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где же третья EP !? rolleyes.gif
Пишут, что только закончили запись ударных для неё unsure.gif
@[Dead Angel]

ну будем ждать)
религия яд - береги ребят
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01. Found A Way
02. Distorted Fields
03. Segue 12
04. Heavy And Blind

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Закончили последнюю сессию.
Исходя из интервью выше, к содержимому предыдущих EP добавятся ещё 3 (новых) трека, и всё это вместе станет альбомом rolleyes.gif
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01. Dark Speed
02. Paralytic Flow
03. Pennies
04. Segue 10
05. No One Left
06. Solar Eyes
07. What Makes It Easy
08. Segue 11
09. Found A Way
10. Distorted Fields
11. Segue 12
12. Heavy And Blind
13. Another Post Human Dream
14. Apocalypse Blooms
15. Force Fed Rainbow
16. The Pineal Electorate

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Отличный паззл сложился. По мне альбом получился на уровне Fantastic Planet, значительно сильнее предшественника. И один из лучших рок релизов года.
We chase misprinted lies
We face the path of time
The band Failure has witnessed major transitions within the world of analogue & digital recording and the re-ignition of the vinyl record format. With their new album, "In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind", Chief Cosmonaut Ken Andrews takes us through the history of Failure recordings, their vinyl history and some of the interesting stories and rare-records of their past, as well as some glimpses of things to come.
Alt-rock cult favorites Failure had a big 2018, releasing an ambitious series of four EPs, In the Future, Your Body Will Be, The Furthest Thing and From Your Mind across the year's first 11 months, all culminating in November's full-length In the Future Your Body Will Be the Furthest Thing From Your Mind. Despite his band's prolific output and rigorous release schedule, Failure drummer Kellii Scott did more than just make music in 2018, of course; he even found time between EPs to listen to some other people's music. Below are his favorites from the last year.
On this week’s episode, drummer Kellii Scott takes us through the creative process behind the series of EP’s and full-length album, the most challenging tracks, the ups and downs of social media, and touring plans for 2019, followed by a track from the new album (Heavy and Blind).

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