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Freddie Tipton (born January 28, 1982 in Gary, Indiana), better known as Freddie Gibbs, is an American rapper best known for being one of XXL Magazine’s ten Freshmen of 2010. He was previously signed to Interscope Records before being let go from his deal without an official record being released. He has released five mixtapes since his first in 2005 including Live From Gary, Indiana, Big Bizness, The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs, midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik and Str8 Killa No Filla. The Str8 Killa EP will be released 3rd August. His debut LP Baby-Faced Killa and The Devil’s Palace, a collaborative project with The Alchemist, are currently in the works. Freddie has worked with respected producers like Red Spyda, Just Blaze, Buckwild, The Alchemist, Polow Da Don, and Collipark among many others. Gibbs cites Houston rap and Pac as his major influences, and it shows in his ability to alternate between chillingly tense street stories of violence and laid back comedic tales about women and weed. Ultimately Gibbs shows and proves with his rhymes, which demonstrate the promise of a legend in the making. His skills, wit, and street credibility establish Freddie Gibbs as a true artist. He’s ready to represent for Gary, the Midwest, and anyone who relates to the struggle of inner city life. As Gibbs tells it: “My music is definitely on some gangsta shit. That’s what I was raised on and what I witnessed. How can I speak on anything else?” “Become a fan now, or become one later.”

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1. Str8 Killa, No Filla (feat. Big Kill)
2. Rep 2 Tha Fullest (feat. Jay Rock)
3. National Anthem (F*ck The World)
4. Personal O.G.
5. Live By The Game
6. Rock Bottom (feat. Bun B )
7. Oil Money (feat. Bun B x Dan Auerbach x Chuck Inglish x Chip Tha Ripper)
8. The Coldest (feat. B.J. The Chicago Kid)


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1. Dollar$ 4 Dope (Intro) (Produced by Rome)
2. Face Down (Produced by Develop)
3. National Anthem (Fuck The World) (Produced by L.A. Riot Music)
4. Born 2 Roll
5. Str8 Killa No Filla ft. Big Kill (Produced by Block Bettaz)
6. In My Hood ft. L.E.P. Bogus Boys (Produced by Finger Roll)
7. Rep 2 Tha Fullest ft. Jay Rock (Prod. by DJ Burn One & B Flat Trax)
8. Slammin’
9. Live By The Game (Produced by Block Bettaz)
10. Serve Or Get Served (Interlude) (Produced by Statik Selektah)
11. P.S.A. (Pussy So Amazin’) (Produced by DJ Burn One)
12. Personal OG (Produced by Block Bettaz)
13. Best Friend (Produced by Speakerbomb)
14. Do Wrong ft. Pill (Produced by Koncept)
15. My City ft. V.P. & D-Edge
16. Crushin’ Feelin’s (Produced by Statik Selektah)
17. Goon Shit ft. Sick Jacken & Planet Asia (Prod. by Josh The Goon)
18. The Ghetto
19. Rock Bottom ft. Bun B (Produced by K-Salaam & Beatnick)
20. 4681 Broadway (Prod. by L.A. Riot Music)
21. Slangin’ Rocks (Produced by Speakerbomb


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1. Midwest Malcolm (Inhale)
2. Boxframe Cadillac
3. Sumthin' U Should Know w/ Devin The Dude
4. For My Niggas w/ Hayes
5. Murda On My Mind
6. Womb 2 The Tomb w/ Pill
7. County Bounce
8. How I Feel w/ D-Edge
9. Talkin' Bout You
10. Still Standing
11. I'm The Man
12. Bussdown
13. Playa w/ California Pudd
14. Iodine Poison
15. Just Tryin' Ta Make It
16. One Mo' Time
17. Higher Learning (Exhale)


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Freddie Gibbs - The Ghetto x264 (2010)
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Классно сделали, на минус песни Miilkbone "Keep It Real"
Hey funny man!! your money funny man!
Freddie Gibbs- "National Anthem" (Fuck The World)

Hey funny man!! your money funny man!
а последние клипы есть у кого залить, м ??

