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тем кто серьезно увлекается джазом или релизами лэйбла в частности, ничего особенно нового в этом списке не найти;
тем же кто только знакомится с релизами лэйбла, думаю поможет.
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Norwegian drummer/composer Thomas Strønen presents a revised edition of his acoustic collective Time Is A Blind Guide, now trimmed to quintet size, and with a new pianist in Wakayama-born Ayumi Tanaka. Tanaka has spoken of seeking associative connections between Japan and Norway in her improvising, a tendency Strønen seems to be encouraging with his space-conscious writing for the ensemble, letting in more light. As on the group’s eponymously-titled and critically-lauded debut album there are excellent contributions from the string players – the quintet effectively contains both a string trio and a piano trio – and Manfred Eicher’s production brings out all the fine detail in the grain of the collective sound and the halo of its overtones, captured in the famously-responsive acoustic of Lugano’s Auditorio Stelio Molo in March 2017.

Born in Osaka, educated at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, Momo Kodama is well-placed to approach music from both Eastern and Western vantage points, as she does in this album which interweaves etudes of Claude Debussy (1862-1918) and Toshio Hosokawa (born 1955). Both composers have similarly been border-crossers. Debussy, pointing to music of the future, looked to the Orient for inspiration. Hosokawa has combined aspects of Japanese and European tradition in his contemporary compositions. Momo Kodama: “In the music of Toshio Hosokawa I find elements close to Debussy: the freedom of form and tone colour, the sense of poetic design, with a wide range of lyricism and dynamics, between meditation and virtuoso development, between light and shade, between large gestures and minimalist refinement.”
Point and Line is the pianist’s second ECM album and follows the widely-praised La vallée des cloches, with music of Ravel, Takemitsu and Messiaen, of which American Record Guide noted. “Kodama’s impeccable technique and facility for crystalline sounds makes for a mesmerizing program.”


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Andy Sheppard's quartet extends the musical explorations begun on the 2015 release Surrounded By Sea, an album praised by Télérama for its poignant serenity. In this new program of compositions by Sheppard (plus the title track by Brazilian singer-songwriter Renato Teixeira), the drones and washes of Eivind Aarsets guitar and electronics aided by the generous acoustics of Luganos Auditorio Stelio Molo RSI help to establish a climate in which improvisation can take place.
Theres a highly atmospheric, ambient drift to the music which Sheppard clearly finds liberating, as do Michel Benita and Seb Rochford, free to move in and out of conventional rhythm section roles and to make impassioned statements of their own. Romaria was recorded in April 2017 and produced by Manfred Eicher.

Andy Sheppard Quartet - Romaria (2018)
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Nicolas Masson - Travelers (2018)

Nicolas Masson - saxophones, clarinet
Collin Vallon - piano
Patrice Moret - double bass
Lionel Friedli - drums

1. Gagarine
2. Fuchsia
3. Almost Forty
4. The Deep
5. Travelers
6. Philae
7. Wood
8. Blurred
9. Jura
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Shinya Fukumori Trio - For 2 Akis (2018)

Matthieu Bordenave - tenor saxophone
Walter Lang - piano
Shinya Fukumori - drums

01. Hoshi Meguri No Uta
02. Silent Chaos
03. Ai San San
04. For 2 Akis
05. The Light Suite
06. No Goodbye
07. Spectacular
08. Mangetsu No Yube
09. Émeraude
10. When The Day Is Done
11. Hoshi Meguri No Uta (Var.)
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The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble, Levon Eskenian ‎– Music Of Georges I. Gurdjieff (2011)

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“Danish guitarist Jakob Bro creates magical music, impossible to categorize”, wrote Downbeat recently. On Returnings the magic is intensified as Bro and musical soul-mate Thomas Morgan reconnect with two living legends of European jazz, trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg and drummer Jon Christensen. It’s a wonderful combination:  Bro’s watercolour guitar sounds, Mikelborg’s soft Milesian flugelhorn, Morgan’s impeccable choice of notes, and Christensen’s  free-floating drumming. These components add up to one of the prettiest and subtlest jazz albums of recent times. Returnings was recorded in July 2016 at Oslo’s Rainbow Studio and produced by Manfred Eicher.


Jakob Bro - Returnings (2018)
Estonian pianist Kristjan Randalu makes his ECM debut with a striking album of his own rigorous-yet-lyrical music, sensitively played by a trio formed especially for this recording, with US guitarist Ben Monder and Finnish drummer Markku Ounaskari. As an improviser of prodigious technique, once described by Herbie Hancock as “a dazzling piano player”, Randalu’s affinities are with the jazz musicians, but the forms and dynamics of his pieces also reflect a discerning sense of structure, and he has cited composers  Erkki-Sven Tüür and Tõnu Kõrvits amongst his mentors. Absence was recorded at Studios La Buissonne in the south of France in July 2017 and produced by Manfred Eicher.

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Kristjan Randalu - Absence (2018)

Kristjan Randalu - piano
Ben Monder - electric guitar
Markku Ounaskari - drums

1. Forecast
2. Lumi I
3. Sisu
4. Lumi II
5. Escapism
6. Adaption I
7. Adaption II
8. Partly Clouded
9. Absence

A sense of discovery is a key theme in the third ECM recital of sisters Natascia and Raffaella Gazzana.  Alongside a landscape of French music for violin and piano, drawing on a multiplicity of inspirations, the album includes a premiere recording of György Ligeti’s 1946 Duo (dedicated to Kúrtag, and influenced by Hungarian and Rumanian folk music).  Duo Gazzana plays César Franck’s epic A major Sonata of 1886, and Maurice Ravel’s Sonate posthume, written in 1897, when its author was just 22, and the album concludes with Olivier Messiaen’sThème et variations of 1932, a work which in some aspects prefigures theQuatuor pour la fin du temps.  The duo’s performances of Ravel, Franck, Ligeti and Messiaen were recorded at Lugano’s  Auditorio Stelio Molo RSI in March 2017 and produced by Manfred Eicher.

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Duo Gazzana - Ravel, Franck, Ligeti, Messiaen (2018)

1. Sonate posthume (13:48)
2. Sonata for violin and piano Allegretto ben moderato (6:20)
3. Sonata for violin and piano Allegro (7:56)
4. Sonata for violin and piano Ben moderato: Recitativo-Fantasia (7:22)
5. Sonata for violin and piano Allegretto poco mosso (6:39)
6. Duo for violin and piano (3:08)
7. Thème et variations (10:11)

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