The Educated Consumers are the collective of producer t.E.C.K! and emcee Seez Mics. The two began working with one another in December of '99. t.E.C.K! expressed an interest in working with Seez Mics when the producer heard a few of the emcee's tracks with the Anonomous Crew. He heard a voice that matched the feel of his beats, and the two began laying out rough sketches of songs on a 4 track. By the summer of '00, the two had decided to record the best 16 cuts and package them as their first album. The two took it to the next level on “Aisle 2” with a thematic consitency within each track and the perfect beats to match.

The appeal of the group comes from their blend of the golden eras of the Hip Hop genre: the early 90's style of production and new millennium approach to Mceeing. While t.E.C.K! employs the art of crate-digging to provide the beats, Seez Mics speaks on universal truths about human existence to create the perfect hybrid. The production and lyricism compliment each other to create the perfect blend of Hip Hop music's best attributes.

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Artist : Educated Consumers
Album : Seez Mics & T.E.C.K!

Year : 2000
Genre : Hip-Hop
Url :
Url :

Quality : CBR, 192kbps, stereo
ID3-Tag : Yes, Version 1 & 2.3
Included : Info-File (NFO)
Check File (SFV)
Playlist (M3U)

01. Intro [1:01]
02. Opening Statement [2:12]
03. Feeling That I Get [5:16]
04. Firm Belief [2:40]
05. Black & Mild [4:01]
06. T.E.C.K! (Interlude) [0:42]
07. Literal [3:20]
08. The Spot [1:40]
09. Live @ The Bbq 2000 [4:08]
10. Past Present Future Revelation [4:02]
11. 2-17-00 [2:26]
12. Independent Thought Freestyle (Fri. 9-12pm 88.1) [2:22]
13. T.E.C.K! (Interlude) [1:07]
14. Ode To K-Town [4:22]
15. Closing Statement [3:48]

Playing Time : 43:07
Total Size : 59,2 MB

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good sound!!i) thanx,mun!
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Quite good sound, excellent sound...thanx
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понравился альбом! круто! thumb.gif
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А!!!! красавцы!! очень порадовали))
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Я мелкое чмо ничего не понимающее в музыке! Срите мои посты и баньте сколько душе угодно.
не внимательно прочитал название альбома,показалось сначала что-то типа "белое ухо" biggrin.gif
спектары захватили ваш мозг!
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