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Label: Potomak
Release Date: 26 Nov 2015
Format: mp4 Video

LAMENT mp4 video recording of acclaimed 2014 Berlin performance on branded USB stick. Runs on all multimedia terminals with an USB port (including smart TVs). Comes together with original substantial tour program in a beautiful, especially designed tin box.
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Kiku Feat. Blixa Bargeld & Black Cracker - Marcher sur la tête (2015)
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1. KiKu feat. Blixa Bargeld - Marcher sur la tête
2. KiKu feat. Blixa Bargeld - Belehrung
3. KiKu feat. Blixa Bargeld - Nuages
4. KiKu feat. Blixa Bargeld - Sì dolce è’l tormento
5. KiKu feat. Black Cracker - Tête 2
6. KiKu feat. Black Cracker - Ocean
7. KiKu feat. Black Cracker - Jaillir
8. KiKu feat. Blixa Bargeld - Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime
9. KiKu feat. Blixa Bargeld & Black Cracker - Es ist zu langweilig


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Nerissimo is the title of the new album.  Its cover artwork was inspired by a painting from Hans Holbein the Younger titled The Ambassadors (1533). Embedded in the painting are enigmatic references to philosophy, religion, mortality, and illusion, which connect to some of the themes in the album.

"Nerissimo" is the italian superlative for black ("the blackest") and there is something very black about the music on this record.  That doesn't mean, however, that is is "dark" as the adjective is commonly applied to music: as the colour black contains all colors, the music contains a multitude of possiblities. Written and sung in German, English and Italian, the songs stretch from microscopic dramas played out in a Petri dish ("Ulgæ") to the surreal epic and cosmic seven minute journey "Animelle".  The title song "Nerissimo" opens the album in its English version and closes it with the Italian version, bracketing the album like book-ends.

New to this collaboration is the use of woodwinds, especially the bass clarinet which plays a deep and very significant role in several of the new songs, amid an arsenal of bells, Teho's baritone guitar and the arrangement of classical string instruments. Together their sound forms a pear-shaped frequency spectrum to warmly envelope and support Blixa's low mellifluous voice.

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Blixa Bargeld & Teho Teardo - Nerissimo

1. Nerissimo (English)
2. DHX 2
3. Ich Bin Dabei
4. The Empty Boat
5. The Beast
6. Animelle
7. Ulgæ
8. Nirgendheim
9. Give Me
10. Nerissimo (Italian)

Blixa Bargeld & Teho Teardo - Nerissimo [2016]

mp3, 320kbps
There is a light that never goes out!
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The new album "Perseverantia" by Danielle & Alexander, which was released on May 6th, 2016 on POTOMAK

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The new album "Perseverantia" by Danielle & Alexander, which was released on May 6th, 2016 on POTOMAK


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2016 - Arbeit Schickert Schneider - ASS
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THREE GUITARISTS, THREE GENERATIONS, ONE ALBUM TOGETHER: Gunter Schickert (Ziguri), Jochen Arbeit (Die Haut, Einsturzende Neubauten, Automat) and Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM, Angel, Locust Fudge) are three renowned Berlin guitarists. They epitomize three generations of experimental musicians: Schickert personifies the Krautrock of the 1970s, Arbeit 1980s post-punk and Dresselhaus the neo-electronica of the late 1990s/2000s period. Their artist approaches may differ on account of their diverse musical backgrounds, yet what they do have in common is a fundamental interest in developing the guitar as a sound object, seeking out unusual structures and harmonies. They now present the results of their explorations and ideas on a joint album.

1. Jochen Arbeit - 37°C (4:17)
2. Jochen Arbeit - 38°C (5:38)
3. Jochen Arbeit - 39°C (4:07)
4. Jochen Arbeit - 40°C (2:14)
5. Jochen Arbeit - 41°C (6:04)
6. Jochen Arbeit - Acetyl (7:59)
7. Jochen Arbeit - Salicyl (5:53)
8. Jochen Arbeit - Säure (7:13)

2016 - Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke - Perseverantia
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"Perseverantia" means "endurance" or "persistence" and the artist couple, otherwise known for their adventurous lifetsyle and unusual experiments are obviously concerned with a different theme this time around.
Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke have been leading a nomadic life since 2010, with no permanent home and travelling from one city to the next.
The reason for their restlessness is the overall gentrification, the annihilation of individualism, the rising costs of living and the relentless sellout by the mainstream entertainment industry.
"Artists need to find new ways of working now-a-days in order to upkeep integrity and autonomy. The old patterns no longer function.”
The uncompromising decision to abandon their home has since determined their work.
Their search for external & internal clarity, researching archaic principles and philosophies has helped them master the rigors of the road.
For the attentive listener "Perseverantia" reveals a treasure of their truisms.
The album was recorded in the Californian Mojave desert and is mostly instrumental, with a few spoken-word lyrics by Danielle de Picciotto.
Together with the throat-singing by Alexander Hacke, the purring and squeaking of the hurdy-gurdy and an ether-plucking harp, melancholic violin melodies and the hum and growl of bass and guitar,
one is placed in an acoustic world of mysteries, which floats out of the loudspeakers like an epic movie, both disturbing and mesmerizing.
"Perseverantia ad finem optatum" they sing in the title track, and is their main consequence of importance:
To successfully achieve a positive goal, we need one thing above all: endurance. No matter how stony the road or wild the storm – we must continue following our path.
Surrender is not an option – for none of us.

1. Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke - LOVE FOUNDATION (10:14)
2. Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke - GRACE (5:04)
3. Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke - FAITH (8:46)
4. Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke - STRENGTH (6:45)
5. Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke - AWAKE (8:10)
6. Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke - PERSEVERANTIA (6:18)
7. Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke - PRAYER (1:13)

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Einstuerzende Neubauten: Greatest Hits November 18th, 2016
EN freuen sich die Veröffentlichung des ersten Compilation Albums "Greatest Hits" ansagen zu können. Voraussichtlicher Erscheinungstermin ist der 18.November 2016.
Das Album wird einen Querschnitt aus 35 Jahren Bandschaffen zeigen und eure -und unsere- Lieblingsstücke enthalten. Einige davon wurden neu abgemischt.
Das Album wird es in Vinyl als limitierte "Special Edition" und als Standardversion geben, und als CD. Natürlich werden alle Ausgaben bei uns im bandeigenen Webshop erhältlich sein.

Im Moment sind wir dabei, einige aufregende neue Fanprodukte für euch zu entwickeln, die wir noch dieses Jahr vor dem Tourstart unserer "Greatest Hits" Tour im Januar in unseren Webshop aufnehmen werden. Es lohnt sich, ein Auge darauf zu haben.

We are pleased to announce EN´s first compilation release called "Greatest Hits" end of the year. Expected release date is November 18th, 2016.
Album will reflect a section through 35 years of band work and includes your - and our - favourite tracks. Some of them have been given a new mix.
The Album will be released on Vinyl as a limited "Special Edition" and in a standard version, and on CD.

All versions will be available in the band webshop.
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Sampler for "Greatest Hits" released 25th November 2016 ... https://neubauten.org/en/releases/greatest-hits
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Meditation Soundtrack
Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke
During their long years of nomadic traveling Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke have resorted to meditation and yoga practice to remain centered in spite of a restless lifestyle. After being asked by many fans worldwide if they would compose a soundtrack suitable for spiritual and body work, they have now finished an album with this intent.
UNITY is the Hacke -de Picciotto mixture of drones, throat singing, spoken word, violin harmonies, electric bass guitar and soundscapes with an extra dose of “bow chime” and Indian harmonium.
The album contains three extended pieces of music each 20 minutes long specifically composed to accompany yogic exercise and to induce a meditative state. Though it can also be listened to just for relaxation and general enjoyment, we advise strongly against playing UNITY while operating automobiles or other heavy machinery.

released November 15, 2016
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We are pleased to announce that "Greatest Hits" is now available for preorder on our website. the album is available in the Vinyl formats below and CD.
"Greatest Hits" will be released on 25th November 2016

SPECIAL DELUXE EDITION: 2 LP set, 180 g Vinyl, including download code, complete lyrics in German and English, 5 Full size photos.

STANDARD VINYL: 2 LP set, 140 g Vinyl, including download code


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After being asked by many fans worldwide if they would compose a soundtrack suitable for meditation or yoga practice Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto have now finished an album with this intent.
The special edition "Unity" (CD and Downoad) will be released on the 20th of November and is obtainable at neubauten.org and http://hackedepicciotto.bandcamp.com
This album contains three pieces of music specifically composed for mediation or yoga practice. It can also just be listened to for relaxation.

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From Detroit techno and hip-hop's early sampling experiments to Terre Thaemlitz, electronic music has long proven its political potential, even in instrumental form. With "OstWest", Berlin-based electronic-kraut-dub trio Automat complete their LP trilogy with a deep and entrancing take on the failures of neoliberalism.
NEW ALBUM "OSTWEST". CD / LP (incl. CD) / DL on Nov 11, 2016.
AUTOMAT is Arbeit | Färber | Zeitblom

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Rudolf Moser has composed the soundtrack for Andreas Wick's Documentary "Die Stadt all Beute" currently showing in German Cinemas

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Teho und Blixa sind immer für eine Überraschung gut, diesmal haben sie einen Klassiker von Neil Young gecovered "Hey Hey My My". Außerdem enthält die neue EP auch drei neue Stücke, die letzen Winter zwischen Rom und Berlin entstanden sind.

Als Gäste unterstützen David Coulter mit seiner singenden Säge und Gabriele Coen an der Bass-Klarinette.

Demnächst erhältlich im Einstürzende Neubauten Webshop.

New EP release by Blixa Bargeld & Teho Teardo "Fall"

And now some­thing you won't ex­pect: Teho and Blixa recorded Neil Young’s clas­sic song, Hey Hey My My. This mono­lith opens the side A of their new EP, Fall.
Fall is out now, at the end of a long win­ter spent record­ing new ma­te­r­ial be­tween Rome and Berlin. Their eps be­long to a se­ries: same lay­out, dif­fer­ent title and sleeve colour, and the music is al­ways dif­fer­ent too! Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld are al­ways ex­plor­ing new ter­ri­to­ries.
The record con­tains also three new songs: Ziegen­fisch, Testos­teron Sklaven, Bian­chissimo.

David Coul­ter adds his mu­si­cal saw on Hey Hey My My cre­at­ing such a trans­fixed sound, Gabriele Coen on bass clar­inet.

Soon available at Einstuerzende Neubauten Webshop.
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