Eprom - The Mixtape 2009
EPROM - Sweatboxxx
EPROM - 64 Bytes (Remix)
EPROM - Busted
EPROM - Bubble
EPROM - Tocatta
EPROM - Shoplifter
EPROM - Lick Out
EPROM - Phaseknocker
EPROM - Throbbin' Hood
EPROM - Untitled
EPROM - Ghost Hunter
EPROM - Untitled

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Whats a paladin?
by Eprom


SQSH (Boreta vs. EPROM) - Get Psyphy
Snoop Dogg feat. E-40 - Candy (Instrumental)
Dabaaz - Le Da (Instrumental)
Dust Junkys - Beatbox Rinse
SQSH - Donkey Nap
Snoop Dogg feat. E-40 - Candy (Acapella)
Modeselektor - Weed Wid de Macka
TTC - Claque les Doigts
Baron Zen - Theme (Danny Breaks Remix - Boreta Edit)
Tipper - Learning is Remembering (Instrumental)
Furious feat. E-40 - Take You Down (EPROM's Psyphy Edit)
Chris de Luca + Peabird - Artificial MC
Jamie Lidell - A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert Remix)
EPROM - Jello
Krazy Baldhead - Applejuice
EPROM - Trainiac
Funkstörung - The Ripple Twist
RD - Cricket
Pauley Unsaturated - Ites is my Rainbow
Perry + Kingsley - One Note Samba / Spanish Flea
Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall (Boreta Remix)
Boys Noize - E Bong
Lexie Lee - Warlord (SQSH Remix)
EPROM - 64 Bytes
Lotek Hi-Fi - Move Ya Ting (Small Arms Fiya Remix)

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Whats a paladin?
from Mary Anne Hobbs - Experimental (2009.05.06) Pacific Coast Special:

EPROM in the Mix
EPROM – ‘Never’ (Surefire)
EPROM – ‘Ribcracker’ (Dub)
EPROM – ‘Mr. Wobbles’ (Dub)
EPROM – ‘Humanoid’ (Dub)
EPROM – ‘Sweatboxxx’ (Dub)
EPROM – ‘Shoplifter’ (Black Acre)
EPROM – ‘Whyyyyyyyy’ (Dub)
EPROM & Prof.I.See – ‘Zoning’ (Cloak x Dagger)

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Eprom and Profisee - Zoning - 2010 (320.kbps) (49,63 MB)
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Cloak X Dagger
DUBSTEP / GRIME / Hip-Hop / Wonky
Released: Jan 2010
Catalogue Number: CXD001

Ahead of his forthcoming Warp split with Eskmo, San Fran's Eprom sets up an electric hyphy banger featuring MC Profisee and backed with a remix from Lucky Me's The Blessings. Both 'Zoning' and 'What It Seems' roll out synth laden hiphop riddims for Profisee's oddly accented flow, while The Blessings reduce the electronic element for a screwed and bass-centric slow-bumpers version. All instrumentals included on the flipside. For fans of earlier Hud Mo, Rustie and Harmonic 313. - Boomkat


1-Zoning (03:38)
2-What it Seems (03:19)
3-What it Seems The Blessings Remix (03:16)
4-Zoning Beat (03:36)
5-What it Seems Beat (03:19)
6-Zoning RVLT Remix (04:29)
Can anyone repost

Eprom - "64 Bytes the Dust" EP

320 on any except iFolder (I cant figure that one out)

Here is Starkey - "OK Love" (Eprom Remix) 320


any sign of the Eprom / Eskmo split 12" from Warp? smile.gif
It's posted in the Eskmo thread!

How bout that original EP in 320

hmmmmm ???????
humanoid dub? does anyone have it and facemelter biggrin.gif
Humanoid EP (2010)
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CBR 320 || 28 mb

01. Humanoid
02. The Slaughter
03. Lick Out

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Humanoid EP (2010)
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CBR 320 || 28 mb

01. Humanoid
02. The Slaughter
03. Lick Out

[ifolder.ru] || [multiupload.com] || [rghost.ru]

word !!!!!

i am waiting humanoid for a long time !

thank you so much
anyone has that falty DL remix of eprom's never?? peace

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I only have the 128 kbps version

There is a link above that still works for that.

Of course if anyone has a 320 that's be oh so awesome.
can anyone re up the 64 bytes remixes?

oops, googled it.

Eprom 64 Bytes Remixes:


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