?anyone have any of these trax:
Check Fraud (Kid Koala's Space Cadet 2003 Remix)
'What A Day' Day (Why? Remix)
Moon Repellent (vocals: DoseOne)

самая первая обложка - вообще термоядерная..
парни ну хоть напишите пару рецензий (стоит качать?)
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чем-то Рэдиохэд напоминает... точней... не .. даже не знаю ...ооо... может кому-то покажется глупым сравнением, но я бы так сказал - смесь Тома Йорка и Пола Маккартни.. короче это не хип-хоп.. но как по мне очень стоит качать....
чем-то Рэдиохэд напоминает... точней... не .. даже не знаю ...ооо... может кому-то покажется глупым сравнением, но я бы так сказал - смесь Тома Йорка и Пола Маккартни.. короче это не хип-хоп.. но как по мне очень стоит качать....

спасибо за уточнение smile.gif
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10th Avenue Freakout могу рекоммендовать thumb.gif
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последний альбом это просто полноценное инди, если loss leader еще была ничего то альбом просто полный отстой
DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material
я выкладывал альбом 10th Avenue Freakout только ни фига не в Хип-Хопе... теперь, правда, найти не могу...
Please reup "10th Avenue Freakout" thanxxxx
VBR / 78.7mb

хм, довольно интересно! уже качаю huh.gif
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друзья, комунить нужен фог етхер теетх за деньги дигипак?
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The song kind of tells the story by itself, you know? I got pneumonia, sort of had a nervous breakdown and sat in the bathroom a lot with the shower running to clear the mucous out of my lungs. The episode was sort of the catalyst for making the Fog record, so it is a good example of something seemingly horrible turning into something positive. Ha ha, I guess I should prepare myself to tell this story over and over again, shouldnÕt I? Anyway, this is usually the song where people (including my Mother) have brought up Neil Young. I guess I can only take that as a compliment. Oh, and the first scratch solo is some kind of Korean folk instrument.
As for the Coldcut remix, shit- what can I say? ItÕs great- the strings are lovely and I never thought IÕd be on a song that made me want to dance. Weird. On a side note, when they were re-mixing "Paid in Full", I was nine.
"Moon Repellent" was recorded on a cold-ass, miserable-ass, cold, miserable Minnesota winter night when Dose came to visit some friends in Minneapolis. We recorded some stuff on my four-track. Oh, and when we did it my speakers were broken, so we had to do it all in headphones. So from upstairs, all my roommates could hear was Adam making these bizarre sounds from the basement. "Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy white christmasÉ" The only thing I had in mind for the beat was to rip off an uptempo Motown beat, like "Stop in the Name of Love." Of course, the finished product sounds nothing like that but I think itÕs some new-sounding shit if I do say so myself (breaking my arm patting myself on the back as I write this).

Anyway, yeahÉ I donÕt know. Everyone always sings me the first line of this song, when they find out I made it so thatÕs gotta be a good sign. Who knows- IÕm not the expert on these things. Just tell whoever gets this to listen to the song- God thatÕs so fucking predictable, isnÕt it? Just listen to the music, maaaannnÉ I hate this.

Sorry to rambleÉ More laterÉ


A1. Pneumonia
A2. Moon Repellent [featuring Doseone]
B. Pneumonia (Coldcut's Uptight Duck mix)


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"Darkness at dawn
I crawled out of an empty dresser
Hello everybody
Us and our cars are confident and happy
Yeah we’re
Made of money
I’m made of money
Drop me off a block away
Drop me off a block away"

Andrew Broder, returns once more to put the wind up anyone and everyone with a cold blast of emotion and abstract lyricism. The original of "Check Fraud" was an instrumental piece on his eponymous debut, released in February of this year to the kind of press feeding-frenzy which doesn’t happen every day. Emboldened by this critical acclaim and a show at the Notting Hill Arts Centre which is in danger of becoming legendary, Broder has here allowed the song to breath. The guitar and turntable are a simple background to an intense vocal performance that can’t help but raise the spectre of the young, angry Dylan, although admittedly a Bob with a Vestax 06-Pro and multitrack. Almost hymnlike, the piece develops its own momentum, leaving the listener unsure – as guitars chime down like church bells - whether this is a critique or a melancholy celebration of those who are "made of money".

Over, the Minneapolis Misanthrope hands over control to another turntablist for whom crabs and flares are not enough – Kid Koala. Unsurprisingly, he reimagines the original as a decks-suite, re-playing the original melody by hand with precision and emotional nuance before crashing a drum track across it for a grand finale.

