Fat Jon & Styrofoam Collaborate On The Same Channel Album

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Five Deez producer and rapper Fat Jon has collaborated with Morr Music's Styrofoam for a full-length album.

Fat Jon & Styrofoam hooked up together to create 10 songs that will make up The Same Channel long-player. The record will hit shops on October 9th and will be coming out on the Morr Music label.

The press release describes The Same Channel as a "new fusion of emo-pop electronics and new school hip hop" and promises to be one of the best albums of 2006.

The CD version will also boast a video for the track Space Gangster, which apparently is in the style of such sci-fi movies as Lost In Space, Doctor Who and Star Trek.

The Same Channel Track Listing:

01. Acid Rain Robot Repair
02. Bleed
03. Runnin Circles
04. Space Gangster
05. Nervous Inaction
06. Upgrade
07. Scream It Out
08. The Middle
09. Generic Genes
10. Upgrade (Grace Period Mix)

Track 10 is missing due to a mistake of mine. I will upload it later on today.

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Thanks a lot for your Morr uploads!

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I also like this label. May be we should start a topic for Morr music, like ones for Ninja tune, Warp and some other labels

Yeah. Would be a good idea.

I have a lot of Morr Music stuff to come over the next few days.

Recently I've ripped their compilation Putting the Morr back in Morrissey
and going to upload it somewhere. So if you create the Morr thread, it
would be nice
Fat Jon and Styrofoam - The Same Channel [2006]
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October 17, 2006
Track Listings
1. Acid Rain Robot Repair
2. Bleed
3. Runnin' Circles
4. Space Gangsta
5. Nervous Inaction
6. Upgrade
7. Scream It Out
8. Middle
9. Generic Genes (Spare Parts)
10. Upgrade [Grace Period Mix]
Yeaaaaaah, man! That is really fantastic! Thank you, dude!
hooray for Tm@+
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morr was once a brilliant label - lord knows i collected every single release of theirs. but with the latest output i'm beginning to lose all my interest. this album's ugly.
but they've released some very good stuff recently
e.g. f.s. blumm or b. fleischmann
yeah, f.s. blumm is rather nice.
this album in the first instance Fat Jon ( Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician, rebel clique - unique connection , member of five deez , 3582 ) experiment and in second
latest output in brilliant label
fukkin lnk
great combo of electronic and hiphop!!!!
thumb.gif thumb.gif
shitty synthetic album. i hate it. i'll try to forget its asshole sound, but it's gonna be difficult.

Fat Jon - xana.gif
i'm not abstract, i'm regular. you abstract!
You pressed me to extract and listen to this. I love to explore music others hate. tongue.gif
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