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01. Wings Of Redemption
02. Avalanche
03. Foxdie
04. The Altruist
05. New World Order
06. Red
07. No More Stars
08. The Dark Inside
09. Sink Or Swim
10. Shangri-La
11. Aftermath

Не обнаружил тут подобной темы, а музыка, имхо, очень стоящая. Понятно, конечно, что все группы подобного стиля похожи, но сабж играет очень качественно. Тем и зацепили.

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Awesome album!
nice band!
\m/ Melodic Death Metal \m/ Thrash Metal \m/
Eyes Wide Open - New World Order (Official Music Video)

Eyes Wide Open - And so it Begins (01/09/2017)
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Eyes Wide Open’s upcoming album “And so it Begins” will be released by Headbang Entertainment and distributed by Sony Music on September 1st 2017.
The album is the third record to be released by Eyes Wide Open and the final part of their trilogy. Starting with the EP “Revelations”, released in 2012, the tale of what’s to come if we continue to leech of our planet is presented. With “Aftermath”, released in 2013, the band presents an ultimatum as to how we can continue living in this world.
“And so it Begins” takes on the perspective of today, where we stand with all of our problems like wars, environmental disasters and our addiction to luxury. Will the revelations be proved to be true?
Frontman Erik states the following about the upcoming release:
“People probably thought that the band was over with the departure of Patrik but we pulled through big time. It is with no hesitation that I think we are now stronger than ever! With ”And so it Begins” we prove ourselves among the top players and now I´m just thrilled to get out there to kick some ass.”
And so it Begins was recorded at ES Music Studio and Leon Music Studios, and is mixed/mastered by Gustav Ydenius.
Album cover by Kristina Kister (Nichtlicht)
rqst in pm
Eyes Wide Open - Defining Me (Single) (2017)
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MP3 320 kbps
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Eyes Wide Open - And So It Begins [2017]
Genre: Metalcore / Modern Metal
Country: Sweden
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Death of Technology
2. Defining Me
3. Fist Up
4. We Reached for the Sky
5. Scream
6. You Still Are You
7. The Last of Us
8. Never Meant to Be Heaven
9. Walking with the Devil
10. Conclusion
11. And so It Begins


альбом thumb.gif

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Artist.....: Eyes Wide Open
Title......: And so It Begins
Genre......: Metal
Rip date...: 2017-09-01
Runtime....: 40:38
Tracks.....: 11
Size.......: 96m
Quality....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
Codec......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)
Encoder....: LAME
Url........: play.google.com


01. Death of Technology 04:09
02. Defining Me 03:40
03. Fist Up 02:29
04. We Reached for the Sky 03:41
05. Scream 03:42
06. You Still Are You 04:39
07. The Last of Us 04:38
08. Never Meant to Be Heaven 03:20
09. Walking with the Devil 03:27
10. Conclusion 03:39
11. And so It Begins 03:14
Less WEB, More CD
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скоро новый год
Цитата: ShitHappens666

+1 dry.gif и звук как-то не радует...
"There’s a melody in everything, I’m trying to find a harmony, but nothing seems to work, nothing seems to fit".
Альбом как альбом. Дебютник был примерно такой же - хороший модерн мелодик дез на пару раз. Но, по-моему, времена таких невыразительных модерн мдм-групп, которых появлялось много в конце нулевых-начале 10-х, уже давно должны были пройти.

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а мне альбом понравился thumb.gif а трек You Still Are You не зря находится в середине, это как топ альбома, как по мне rolleyes.gif

Eyes Wide Open - Fire Is the Solution (Single)
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mp3, 320kbps


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