A1 Check Fraud {non-album version}
A2. High Mummy Road Movie
B1. Check Fraud (Kid Koala's Space Cadet E002 mix)
B2. Prancing Around Like A Fuck


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'What a Day' Day is a new national holiday that has been declared by Andrew Broder of Fog- and unlike other holidays, you can celebrate 'What a Day' Day every day!
Ha HA! 'What a Day' Day is the charming and frivolous new single from Fog's sophomore Ninja Tune release Ether Teeth! And on it we hear Fog taking a huge step both arrangement-wise and lyrically from the debut Fog- turning the despair knob down and the sarcasm knob up to 10. The melody sticks in your head like a raspberry seed stuck in your teeth; Marching band drums collide with turntable drumming that can only be described as "swinging"; There's a Broadway-style scene change breakdown and then comes the gloriously chaotic finale, tying the whole theme together as some belligerent Indie-rock/ Music Man/ free noise-scratch anthem. No crap!
The following track, Nice Things Are Great (not available on LP) is deceptively woozy- listen close, though, and you'll hear Andrew take a bite out of the materialism found in modern music, vinyl culture in particular.
Kindred spirit Why? of Oakland-based Anticon collective knows how to celebrate 'What a Day' Day right and contributes a boss remix on the B-side.
So YO! Dig it! Dig yourself! Happy What a Day Day! Huzzah! Huzzah!

A1 'What A Day' Day
A2 Nice Things Are Great
B 'What A Day' Day (Why? Remix)


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A. I Have Been Wronged
B. I Have Been Wronged (Jesu remix)


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A1. The Very Busy Salesman
A2. Skeleton In Honey Tank
B. Box With Lynx On Lid


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A1. The Us Beneath
A2. Inflatable Ape Pt.1
A3. Inflatable Ape Pt.2
B1. 10th Avenue Freakout Pt.2
B2. Shdws/Scrns


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залейте на япапку или мегаплоад, пожалуйста huh.gif ну оооочень хочется послушать

Please re-up. Thanks smile.gif

Pneumonia 12inch
Check Fraud 12inch
What A Day Day 12inch
I Have Been Wrong 7inch
The Very Busy Salesman 7inch
Fog Sessions CDR
Fog Self Titled CD

Hummer EP

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Damn bro, you request a lotta shit.

Fog - Hummer


"Read this palm you gypsy bitch!"

2002 - Fog


2003 - Ether Teeth

http://ifolder.ru/8590848 pass - 1334

2004 - Hummer


2007 - Ditherer

Please re-up. Thanks

Pneumonia 12inch
Check Fraud 12inch
What A Day Day 12inch
I Have Been Wrong 7inch
The Very Busy Salesman 7inch
Fog Sessions CDR

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ну неужели ни у кого нет синглов?
Andrew Broder - Modern Hits EP - http://www.discogs.com/release/228381

Can someone re-up these

Check Fraud 12inch
What A Day Day 12inch
Fog Sessions CDR

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jay 714, Damscray
через два года высохнут акации
...I LOVE YOU!))))))))))) biggrin.gif thumb.gif
Damn!!!! If only you added all these singles earlier!!! I had to buy "I have been wronged" 7", just to hear Jesu remix, coz i couldn't find it anywhere in the internet, ive been looking for mor than a year, and now that it has shipped i open this thread and see that it is here! gdmnt!
10th Avenue Freakout перезалейте, пожалуйста =\
Andrew Broder - I Must Fix All the Problems (2009)
It is two pieces for improvised guitar, turntables and 4-track, the first side is called "I Must Fix" and the second side is called "All the Problems".

This record is the first in what I hope will be an ongoing series of self-released solo material and reflects the sound I have been developing in the last year or so. Something that strives for beauty and terror.

Andrew Broder - Experts, Specialists (2009)
a second dose from andy broder. this one's three tracks, same methods as before (improvised guitar + turntable), comparable chewy thickness. have at it.

Andrew Broder - Raw Bulb (2009)
more still from Andy Broder. this one just for turntables. from a very very brief listen sounds like an altogether more hiss-filled affair.

