Rock / USA / Los Angeles-based rock band
Dorothy (stylized DOROTHY) is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles.
The band is composed of vocalist Dorothy Martin, drummer Zac Morris, guitarist Mark Jackson and bassist Gregg Cash. They released their first project, a self-titled EP, in 2014. Rolling Stone deemed them "a band you need to know".

Band: Dorothy
Album: EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. After Midnight
02. Wild Fire
03. The Wicked Ones
04. Gun In My Hand
05. Bang Bang Bang

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Dorothy - Rockisdead

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Artist: Dorothy
Album: Rockisdead
Year: 2016
Bitrate: 320kbps


01. Kiss It
02. Dark Nights
03. Raise Hell
04. Wicked Ones
05. Gun In My Hand
06. Medicine Man
07. Woman
08. Whiskey Fever
09. After Midnight
10. Missile
11. Shelter

+ Dorothy - Rockisdead (2016) [WEB FLAC]

Down To The Bottom (Single) (2017)

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Dorothy – Flawless (Single) (2018)
CBR 320 kbps
10,3 MB
1. Flawless
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Dorothy - Rock Is Dead (2017) MP3 320
Dorothy - 28 Days In the Valley (2018) MP3 320

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