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Ernest Gonzales is a "Hyphenated American" aka Hispanic, Chicano, Latino, or Mexican -- whatever you want to call it. He grew up next door to the Alamo, but his Spanish is muy pequito. Gonzales is the only child of an electrician father and a Home Depot customer service rep mom. Latch-key only child = video games, drawing trees, making bow and arrows, too much MTV, and pizza pockets. Somehow in between summer engineering camps Gonzales decided to go to art school, but he has no plans of painting the Virgen de Guadalupe.

During college, Gonzales began experimenting with music production using old school computer programs called trackers…he also used scholarship money to buy his first drum machine and upgraded software. (See kids...it does pay off to make good grades.) Upon graduation, Gonzales started Exponential, an indie hip hop/electronic record label based in San Antonio. The label’s first release is a mix called River Walk Riots by DJ Jester the Filipino Fist.

Ernest Gonzales - While On Saturns Rings [2007]

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01. Reminisce
02. While on Saturn's Rings
03. Summer Story 66
04. One Type of Adaptation
05. Marching Across Grey Earth
06. Throwed Snow Cones
07. Sophia's Lullaby
08. Rockstar Sequence
09. Cave Paintings
10. Life is But a Dream
11. What Heaven Could Be
12. Glass Pyramids
13. Song for Arlo
14. While on Saturn's Rings (Daedelus Remix)




тэги не поднялась рука расставлять - слишком уж много чего намешано smile.gif сам автор на майспейсе даже шугайзинг указал wink.gif
Прикольный чувачок, и музыка хорошая wink.gif
tongue.gif послушаем!!!
Ogo kashaemz blink.gif
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Так себе, без скачков, но однообразно и скучно..никакой тебе динамики!
не плохой альбом, но слушать еще желания нету..
must be the darkness
Прошу вас обновите ссылку на Ernest Gonzales, а то я больше не могу нигде найти
мега крутой альбом, наткнулась на него случайно, года пол назад) терь всем рекомендую)

ссылка на альбом - http://upload.com.ua/get/900296615
есть что нибудь ещё??!!!!
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Ernest Gonzales delivers a dose of desert-baked and shoegazy psyche-pop from Texas backed with remixes from Faunts, Take, Cyne, Mexicans with Guns and Yppah. If you picked up on the release from Yppah a few months back, you'll know the territory we're in here, dreamily melodramatic indie with shades of everyone from Modest Mouse to The Smiths wrapped up with an electronic polish worthy of Bibio. Check the ace Cyne remix of 'Upon The 19th Day', and Mexican's With Guns' proggy-electro-rock cover of 'I'm Here You're There'. very good indeed.

|01 Self Awakening 2:48
|02 Self Awakening (Faunts Remix) 5:09
|03 Self Awakening (Take Cover) 3:46
|04 Upon The 19th Day (Cyne Cover) 3:10
|05 We Can Live in The Forest 3:26
|06 I'm Here You're There (Mexicans with Guns Cover) 3:15
|07 Etchasketch Trees (Yppah Cover) 4:08

▀█▀ █■█ █ ▄█▀ ▄█▀ █■█ █ ▀█▀ █ ▄█▀ █ █ █
напомнило Jap Jap smile.gif

Ernest Gonzales - Lullaby (2008)

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а нового альбома нету ни у кого? вроде круто звучит
Ernest Gonzales - Been Meaning to Tell You [2010]

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Release Date: 09.Feb 2010
Label: Friends of Friends

1. Dancing in the Snow 03:12
2. Falling Asleep to the Glow of the Television 04:22
3. Self Awakening 02:48
4. We Can Live in the Forest 03:26
5. Opening a Lost Sacred Door 03:30
6. Psychedlic Bellhop 03:29
7. Etchasketch Trees 02:40
8. Emerald Nova 03:16
9. Purple Heart 02:47
10. Untitled Love Song 02:59
11. I'm Here You're There 02:46
12. When You Are Lost I Will Find You 03:04
13. Upon the 49th Day 03:56


Ремиксы выйдут через неделю:
The bonus Remix Album features 16 remixes by Aether, Copy, CYNE, Daedelus, David Ramos, Faunts
Faux Pas, Matthew David, Mexicans with Guns Mirm, Ocuban, Osos .o, Pollination, Take, Yppah, Zoon van Snook.

А самое интересное, что Эрнест дал задание триннадцати иллюстраторам нарисовать обложку к каждому треку, поэтому в диджитал релиз будет прилагать еще и книга в электронном виде
Link is not correct, pease re-post!

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