А можно на него ссылку, а то та, что в верхнем топике не работает, а найти я не могу - не знаю ?Испанский? wink.gif
Заранее спасибо.
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eMule 0.40a.10 Alpha

eMule 0.40b.12
DoS против eMule

Программа: eMule 0.29с
Опасность: Низкая

Описание: Уязвимость обнаружена в eMule. Удаленный пользователь может аварийно завершить работу eMule службы.

Удаленный пользователь может представить чрезмерно длинное значение в параметре 'password', чтобы аварийно завершить работу eMule сервера.

URL производителя:http://www.emule-project.net/

Решение: Способов устранения обнаруженной уязвимости не существует в настоящее время.
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eMule v0.43a
- Jun, 28th 2004 -
bluecow/. : eMule now supports PeerCache, a technology which allows ISPs to reduce the bandwidth usage by caching instead of throttling the downloadspeed
Unk: Option to block people from adding you as a friend through SMIRC.
Ornis: Option to auto resume paused downloads only for same category as a completed download (additional to option of prefering same category)
Ornis: Dont show "new message" loginfo for filtered messages
bluecow: eMule is entering defcon level 3..
*) TCP connection attempts from filtered IPs are refused right at TCP protocol level.
*) TCP connection attempts from banned clients are refused at TCP protocol level.
*) LowID callback requests from servers are dropped if IP is filtered or banned.
*) Received sources (servers, source exchange) are filtered to drop already banned clients.
*) All UDP packets from banned clients are ignored.
*) Extra safety code to prevent connecting to an IP filtered IP or banned client.

- Jun, 25th 2004 -
.: eMule can open the ports it needs on the internal WinXP(SP1 or 0) firewall itself either permanently (connection pref) or on each startup (extended settings)

- Jun, 20th 2004 -
zz: Possible fix to the reported cases when eMule doesn't reach the upload limit.
bluecow: Added some protocol procedure sanity checks to avoid getting flooded by bugged clients.
bluecow: Fixed a flaw in the IP filter which lead to not reading some lines from PeerGuardian filter lists which had a bad format.

- Jun, 15th 2004 -
bluecow: Added new context menu item in Shared Files window (only for completed 'eMuleSkin.zip' files) to install eMule Skins.
zz: Changed upload bandwidth throttler to minimize the number of ACK packets.

- Jun, 13th 2004 -
zz: Some changes to speed up UploadSpeedSense preparing phase, when a ttl doesn't respond to pings. Also changed the upload limit during preparing phase to 2 KB/s instead of 512 bytes/s to prevent kademlia from getting false "firewalled" status.
zz: Changed the equal-for-all implementation in upload bandwidth throttler to minimize packet fragmentation on tcp level.

- Jun, 12th 2004 -
bluecow: Reworked the 'charset' selection for emule web interface to use proper codepage value in returned HTML code.
bluecow: Reworked searching via web interface in relation to file type search parameter. (New web templates!)

- Jun, 10th 2004 -
bluecow: Changed option to remove dead servers: Any server which exceeds a max. failure limit is removed from server list.
bluecow: Added "Document" file type for published files and also to search parameter for eD2K and Kad.
Ornis: Splitted statistics to be stored in "Statistics.ini"

- Jun, 9th 2004 -
bluecow: Many small fixes for changing language during runtime.

- Jun, 6th 2004 -
zz: Improved a4af manager. Set the file you want first to "high" download priority (priorities now effects a4af decisions). You can chose to get the files in a category in their alphabetical order. A source may be (automatically) swapped to another file to enable source exchange on that file. Respects reask times in all cases, so it may take a while before sources are moved (but this change prevents banning due to a4af actions).

- Jun, 3nd 2004 -
bluecow: Added unzipping of IP filter files from PeerGuardian ZIP files.

- Jun, 2nd 2004 -
Unk: Completely reworked the gui structure for SMIRC.
Unk: SMIRC will now get available channel modes from the server on connect.
Unk: You can now set/unset TypeD channel modes.. You can also unset TypeC channel modes. (More support may be added later)

- Jun, 1st 2004 -
bluecow: Reworked IP Filter tool window to support large IP filter lists more effeciently.
bluecow: Added progress information for part files when getting hashed or copied to incoming folder.
bluecow: Added color customization (via skin profile) for server info, log, chat and IRC windows.
.: Added loglevels for verbose output in order to allow showing only important messages
.: Fixed a bug which caused that some known contacts were never deleted, even if not needed anymore
.: Complete sources are now shown as percentage in a new column. If there are zero complete sources for a file, this colum is marked red

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faster!! by the big hacker "analyzer" from isreal

eMule 0.44d

_http://osdn.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/emule/eMule0_44d.zip (updated files only)
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eDonkey2000 1.0.3

_http://download.overnet.com/edonkey1.0.3.exe Win
_http://download.overnet.com/eDonkeyMac1.0.3.tar.gz Mac
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eMule++ 1.0.5
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пробовал я и Мула и Осла... быстрее постореть... smile.gif

still digg'n 4 dope
eDonkey2000 v1.0.4
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примые руки biggrin.gif главней всего....
In the Fire of Burning Heavens, we Devour the Drowning Fools
Скажите кто знает, а можно Emule'ом на 2 хард диска качать?
Например чтобы несколько фильмов на диск D качали, а другие на E.
Или может можно какой то прогой соединить два харда?
Заранее благодарен!
eDonkey2000 1.0.6

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still digg'n 4 dope
Я вот только познакомился с программой, хотел задать некоторые вопросы.
Начал закачку архива с утра, что-то долго очень, пришел с работы, а там только 13%! blink.gif
Что не так?
И где взять доп. серверы, а то как установил, что загрузилось то и имею
Как ведётся прямой поиск на всех серверах сразу или это фантастика?
Заранее Спасибо за ответы.

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