Bjarki signs Norwegian producer EOD for new EP on bbbbbb, Swurlk
The analog-loving artist will debut on Bjarki's imprint in June.
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The next record on bbbbbb will come from Norwegian producer EOD.

Since Bjarki started it last year, the label has reissued vintage hardcore and put out two records from the Icelandic producer's Cucumb45 alias. Now he's signed a new artist, Norwegian producer EOD, to the label, for a four-track EP called Swurlk. EOD, real name Stian Gjevik, favours analog production, with "gigabytes of unheard music dating back to 2002" all produced without a computer. He's previously released on labels like WéMè Records and Rephlex. The press release says that Swurlk sees Gjevik "off-roading with four outstanding productions channeling ambient, electro and hard bloody techno."

01. Swurlk (Snarlfingercroak Mix)
02. Evenhark
03. Swarm

Bjarki / Cucumb45 / bbbbbb bbbbbb will release Swurlk on June 9th, 2017.

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BBB 006 - EOD - Swurlk EP [2017]

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01 - Swurlk (Snarlfingercroak Mix) (05:21)
02 - Evenhark (06:21)
03 - Swarm (05:30)

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На прошлой неделе он завел стрим на своем ютуб-канале, даже удалось пообщаться с ним немножко) В целом он всем отвечал т.к. народу было меньше 10 человек. В Москву с выступлением не приедет, если что, говорит, боится Путина biggrin.gif
Someone knows where to find his EAP collection in 320kbpbs at least?

PM would be appreciated as well.

Thank you guys!
Can you upload mp3 320 to uploadboy or zippy??
last night EOD stream

new crazy breakbeat track smile.gif

it's called "Wilbur"
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1. Dunal - A Ghost Of The Long Night (7:32)
2. Dunal - Cat In The Cloud (7:59)
3. Dunal - Dream In Sacred Smoke (8:06)
4. Dunal - Duck On Water (9:02)
5. Dunal - For The Holy Traveller (4:37)
6. Dunal - Let The Spirit Take Over (7:04)
7. Dunal - No Congregation Here (4:59)
8. Dunal - Please Ward The Children (6:06)
9. Dunal - Speak To Brother Get No Answer (7:54)

Dunal was Solomon Angelo's mentor and is considered the godfather of

the flip scene. Through these releases we get a small glimpse of his

considerable madness.

released January 8, 2017
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Various - Remixed

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A1 –Sync 24 Memory Bubble (Jensen Interceptor Remix)
A2 –Noumen White Silence (Morphology Remix)
A3 –Microlith Purple Chords (Tryphème Remix)
B1 –Blixaboy Detroit Steel (Plant43 Remix)
B2 –Plant43 Will I Dream (Blixaboy Remix)
B3 –Tryphème Mélodramatique (Microlith Remix)
C1 –Annie Hall Curie (Sync 24 Remix)
C2 –CN Zener Diode Blues (Missqulater Remix)
C3 –Cygnus Strange Hyper (Annie Hall Remix)
C4 –Jensen Interceptor Model 2029 (DJ VLR Remix)
D1 –B12 Step Inside (Noumen Remix)
D2 –Mrs Jynx Diving Loop (B12 Remix)
D3 –Federico Leocata Zunachst (Automatic Tasty Remix)

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Label/Cat#: Central Processing Unit – 00110010
Country: UK
Year: Sep 2017
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Techno
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album 96 kHz, 24 bit Flac
Size: 1,4 Gb
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