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люди, куплю диск The Marsh - The Marsh [2005]
годная ссылка на качалово сгодится тоже. лс, плиз
Очень надо Margins Music!
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Dusk + Blackdown and Grievous Angel - Margins Music, Redux
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01. Keysoundz
02. Iqbal's Groove (Dub)
03. Confusion ft. Farrah
04. Darker Than East ft. Target (Cyclical Mix)
05. This Is London (Orbit)
06. Kuri Pataka ft. Farrah (Her Mix)
07. Akkaboo
08. The Bits ft. Trim (Ogun Mix)
09. DisEast
10. Lata VIP (Dub)
11. Northside Cheng (Southside Dub)
12. Rolling Raj Deep (Drum Ritual)
13. Drumz of Nagano (London Ting Mix ft. Trim)
14. Kuri Pataka ft. Teji & Farrah (His Mix)
15. Focus (1984 Mix ft. Trim)
16. Concrete Streets ft. Durrty Goodz
17. Keysound Rain (Big in the Scene Mix)

Dusk + Blackdown - Drenched / Submerge
reup plz
Guys I realy, realy want that Lata EP in 320... Could some1 help me out with that plz?

Only just recently found out about it and I rly want that Burial remix tongue.gif

I would very much appreciate a re-up of that EP in 320, thanks in advance.
Joe Nice Says:
If your tune sounds like a bunch of power tools at a Home Depot – that’s not bass, that’s not sub, therefore, it’s not dubstep!

Dusk & Blackdown - Lata l Crackle Blues (Original + Burial Remix) (LDN002)-WEB-2011-320 + FLAC

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Label: Keysound Recordings
Catalog#: LDN002
Released: 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dubstep / Grime / UK Funky
Quality: 320 cbr (web) / FLAC Lossless (web)
Playing Time: 00:20:30
Total Size: 45 mb / 92 mb

01. Dusk & Blackdown - Lata
02. Dusk & Blackdown - Crackle Blues
03. Dusk & Blackdown - Crackle Blues (Burial Remix)
04. Dusk & Blackdown - The Danger Line

320: http://www.unibytes.com/HxQ_jeoKezIB
FLAC: http://www.unibytes.com/n6VZPSOrlKkB
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St Germain “Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards vocal mix)” [F Communications]
Sole Fusion (Masters At Work) “Bass Tone” [BBE]
Bump & Flex (Grant Nelson) “Long Time Coming (Big Up Version)” [Heat Recordings]
Sunship “Cheque One-Two ft MC RB (Rockers Dub)” [Filter]
Ghost (El-cool.gif “The Club” [Ghost]
Es-G “Roll London City” [Shelflife]
El-B “Serious ft Rolla (Mix 2)” [Locked On]
Menta (Arthur “Artwork/Magnetic Man” Smith & Danny Harrison) “The Soul” [White]
Artwork (Arthur Smith) “Red” [Big Apple]
Sounds of Da Future (aka Menta) “Sounds Of Da Future (Nervous Refix)” [White]
Benga “Dose” [Big Apple]
Ras Kwame “Cum On” [Soulja]
Maddslinky (Zed Bias) “Desert Fog (Nebbia Sui Deserto)” [Sirkus]
DJ Abstract “Identity Crisis” [Vehicle]
Naughty (DJ Hype) “Pussy Trak (DJ Hype remix)” [Naughty]
Dub War (Benny “Horsepower” Ill and B Fuller) “Murderous Style” [Tempa]
Allstars (Steve Gurley) “Hotboy” [Allstars]
Loefah “Jungle” [Big Apple]

Geeneus - Knife and Gun ft Riko Wiley and Breeze (Dusk and Blackdown 2step mix ft Farrah)

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Dusk & Blackdown return with their comeback 12” for their own Keysound Recordings and it seems to have brought a very special guest on board to help on the production duties. Credited as 'Dusk + Blackdown + –' the mysterious third producer is rumoured to be the work of Burial. This single bears all the hallmarks of his more vintage production style - spatial, heavily-swung 2-step garage. We do know that this material dates back several years to around the release of Blackdown's 'Lara'; of which an additional production by Burial appeared. We leave it up to you to read between the lines, but urge you to act fast as copies will not remain available for long...
plus 1
Dusk + Blackdown and Grievous Angel - Margins Music, Redux reup please
wouldn't this topic work better as "dusk and blackdown"?
Dusk + Blackdown - High Road [2012] [EP]

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01. Dusk + Blackdown + Burial - High Road
02. Dusk - Focus (Blackdown VIP)
03. Dusk + Blackdown - Ex-Swing

Mp3 / 320 / Web:

FLAC / Lossless / Web:

*Dusk & Blackdown return with their comeback 12", allegedly featuring production from Burial* Touching tarmac, one of Keysound's most anticipated releases, starring none other than U-kno-who. Apparently the material for 'High Road' was produced some years back, and although it's not actually been made explicit anywhere, it doesn't take a degree in Dubstep to work out who's making a cameo on the title track, a grade A dark garage swinger pivoting off signature woodblocks and blessed with mercurial dynamics that could only be the undertaking of one guy. Further to this, Blackdown reinforces Dusk's Sino-stepping 'Focus' with some killer Detroit strings, while the duo dig out the fragrant sub-continental vibes of 'Ex-Swing' to finish.
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Dusk, Blackdown - Dasaflex (Keysound / LDN033 / Сентябрь 2012)


1 - Lonely Moon (Android Heartbreak)
2 - High Road
3 - We Ain't Beggin'
4 - Apoptosis
5 - Wicked Vibez
6 - Dasaflex
7 - Next Generation
8 - R In Zero G
9 - Hypergrime
10 - Don't Stop (Give It To Me)
11 - DeFocused
12 - Fraction

The duo drop a full-bodied, long-playing release for Keysound. Whereas previously, 'Margins Music' focused on a more 'folkloric', whimsical look at urban music / culture, 'Dasaflex' pulls no puches with this less conceptual body of rigid 2-step riddims, rude-boy techno and corrugated UK Funky flexes. Highly recommended.

Dusk + Blackdown - Dasaflex [2012]
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01. Lonely Moon (Android Heartbreak) feat. Farrah
02. High Road
03. We Ain’t Beggin’
04. Apoptosis
05. Wicked Vibez feat. GQ
06. Dasaflex
07. Next Generation feat. Shantie
08. R in Zero G
09. Hypergrime
10. Don’t Stop (Give It To Me)
11. DeFocused
12. Fraction


320 kbps:


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