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David Dallas ft. Freddie Gibbs - Caught In A Daze

Off David Dallas upcoming album The Rose Tint.
David Dallas
Rose Tinted
Freddie Gibbs & Statik Selektah - The Lord Giveth, The Lord Taketh Away 2011

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1. Intro ft. Slaine
2. Lord Giveth Lord Taketh Away
3. Rap Money ft. Daz Dillinger
4. Affiliated ft. Reks & PUSH! Montana
5. Wild Style ft. Termanology & Fred The Godson
6. Already ft. Trae Tha Truth
7. Keep it Warm For Ya ft. Smoke Dza & Chace Infinite

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Freddie Gibbs & Statik Selektah - The Lord Giveth, The Lord Taketh Away (2011)

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1. Intro ft. Slaine
2. Lord Giveth Lord Taketh Away
3. Rap Money ft. Daz Dillinger
4. Affiliated ft. Reks & PUSH! Montana
5. Wild Style ft. Termanology & Fred The Godson
6. Already ft. Trae Tha Truth
7. Keep it Warm For Ya ft. Smoke Dza & Chace Infinite

Freddie Gibbs – Cold Day In Hell 2011

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Thanks a lot!

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Artist.......: Freddie Gibbs
Title........: Cold Day In Hell
Release.Type.: Bootleg
Genre........: Hip-Hop
Source.......: CDDA
Encoder......: LAME 3.98.4 -V 0
Quality......: 244 kbps avg
Street.Date..: 2011-00-00
Rip.Date.....: 2011-12-02
Year.........: 2011
Tracks.......: 17
Playtime.....: 1h 02min Total
Size.........: 110.22 MB
URL..........: http://freddiegibbs.com


01. Barely M.A.D.E. It (feat. B.J. The Chicago Kid) 3:01
02. Rob Me A Nigga (feat. Alley Boy) 3:54
03. 187 Proof 3:12
04. Anything To Survive (feat. Freeway, Sly Polaroid & Adrian) 3:58
05. Twos and Fews (feat. Young Jeezy) 3:52
06. Let Ya Nuts Hang (feat. Scrilla) 3:00
07. Let 'Em Burn 3:14
08. B.A.N.ned 2:55
09. My Homeboy's Girlfriend 4:56
10. So Amazin' (P.S.A. part 2) (feat. Sebastian Mego) 3:46
11. Natural High (Even Higher Learning) 4:49
12. Straight Slammin' 3:32
13. Menace II Society (feat. Dom Kennedy & Polyester) 3:15
14. Neighborhood Hoez (feat. 2 Chainz) 3:23
15. Heaven Can Wait 3:24
16. My Dawgz 4:13
17. Sittin Low' (feat. Young Jeezy & Scrilla) (bonus track) 4:31

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Title : Thuggin
Artist : Mad Gibbs
Label : STH
Genre : Hip-Hop
Quality/Size : 44.1 @VBR 23,1 MB
Ripped : 12-17-2011
Grabbed from : Vinyl
Enc : Lame 3.98
Website : http://www.accesshiphop.com/store/?itemid=21613

01 03:20 Thuggin (Vocal)
02 03:20 Thuggin (Instrumental)
03 02:04 Riot Call (Bonus Beats)
04 02:07 Deep (Vocal)
05 02:01 Deep (Instrumental)
06 01:18 Cold On The Blvd (Bonus Beats)

Totals 06 14:10 min

Release Notes:

At the San Francisco Madlib Medicine Show tour stop, the
producer announced a collaborative project with the rapper
Freddie Gibbs and debuted songs from this EP: "Thuggin'" and
"Deep." This 6-track record is released on Madlib's Madlib
Invazion label - the imprint the producer founded to release
his 13 Madlib Medicine Show volumes. The duo's as-of-yet
untitled album is planned for release in first quarter 2012.

For Madlib, this marks another entry in an exciting series
of collaborative albums that he has created with the likes
of DOOM (Madvillainy), the late J Dilla (Jaylib) and Strong
Arm Steady (In Search Of Stoney Jackson).

For Gibbs, the album serves as somewhat of a departure:
coming off the heels of his acclaimed Cold Day In Hell
album, and before the release of the album he's finishing
for Young Jeezy's CTE imprint, this project gives the Gary,
Indiana-bred, LA-based rapper a chance to stretch out over
the Beat Konducta's lush musical tapestry. If the first
release is any indication, this collaboration will find
Gibbs' rough-hewn raps landing atop smoldering soul and
jagged psychedelia. -accesshiphop.com

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