After being around for almost 5 years, we have finally decided to call it a day.

We started as a shitty band with no expectations to go anywhere and grew into something we all felt really passionate about, accomplishing things we never thought we would; even if it took us longer to get there, we always stuck it out and did things our way. We had a lot of ups and downs, a stupid amount of line-up changes, and we all made sacrifices to keep the band going. Above everything we always strived to write honest music and give our all.

Most importantly though, we shared some amazing times and have a lot of good memories to take with us. We played some awesome shows, and made a lot of mates through the band. At the end of the day, that's all you can ask for.

As to why we've broken up, we wouldn't have done it without good reasons, but they are better left unsaid here. It's a sad decision, but it needed to be made.

Lastly, a huge thankyou to our friends and fans alike for the years of support, we never would have amounted to anything if wasn't for the people who believed in us. Thanks to all our past members for their efforts in contributing to the band. Thanks to anyone who ever helped us out, whether you booked us or came to see us play, bought merch, took photos, got our name out or just listened to our stuff on myspace...anything. You're awesome.

We have one final show...
See you there.
-Tommy Jarvis

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Evolvar-Demo (2007)

мне наверно нравится все, где написано
Metalcore / Australia

а вокал местами напоминает Оливера из BMTH)

а у них больше нет никаких записей?
Они вроде распались?
демка хорошая
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если кто не знал тут вокаллеро из Thy Art Is Murder

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