical journey as a guitarist. At the age 17, he moved to France and later to Switzerland, where he started his exploration in a small bar at Montreux, called Mayfair Cafe. After a few years shaping his DJ techniques, in the year 2000 he came back to Jakarta explored the Indonesian scenes. It took only 3 months until Riri Mestica attracts a brand new club called Retro. Together with his fellow DJ Romy, they made Retro fully booked through out the first year, with the average of 2500 people every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday without any guest DJs.

He’s now flying every weekend to many cities in Indonesia, promoting his third Album, Keluarmalam Repackage. His single, which is released in the album, has set itself to be the local anthem that is most requested in the clubs. ‘Rusty Guitar’, the full throttle electro house track, he produced this track in two days after a raw concept by DJ Kono. Riri’s profile has been amazing. He serves not just Local Crowds, but also Australians and Asians. He is DJ’ing alongside the likes of Sasha, Nick Warren, Fedde Le Grand, Slacker, Stephan K, James Lavelle, Ashley Caselle, Harry Lemon, Kasey Taylor, to name a few, during the formative years of the club scene.

Keluarmalam was originally released in 2004 and it was the bridge between dance music and his production concept for the ‘Live Act’. This album really set another chapter for dance music in Indonesia, which has sold up to 12.000 pieces under his own label, Spinach Records. Not to forget few musicians who backboned him during the ‘first and mysterious’ recording journey of 3 months, Chilling, Derry, Bonita, Thomas (Gigi) and many more. He then follows his successful release creating albums: Stereo Mestica, Armada CD Compilation, Keluarmalam Repackage during the formative years. Endless Rue & Rusty Guitar have been No.1 in Jakarta’s & Bandung’s Radio Stations. The tracks had been released and charted in the major worldwide download web. He is now working on his new single called ‘Intentional’, some supports from comrade DJs: Raul Cremona & Liz Cirelli. Intentional will be the title of his new album that will be released in early 2008.

His achievements never come to an end. He was just crowned No.1 DJ in Indonesia’s Top Ten DJ Paranoia Award 2007. Accompanying another award for Best Live PA of the year 2007. Earlier this year, He won the local grammy’s AMI Award for the best Dance Track for ‘Fadeaway’. His Stereo Mestica Album and Endless Rue track also won the 2007 Ravelexx Dance Music Awards. In the same awards, Spinach Records won the Best Artist Management, Best Electro DJ from DJ Bone and Riri’s Producer of the year award. Freemag Best DJ 2006 and Best Progressive DJ 2006 REDMA 2006 are among the other awards that Riri Mestica had previously.

Meanwhile he also runs a label, a record shop, a dj school, and a dj management under one roof, called Spinach Records, which is exclusively located in a nice area in Kemang that makes the shop as the place where the community in dance music meets and chat. All in all, it’s never enough for Riri!

DJ Riri Mestika - Keluar Malam Repackage [2008]

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Artist: DJ Riri Mestika
Album Title: Keluar Malam Repackage
Record Label: n/a
Rip Date: Feb/19/2008
Year: 2008
Source: CDDA
Quality: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz

01:. Rusty Guitar
02:. Cloudseven
03:. Ace
04:. Supersoul
05:. Supernova
06:. Cloudse
07:. Fakapdub
08:. Firstkiss
09:. Missmybliss
10:. Switch


Очень красивый и глубокий альбом вышел...спасибо!!!!!!
Indo DJs ...... nice
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