Fantastic Negrito

Fantastic Negrito is a man’s truth told in the form of black roots music. Each song the true story of a musician from Oakland who experienced the highs of a million dollar record deal, the lows of a near fatal car accident that put him in a coma, and is now in the phase of rebirth despite his playing hand being mangled. Negrito’s music emphasizes rawness and space. Slide guitar, drums, piano. Rather than update the Delta Blues, Fantastic Negrito leaves the original sounds of Lead Belly and Skip James intact, building bridges to a modern sound with loops and samples of his own live instruments. But the primary element that drives Fantastic Negrito’s music is uncut realness and zero concern for “pop” anything.

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Fantastic Negrito - The Last Days Of Oakland

01. Last Days Of Oakland (Intro) (:34)
02. Working Poor (3:58)
03. About A Bird (3:38)
04. Scary Woman (3:10)
05. What Do You Do (Interlude 1) (1:18)
06. The Nigga Song (3:13)
07. In The Pines (4:17)
08. Hump Thru The Winter (3:53)
09. Lost In A Crowd (5:00)
10. El Chileno (Interlude 2) (:39)
11. The Worst (3:50)
12. Rant Rushmore (4:59)
13. Nothing Without You (4:14)

да, мощный негритто
Просто шикарнейше!!! Давно так не балдел от блюзака. Нет, от БЛЮЗИЩА!!!
Одна из лучших пластинок года. И почти нет отзывов. Мдааа.
А раньше негрито рубил альтернативу и рэпкор...

...а потом случилась катастрофа и он обрёл себя

Ну он начинал с блюза в проекте me and this japanese guy, потом же пошел в тяжеляк
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Let it be known, new album is being pressed. To be released in June... PLEASE DON'T BE DEAD
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Ну и заодно обложка и треклист:

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Plastic Hamburgers
Bad Guy Necessity
A Letter to Fear
A Boy Named Andrew
Transgender Biscuits
The Suit That Won't Come Off
A Cold November Street
The Duffler
Dark Windows
Never Give Up
Bullshit Anthem

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June 15th we are coming for you. The Fillmore. Please Don’t be Dead album release show. #negritonation
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Fantastic Negrito - Please Don't Be Dead (2018)
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mp3, 320kbps

01. Plastic Hamburgers (3:37)
02. Bad Guy Necessity (3:58)
03. A Letter to Fear (4:04)
04. A Boy Named Andrew (4:22)
05. Transgender Biscuits (3:02)
06. The Suit That Won't Come Off (4:00)
07. A Cold November Street (3:51)
08. The Duffler (3:39)
09. Dark Windows (3:40)
10. Never Give Up (1:06)
11. B******t Anthem (3:15)

Очень хорошо, еще надо больше расслушать и потом отпишусь.

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