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Drop to Zero hails from the small town of Kent, Ohio, but when it comes to music there is nothing small about this band. Since the release of their first album "Silence of All" nearly two years ago, the band has had quite a ride. Their first single "Silver Streets" got them immediate radio attention and soon they found their shows quickly growing from just a few friends in basements to sold out bars and venues. Over the course of time they found themselves with 5 singles being played on 3 different Northeast Ohio radio stations, one of which even on a regular rotation. They started gaining stage experience opening up for such acts as V.A.S.T. and Mushroomhead, and even booking their own packed headlining shows including "Novem-beard for the Cure" which is an annual cancer research benefit show that the band created. Matured and more melody minded, Drop to Zero is currently writing new material for their sophomore album planned to be recorded in the late fall of 2008. They have been working extremely hard bringing together a darker, more melodic sound that is already being described by fans as whole other level of Drop to Zero. Guitarist Scott Lambert says, "we aren't holding anything back on this new record, and after hearing the songs we've written so far, I've never been so proud to be apart of something in my entire life."

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DROP TO ZERO - Silver Streets ft AJ Kraz
DROP TO ZERO - This Addiction ft Mahlon R
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Еще бы достать Silence of All.. rolleyes.gif
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Отличная группа. Спасибо, Виталик!
Еще бы достать Silence of All..

Попробуем. unsure.gif
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очень круто!!!
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Drop to Zero - Mana (2009)
75,4mb / 47:21 / mp3, VBR V2, Lame 3.98 / EAC
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01. A Capital Flu
02. When We Sang
03. We May Never Know
04. Together (We Will Find A Way)
05. Devastation
06. Reme & Romulus
07. 981
08. Blood of Angels
09. Battle Hymn
10. The Waltz
11. Mana

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"We laugh until we cry,
We run until we fight,
We fail until we try,
We fall until we fly." - O.A.T.H. - Vice Versa
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ohmy.gif Wow
A Capital Flu great song thumb.gif
thx Woolfy cool.gif
What mattered the most was remembered the least...!
♪ Malrun - Into The Sun ♪
''Blood of Angels'' is so addictive omg.gif

The vocal isn't boring, has a great instrumental. band.gif
This band is just great... thumb.gif
I recommend biggrin.gif
What mattered the most was remembered the least...!
♪ Malrun - Into The Sun ♪
Хоть альбом и не отрыв башки, но треки A Capital Flu и Battle Hymn (от лирики и мелодичности просто кипятком ссу!) зашли только в путь! walkman.gif walkman.gif walkman.gif
Верю, что ребята смогут следующим альбомо оторвать башню напрочь!

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"We laugh until we cry,
We run until we fight,
We fail until we try,
We fall until we fly." - O.A.T.H. - Vice Versa
Drop to Zero - A Capital Flu

Это сообщение отредактировал Woolfy - 08.12.09 в 5:52
"We laugh until we cry,
We run until we fight,
We fail until we try,
We fall until we fly." - O.A.T.H. - Vice Versa
Хоть альбом и не отрыв башки, но

ах**тельно душевный! thumb.gif молодцом
can someone reup the demos? I need silver streets smile.gif
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ARTiST .....: Drop To Zero
AlBUM ......: Mana
YEAR .......: 2009
GENRE ......: Rock
LABEl ......: Independent
SOURCE .....: CD
SiZE .......: 74,6 MB
QUAliTY ....: VBRkbps 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
ENCODER ....: LAME 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
RElDATE ....: Dec-09-2009


01. A Capital Flu 04:32
02. When We Sang 03:31
03. We May Never Know 04:17
04. Together (We Will Find A Way) 04:15
05. Devastation 05:26
06. Reme & Romulus 03:55
07. 981 03:27
08. Blood Of Angels 04:48
09. Battle Hymn 03:03
10. The Waltz 05:39
11. Mana 04:34


As far as content goes, its a record that goes
internal. If our first effort was us pointing at the
world around us, this record is a look in the mirror.
Songs range in theme from death to life. From love to
self-loathing. From friendship to murder. We grew up
making this record and spilled our guts on it. And in
our humble opinion, it shows. So this is our
introduction to you after being away for awhile. A
completely one-sided but necessary and current
biography. We're Drop to Zero. Our new record is the
best thing we've done and we would love to share it
with you. Get ready.

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Очень добротно.
Инструментал приятный,темп тот самый, что ни на есть, один из самых любимых.(не люблю скоростное)
Вокал и его подача тоже радуют.

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