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“All’s well, that flows well”, says Johannes Enders. “But sometimes you just get tangled in a knot.” The multiinstrumental musician from the Bavarian town of Weilheim feeld that it is his fun and duty to untangle these knots. In Enders Room, the 39 year old “masterful instrumentalist”, according to Downbeat’s Howard Mandel, merges and amalgamates his individual and inspired sounds with influences that range from Steve Reich or Stevie Wonder to Radiohead and Weather Report and experiences from years of playing his saxophone with the likes of The Notwist, Billy Hart, Roy Hargrove, Marsmobil or fauna flash. Playfully, of course, as the father of two emphasises that only in playing, he can let his “fantasy wack out”, excite his enthusiasm and be creative, as flippantly and honestly as possible. “The main thing for me is that I can still listen to the music after making it. And yes, I can. More than that, I enjoy it.” This joy, but also the deeply felt authority of this music, instantly and directly transfers itself on whoever listens to it. Whatever goes on in the mind of the “stilistically sure frontier runner between DJ-esthetic, electronica and improvised traditional fragments” (Musikexpress), takes shape, form and colour in the mind of the listener. “Hotel Alba” is the name of the third, completely new album of this electro-authentical playground, which previously excited and delighted with “Human Radio” (2004) and “Monolith” (2002). The music is still “tenderly avantgardistic” (Die Zeit), “maladjusted and good” (Stereoplay) and all the while like “Vanilla ice-cream with hot raspberries, but nowhere near as sweet” (Die Welt). On “Hotel Alba” the leader proves, accompanied by ten of his closest musical friends, that he can not only write beautiful songs, play sensational melodies and harmonies on all saxophones imaginable, plus flutes, Fender Rhodes, Philicorda and piano, bassclarinet, guitar and his computer, but that he can also sing rather well. This testifies to his character and charme – and further draws the listener into the music. The highs and lows, the tension and release, that these twelve songs create, hit the mark. As everything flows, in Enders Room.

Enders Room - Random Guru [2008]

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a r t i s t : Enders Room
t i t l e : Random Guru
d a t e : 2008
l a b e l : tuition
g e n r e : Electronic
r l s. d a t e : Apr/2008
t r a c k s : 10
b i t r a t e : VBRkbps
s i z e : 64,8 MB

01-Ana Urin
02-Sister Peace
03-Random Guru
05-This Is Your Day
06-Sattelite Babies
07-Like Full Moon At Noon
09-The Age Of The Locusts
10-Sister Peace Reprise


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а 2006 года не найдется альбома? который, собственно, на myspace и представлен.
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есть 2004 года Human Radio. выкладывать?
Очень хотелось бы послушать альбомы:

2003 "Monolith" - http://www.discogs.com/Enders-Room-Monolit...release/1524949
2006 "Hotel Alba" - http://www.discogs.com/Enders-Room-Hotel-A.../release/896548

В любом качестве. Нигде не могу найти... sad.gif

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Artist: Enders Room
Album: Zen Tauri
Release Date: 28-10-2010
Store Date: 15-10-2010
Encoder: LAME 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkbps44,1hz

Genre: Jazz

Tracks: 10
Size: 52,1MB

01 - Cassini 05:46
02 - Zen Tauri 06:26
03 - New Wonder 05:15
04 - Archetype 05:07
05 - Arvo 01:19
06 - Notre Dame 06:55
07 - Mare Profondo 06:00
08 - Nothing Matters 05:10
09 - Companion Star 03:31
10 - Notre Dame Reprise 01:51

47:20 min
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очень хочется 2004 и 2010 год, выложите

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