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Doomtree is a record label. Doomtree is a rap crew. Doomtree is a family. Over the past five years Doomtree has become one of the most highly regarded hip-hop collectives in the Midwest, thanks to our innovative recordings, explosive live shows, and tireless work ethic. By combining the blueprint of hip hop with the DIY ethos of punk and a slew of disparate artistic and musical influences, Doomtree has won the favor of a broad range of audiences.

members: Cecil Otter, Dessa Darling, emily bloodmobile, emynd, lazerbeak, marshall larada, mike mictlan, paper tiger, P.O.S., sims, tom servo, turbo nemesis

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Sims - Bad Time Zoo (2011)

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Release: February 15, 2011
Label: Doomtree Records
Quality: 320 kbps


01. Future Shock (4:13)
02. Burn It Down (2:56)
03. Bad Time Zoo (2:42)
04. Too Much Ft. P.O.S (3:30)
05. One Dimensional Man (3:15)
06. In My Sleep (3:02)
07. When It Rolls In (3:43)
08. Good Times (3:02)
09. LMG (3:14)
10. The Veldt (3:15)
11. Weight (2:52)
12. Radio Opaque (3:54)
13. Sink Or Syncopate (4:24)
14. Hey You (8:30)

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1. Fight, Fuck, Fall Asleep (Cecil Otter Regrind ft. Sims) 
2. Coercion Van (MK Larada Regrind) 
3. Cologne & Water (Paper Tiger Regrind) 
4. Draper Drunk (Plain ole Bill Regrind ft Mike Mictlan and Chocolate Ox) 
5. No Scrubs (P.O.S Regrind) 
6. Sprinkle Juice (Lazerbeak Regrind) 
7. Sand In The Lotion (Cecil Otter Regrind)


FLAC/ALAC/OGG/AAC/320 kbps mp3
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Преогромнейшее спасибо за такую тему. Так давно уже искал что небудь хипхопового-необычного.
Paper Tiger, Dessa - супер просто, остальных ещё пока не раскушал. Но уже чувствую потенциал thumb.gif
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1. Burn It Down
2. Burn It Down Instrumental
3. Burn It Down 2% Muck Remix
4. My Go feat. Slug
5. Introduce Myself
6. My Go Instrumental
7. Introduce Myself Instrumental

Here at Doomtree HQ, we’re not in the habit of dubbing our own work “collectible.” Rings a bit presumptuous. But if you’re the type to meticulously tweak the track lighting to better showcase your display of sequential rare releases, snag this one with a quickness. We’re pressing a limited run of Burn It Down 12 inches in advance of the full-length from Sims, which will hit stores on February 15th. (His full-length album is called Bad Time Zoo and it’s a beast. [Pun not intended, but then recognized, and immortalized in this webstore copy.])

The vinyl package includes a download card for all tracks plus the brand new "Burn It Down" music video directed by Isaac Gale. “Burn It Down” is the first single from Bad Time Zoo. “Introduce Myself” and “My Go” featuring Slug are released here or the first time. Album art by Adam Garcia.

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Doomtree - False Hopes XV [2009/ VA / V0 / m4a]

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summer or winter ?
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Sims 2005 - Lights out paris
summer or winter ?
regutorin888 http://www.mediafire.com/?98a9atmge8bv0pd Sims 2005 - Lights out paris 192
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Hip hop collective Doomtree have announced plans for a homage project entitled Wugazi (Fugazi mixed with Wu Tang Clan). The project will be titled 13 Chambers and is scheduled to be released on July 13th. A track from the album, "Sleep Rules Everything Around Me" can be heard below.

Paper Tiger - 20 MIN MIX #10 – RANDOM STACK 2
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A message from Dessa
I am putting out a new record. It’s called Castor, The Twin. It comes out on October 4th.
This is the album cover.

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We haven’t shared this info with anyone, though we will soon. As an experiment, would you keep the info to yourselves, until we make the announcement? I’d like to see how badly this ship leaks. (My secret hope is that the mailing list is an airtight superforce of true believers, who would resort to the cyanide capsules in the linings of their jackets rather than share exclusive content. We’ll find out.)

The album is 11 songs long. Ten of those songs have been previously released on Doomtree discs or on my most recent record, A Badly Broken Code. For this project, however, an ensemble of [really effing talented] of live players ambitiously reshaped the material. Stand-up bass, viola, grand piano, vibraphone, mandolin, and timpani make for a classical sound and the organic instrumentation pushes the lyrics of each song to the forefront. The 11th song is called “The Beekeeper” and it’s the first single from my next full-length, due in 2012.

1. 551
2. Kites
3. Mineshaft
4. The Chaconne
5. Into The Spin
6. Dixon's Girl
7. The Crow
8. Alibi
9. Palace
10. Mineshaft 2
11. The Beekeeper

Castor was one of the most challenging projects I’ve worked on and it’s one I’m proud of. Our pre-order will start soon, and if you’re inclined to pick up the disc, it’s the best way to do it. In the meantime, you can stream the track ‘Palace’ here (password: jZLz6GegpmVs)

Frequently asked questions:

When’s the release show?

October 28th.


Tell you next time—waiting for the venue to give us the green light. But it’s fancy as fuck.

What’s with the name of the record?

Here’s what I wrote for the onesheet:

“The album title references the twin brothers Castor and Pollux of Roman mythology, the pair of bright stars in the Gemini constellation. Pollux was part god, a fighter with metal hands. Castor was the mortal of the pair, but the two were inseparable. After cutting her teeth with her Doomtree cohorts behind the boards, this is Dessa’s first record with a wholly organic sound—more tender, human versions of the best material she’s released so far.”

Is the next record gonna be totally organic too?

Nope. The next disc will draw from both worlds. I expect it will incorporate orchestral strings, choral voices, and piano along, but rely heavily on the Doomtree producers’ snares, kicks, horns, and general freshery.

You nervous about this one?

Always am. But I figure I sposed to be.

Ted Romeo is on a retreat in the Boundary Waters, so I’m signing off today.
From a coffeeshop in Uptown,

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