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ARTIST: Editors
TITLE: The Back Room
LABEL: Kitchenware
GENRE: Indie
BITRATE: 257kbps avg.
TIME: 69:07 min
SIZE: 126 MB
RIP DATE: 2007-05-03
RLS DATE: 2005-07-25

Track List:

01. Lights 02:31
02. Munich 03:46
03. Blood 03:29
04. Fall 05:06
05. All Sparks 03:34
06. Camera 05:03
07. Fingers In The Factories 04:14
08. Bullets 03:10
09. Someone Says 03:14
10. Open Your Arms 06:00
11. Distance 03:38


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Bonus CD
01. Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home 04:38
02. You Are Fading 04:31
03. Crawl Down the Wall 03:34
04. Colours 03:52
05. Release 05:44
06. Forest Fire 03:01


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ARTIST: Editors
TITLE: An End Has A Start
GENRE: Indie
BITRATE: 258kbps avg.
TIME: 44:41 min
SIZE: 83,0 MB
RIP DATE: 2007-10-06
RLS DATE: 2007-06-25

Track List
01. Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors 04:58
02. An End Has A Start 03:46
03. The Weight Of The World 04:19
04. Bones 04:07
05. When Anger Shows 05:45
06. The Racing Rats 04:18
07. Push Your Head Towards The Air 05:44
08. Escape The Nest 04:44
09. Spiders 04:01
10. Well Word Hand 03:01


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Singles and EP:
Editors-Bullets-CDM-2005 iFolder
Editors-Munich-CDM-2005 iFolder
Editors-Blood-CDM-2005 iFolder
Editors-Bullets-(Re-Release)-CDM-2005 iFolder
Editors-Munich-(Re-Release)-CDM-2006 iFolder
Editors-Blood-(Re-Release)-CDM-2006 iFolder
Editors-All_Sparks-CDM-2006 iFolder
Editors-All_Sparks-(EP)-2006 iFolder
Editors-Smokers_Outside_The_Hospital_Doors-(UK_CDS)-2007-SAW iFolder
Editors-Smokers_Outside_The_Hospital_Doors-7inch_Vinyl1-2007-TSP iFolder
Editors-Smokers_Outside_The_Hospital_Doors-7inch_Vinyl2-2007-TSP iFolder
Editors-An_End_Has_A_Start-(CDM)-2007-SAW iFolder
Editors-An_End_Has_A_Start-(CDS)-2007-ROBiN iFolder
Editors-An_End_Has_A_Start-EP-2007-SER iFolder
Editors-The_Racing_Rats_(7-Inch_1)-Limited_Edition_Vinyl-2007-JUST iFolder
Editors-The_Racing_Rats_(7-Inch_2)-Limited_Edition_Vinyl-2007-JUST iFolder
Editors-The_Racing_Rats-(CDS)-2007-gnvr iFolder
Editors-The_Racing_Rats-CDS-2007-NBD iFolder
Editors-The_Racing_Rats-Part_2-CDM-2007-YSP iFolder
Editors-The_Racing_Rats-Part_3-DVD-2007-YSP iFolder

Editors-Munich-DVDRiP-2005-LCF iFolder
Editors-Bullets-XviD-2005 iFolder
Editors-Bullets-Version_2-XviD-2005 iFolder
Editors-Blood-XviD-2006 iFolder
Editors-All_Sparks-DVDRip-XviD-2006 iFolder
Editors-Smokers_Outside_The_Hospital_Doors-XviD-2007-VFi iFolder
Editors-An_End_Has_A_Start-DVDRip-XviD-2007 iFolder
Editors-The_Racing_Rats-XviD-2007 iFolder
Editors-Bullets-(Live_On_Jools_Holland-10-21-2005)-XviD-2005 iFolder
Editors-Munich-(Live_On_Jools_Holland-10-21-2005)-XviD-2005 iFolder
Editors-Open_Your_Arms_(Live_Rock_Am_Ring)-XviD-2006-NRK iFolder
Editors-Munich_(Live_At_T_In_The_Park_2006)-XViD-2006-TDF iFolder
Editors-All_Sparks-(CDUK-12-03-2006)-XviD-2006 iFolder
Editors-Munich-(TOTP-2006-01-08)-XviD-2006 iFolder
Editors-Fall-(London_Live)-XviD-2006 iFolder
Editors-Munich_(Live_at_V Fesitval_2006)-XviD-2006 iFolder
Editors-Live_At_Lowlands_Festival-(Holland-08-2005)-XviD-2007 Part1|Part2|Part3|Part4|Part5|Part6|Part7|Part8
Editors-The_Back_Room-(Bonus_DVD)-DVDRiP-XviD-2006 Part1|Part2|Part3|Part4|Part5|Part6|Part7|Part8|Part9|Part10
Editors-Live_At_Le_Live_De_La_Semaine_08-06-07-XviD-2007-mV4U Part1|Part2|Part3|Part4|Part5|Part6|Part7
Editors-MTV_Live_31-05-07-XviD-2007-mV4U Part1|Part2|Part3|Part4
Editors-Racing_Rats_(Live_at_QOOB)-XviD-2007-STARLiGHT iFolder
Editors-The_Racing_Rats_(Live_At_Later_With_Jools_08-06-2007)-XViD-2007-TDF iFolder
Editors-Smokers_Outside_The_Hospital_Doors_(Live_At_Later_With_Jools_08-06-2007)-XViD-2007-TDF iFolder
Editors-Live_at_Glastonbury_2007-DVDRip-XviD-2007-FST Part1|Part2|Part3|Part4|Part5|Part6|Part7|Part8
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nice music;but password??sad.gif
try "Rizl" or "rizl"

BTW http link still works smile.gif
COLD, You broke me from the very first night,
I'd love You 'til the day that I die,
I'm far too comfortable this time...
COLD, I love You from the very first night,
You broke me 'til the day that I die
I'm far too obvious this time...
Thx very much!!!!!!!!!:) smile.gif smile.gif
неплохой альбом, но не более того.
The Back Room [LIMITED EDITION][IMPORT] - 2005

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Качество: VBR (Mp3)

1) Lights (02:31)
2) Munich (03:46)
3) Blood (03:29)
4) Fall (05:06)
5) All Sparks (03:33)
6) Camera (05:02)
7) Fingers In The Factories (04:14)
8) Bullets (03:09)
9) Someone Says (03:13)
10) Open Your Arms (06:00)
11) Distance (03:38)
12) Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home (Bonus) (04:38)
13) You Are Fading (Bonus) (04:30)
14) Crawl Down The Wall (Bonus) (03:33)
15) Colours (Bonus) (03:52)
16) Release (Bonus) (05:44)
17) Forest Fire (Bonus) (03:01)

Part 1 (48mb)
Part 2 (43mb)
Part 3 (28mb)

А можно выложить только бонус-треки?
Very good, much similar to Interpol... At first I even though that was a new Interpol album... cool.gif
could anyone plz reupload the album...

i'm only human after all...
reload plz
Plane vs Tank vs Submarine
Yes Reload this album!! Very good
интерпол, говорите.. интересно.
и уж три месяца без новых ссылок.
залейте, пожалуйста =)
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electricity killed the cat

if any of my archives has a password, it should be 'aardvark'
reload someone, please?
перезалейте, пжлста!
please reuplolad it!

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