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Drumattic Twins - Drumattical



Hey, guys. Do someone have their singles, from «Shades Of Rhythm»?

As children of the dance revolution would remember, many moons ago, Nick and Lanx were known as the chart topping Shades of Rhythm. Two of the three, the reprehensible Nick and Lanx along with vocalist Rayan Gee, were then responsible for tunes like 'Sweet Sensation', 'Homicide', 'Ecstasy' and 'Sound of Eden' - tracks so seminal, they're likely to induce misty-eyed rumblings about “the good old days”.
Telepathe, bitrate?
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Drumattic Twins - Dont Be So Drumattic

Artist : Drumattic Twins
Album : Dont Be So Drumattic
Genre : beat
Source : Web
Label : finger lickin records
Date : 00-00-2009
Encoder : WEB
Quality : 320kbps 44100 kHz Full Stereo
Tracks : 3
Time : 16:18 min
Size : 38.21 MB

1 Dont Be So Drumattic (Original Mix) 5:04
2 Sound Of The Drum (Original Mix) 4:53
3 Under The Lights (Original Mix) 6:21


Drumattic Twins - Back To The Old Skool / Drum Thunder (Promo CDR) 2009 MNS

ARTiST.....: Drumattic Twins
TiTLE......: Back To The Old Skool / Drum Thunder
LABEL......: Fingerlickin
GENRE......: Beat
RLS.DATE...: Apr-10-2009
QUALiTY....: VBRkbps
TRACKS.....: 02

01 Back To The Old Skool 06:10
02 Drum Thunder 06:08



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Drumattic Twins-Hammer And Tongs-(Promo CDR)-2009-DV8

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Artist: Drumattic Twins
Title: Hammer + Tongs
Label: Finger Licking
Genre: Beat
Bitrate: 199kbit av.
Time: 00:35:37
Size: 53.19 mb
Rip Date: 2009-05-20
Str Date: 2009-06-01

Track List:

01. Dont Be So Drumattic 2:12
02. Hyper Speed 2:22
03. Broken Planet 2:18
04. Sound Of The Drum 2:20
05. HeartBreaker 2:09
06. Back To The Old School 2:23
07. Deep Throat 2:10
08. Twister 2:14
09. Under The Lights 2:41
10. Pick Me Up Baby 2:21
11. Soul Flower 2:03
12. Fly Young Canaboids 2:10
13. Drum Thunder 2:20
14. Antique Vinyl 5:54

Release Notes
Promo CD all tracks except track 14 seem to fade out early.

Coming hot on the heels of their recent single the Drumattic Twins are
set to release new album Hammer & Tongs on the 1st June. Being a sneaky
so and so Ive had an advance listen and the kids would
say...a belter. Kicking off with Dont Be So Drummattic (you
remember...the one that sounded like it featured Jonny 5 from Short
Circuit) the album takes in influences as diverse as the Middle East
(Broken Planet) and Old Skool Euro house (the suitably titled Back To
The Old School). Glow sticks ahoy. Any got any Veras?

Its amazing how evocative all of that stuff still is. Without wishing
to sound like a boring bastard the early days of what is generally
lumped together as dance music were incredibly exciting. Granted a
lot of what followed become predicable and formulaic but the Drumattic
Twins (who were Shades of Rhythm in a former life) have a knack for
recapturing that feel good vibe. Away from the old skool influences the
Twins arent afraid to mix things up a bit though. The most
experimental track on the album, Antique Vinyl (which almost sounds
like an album on its own...theres so much going on in there) starts
off all funky before breaking down into a strings backed female vocal
number thats strangely moving. Shades of Gavin Bryars Jesus Blood.
Its a surprising ending to a surprising album that sounds familiar but
fresh all at the same time...which aint an easy trick to pull. Its
Hammer time...

Hammer & Tongs is out on June 1st on Finger Lickin Records.




Blast40185, просто офигенски thumb.gif удачно я зашел
Я модерирую когда захочу.
Hammer And Tongs

крутое бибойское мясо.

14. Antique Vinyl 5:54 особенно ориджинал ваще wink.gif
cut it up fresh
да вапще ништяк ништяковский cool.gif
а треки и должны быть по две минуты или это издержки промо???
D-2204 походу издержки промо
cut it up fresh
альбом хорош.....Но треки обрезаны......промо...............
крутое бибойское мясо.

omg.gif Ну насмешил !
А альбом хорош будет, тоже понравился - ога walkman.gif
thanks for share, I just finishing listen to this album.
It sounds like a promo version not a full version.
I am not sure about that, anyone can answer it for me?
блин ну зачем же на главную вешать промо сиди?? всё впечатление смазалось незаконченностью треков((
Не знал я просто, когда новость ставил ;)
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Когда выходит альбом? оч круто

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