Ссылка на Andrew Broder - I Must Fix All the Problems (2009) померла sad.gif
Может кто-нибудь выложить?
Fog - 'What A Day' Day

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A1 - 'What A Day' Day
A2 - Nice Things Are Great
B - 'What A Day' Day (Why? Remix)


А битрейт?! mad.gif
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а 192 biggrin.gif
искал обложи к альбомом и случайно наткнулся на дискографию Бродера

забирайте пока не закрыли
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перезалейте пожалуйста...
Andrew Broder - Modern Hits EP - http://www.discogs.com/release/228381

кто-нибудь может перезалить?
заранее спасибо)
Andrew Broder 2002 Modern Hits EP [DT3]

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[DL] » MP3 / 192 (CBR) / CD / Rapidshare
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хаммер перелейте, поцелую в жопу

а лучше вообще все перелейте если можно
Request - Please FOG - Fog [ZENCD062] in FLAC cool.gif Peace
Fog 2002-02 Fog [ZENCD62]

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[DL] » FLAC / Lossless / Log / Cue / CD / Megaupload
[DL] » MP3 / V0 (VBR) / CD / Megaupload
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You again. I Can't chill my ass from Poets Of Rhythm. Man, I love You cool.gif Peace

Anyone care to share?

01. Intro 2:17
02. Fog 5:27
03. Morning 4:14
04. Sunday 3:34
05. Country Day 2:41
06. The Morning of the Sea 7:18
07. White Cloud 5:54
08. Moonlight 4:30
09. 649 2:44
10. Fu Yi Yuan 2:08


не нашёл ничё в интернете про релиз. но по музыке это всё-таки эндрю

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▀█▀ █■█ █ ▄█▀ ▄█▀ █■█ █ ▀█▀ █ ▄█▀ █ █ █

альбом понравился, очень красивый. правда он не поет уже, но может это и к лучшему
хороший альбом
that ain't andy broder. it's a japanese guy
well, shame on me
▀█▀ █■█ █ ▄█▀ ▄█▀ █■█ █ ▀█▀ █ ▄█▀ █ █ █

haha, no offense. i just wanted to keep others from being disappointed. i was like WHAAAAAAAT a new fog record and then it wasnt even him (or them). nice album anyways and thanks alot for the up

just open the links in the nfo, the guy on the photo looks a lil bit different than broder wink.gif


anyways, there is a new cloak ox record coming.
cloak ox is:

Andrew Broder
Martin Dosh
Mark Erickson
Jeremy Ylvisaker

hell yes.

and i just ordered their ep prisen

i will post it, when it's here.

can be ordered here:


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ARTIST: The Cloak Ox
TITLE: Shoot The Dog
LABEL: Totally Gross National Product
ENCODER: Lame 3.98 -V0 --vbr-new
BITRATE: 243kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 46min total
RELEASE DATE: 2013-08-17
RIP DATE: 2013-09-30

Track List:

1. Yesterday's Me 9:00
2. Josephine 3:11
3. Don't Listen 3:24
4. Andy Broder's Dream 7:32
5. Hot Hands 3:52
6. King Rope 5:57
7. Pigeon Lung 4:34
8. Big Talker 3:00
9. Shoot the Dog 6:17


ifolder / turbobit
i am looking for the albums fog - fog and fog - ether teeth... does anyone care to share them? would be really nice!
Цитата: (jaweater)
i am looking for the albums fog - fog and fog - ether teeth... does anyone care to share them? would be really nice!

Нет ли у кого желания всю дискографию обновить? Или все архивом куда закинуть?
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присоединяюсь, ребят, залейте дискографию sad.gif
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Fog (2002) CBR 320


архив битый, не распаковывает только 3 трек
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Fog – 2016.For Good

картинка, оставленная пользователем

01. For Good (04:40)
02. Kid Kuma (03:31)
03. Cory (04:24)
04. Jim (05:24)
05. Sister Still (06:28)
06. Trying (04:15)
07. Made to Follow (04:02)
08. Father Popcorn (06:43)

320 82.13 Мб rusfolder zippyshare
The Grasshopper lies heavy
FLAC 216.57 Мб rusfolder mail
The Grasshopper lies heavy
2002 - Rubin Steiner - Guitarlandia remixed by Ninja Tune & French Friends (Platinum, PL 32)
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1. Rubin Steiner - Guitarlandia (Full Remix) by Up, Bustle & Out (4:24)
2. Rubin Steiner - Guitarlandia (Une Hydre À Six Doigts Remix) by TTC (3:34)
3. Rubin Steiner - Guitarlandia (Reconstruction Mix) by DJ Vadim (5:36)
4. Rubin Steiner - Guitarlandia (Fog Remix) (4:14)
5. Rubin Steiner - Guitarlandia (Original) (3:51)
6. Rubin Steiner - Guitarlandia (Bosco Rmx) (5:49)
7. Rubin Steiner - Guitarlandia (Harsh Unit Remix) by Électroménager (4:02)
8. Rubin Steiner - Guitarlandia (Beach Revolucion Version) by Mr. Neveux (10:21)
Andrew Broder Crescent Moon
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Кто контролирует прошлое — контролирует будущее, кто контролирует настоящее — контролирует прошлое.

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