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Hailing from Italy. Figure of Six were originally heavily influenced by Hardcore bands, but soon turned their music into something completely different. Evolving the FO6 sound with the introduction of electronic & melodic complicity. Now, Figure Of Six is a band that is impossible to categorize and hardly can be described with a certain label. The easiest way to describe their sound is they could possibly be the missing link between Linkin' Park and Slipknot.

Amazing and melodic choruses are fused within a focused groove. Meanwhile keyboards, samples, scratches, guitarsynths and electronic elements support this fantastic raw-but-still-catchy sound to create a journey through dark, futuristic atmospheres and spacy melodies.

The monicker Figure Of Six represents how the Italians intend their music to sound; a perfect combination of six musical instruments (vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and DJ). Everything assembled, arranged and played with the highest intensity possible.

The band release their debut album 'Step One' through UK label Casket Music in October. And a video for the track 'Go Away' will be submitted to all relevant TV channels.

Band Members

Giacomo Lavatura - Vocals / Flute
Matteo Troiano - Guitar
Peter Cadonici - Guitar
Stefano Capuano - Bass
Michele Mingozzi - Keyboards
Simone Bocchini (DJ Aent) - Scratches
Emanuele Pagani - Drums
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Step One - 2005
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01 - Darkside 1
02 - Vital Frequency
03 - Go Away
04 - Myself
05 - Dark Side 2
06 - With My Eyes
07 - Your Enemy
08 - Dark Side 3
09 - Scream
10 - Inside
11 - Wake Me Up
12 - Dark Side 4
VBR=256 kbps

Aion - 2008
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1. The Man with the Book and the Gun
2. Warshow
3. Ten Years Alone
4. Akeldama (Bloody Field)
5. Dark Side 5
6. Morning Star
7. The Hanged Man
8. Pull the Trigger
9. Hands of Aion
CBR=320 kbps


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iceman.x, это не глупости, я всего лишь спросил, ибо жду этот альбом wink.gif
18-е =) никто не достал альбом?
new cd, anyone?
lost_prophet not lost_propet :P

and... I don't speak Russian

http://www.leakhere.com/ and http://yourundergroundsound.com/
что-то дороговато за него хотят. 18 евро blink.gif buy

А тут уже и обзор написали
А тут уже и обзор написали

На немецком.Ха-ха.Для меня как будто. biggrin.gif

что-то дороговато за него хотят. 18 евро

Если содержимое того стоит,то можно и купить.Правда,я не особо впечатлён треками с майспейс...Потеряли индивидуальность,как и многие.

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Distortion Choice I Genedefect I O.A.T.H. I Anticlone I Clenchfist I From Dark I Orgy
джедая просрали, что с них теперь взять sad.gif
Хотя я бы заценил плиту-то
1) респект чуваку с затавки на майспэйс за майку моторхед

2) лично меня майспэйс не напугал, пойду искать рип
Достал новый альбом, куда заливать ph34r.gif
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rapida.com smile.gif а следовательно лучше на sharebee или massmirror и подобные сервисы rolleyes.gif
Если никто не опередит, то попытаюсь залить на sharebee cool.gif
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Figure Of Six-Aion-Promo-2008-QTXMp3
Quality Through eXperience!

Experience the true scene flavour!


Figure of Six - Aion

Genre: Metal Encoder: LAME
Type: Album Quality: VBR/44,1/Joint-Stereo
Songs: 09 Grabber: Audiograbber
Rls Date: 23-04-2008 Source: CDDA
Company: n/a Size: 73.4 MB
Cat Nr: n/a Length: 43:51 min

Release comments



01.The Man with the Book and the Gun 04:28
02.Warshow 04:59
03.Ten Years Alone 04:57
04.Akeldama (Bloody Field) 04:27
05.Dark Side 5 04:03
06.Morning Star 04:42
07.The Hanged Man 04:36
08.Pull the Trigger 04:53
09.Hands of Aion 06:46

Total Size: 73.4 MB
Total Playtime: 43:51

Group news

Hell yeah, we bring you another fine release from QTXMp3! smile.gif

The name has been changed a bit, the quality is still as high as

What all started back in 2002 grew to what we we are today,
a dedicated group of good friends with a passion for music.

In order to proceed with bringing you the finest tunes in metal
and house related music we could use your help:
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Last but not least you probably know how to get in touch with us.
If not we dont need you!
Respect to all the other groups out there, except yours ).

And remember: if you like the release, buy the original like we
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Respect to tha man with the icecream-van

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None of your 29/10/2005
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как по мне, так довольно однообразно

зазеркалил на япапку
Figure Of Six-Aion-Promo-2008-QTXMp3

ахаха, Айс уже добавил)
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еще мнения есть? я только качаю, интересно
ближе модерн металу wink.gif
интересные песни имеются.
Morning Star божественна всё-таки..)
Опередили... ohmy.gif biggrin.gif

На первый взгляд пока ничего примечательного не услышал, но в принципе не плохо... Слушаю дальше. ph34r.gif

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