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Eliza Doolittle - Money Box (Jamie XX Remix)

320 would be nice, but will accept most anything reasonable quality at the momento.

OOOOH OOOOH, also this, songs restupulous...

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Eliza Doolittle - Money Box (Jamie XX Remix)

320 would be nice, but will accept most anything reasonable quality at the momento.


Eliza Doolittle - Money Box (Jamie XX Remix)_128.mp3

We Have A Grass/Snitch. My Garage Uploads have been reported to mediafire. They are no longer there. Sorry.

A look at the forthcoming release from Urulu on Get flavours and a free Damu remix
Kookaburra (Damu remix) - Urulu
Whistla - Sub FM Show (22/03/2011)

The Ganja Krew - Super Sharp Shooter [Parousia]
???? - Blue Tooth [Dubplate]
Rush'd - Tendercage [forthcoming Car Crash Set]
DYP - Every Day [Dubplate]
Whistla - Take Me On [forthcoming L2S Recordings]
Masterclass - The Dodgy Apprentice [Dubplate]
Christoph Andersson - Getaway [Hurst Recordings]
Whistla - You & Me [Dubplate]
Para - Volume (Whistla Remix) [forthcoming Yosh Records]
Submerse - Koko [forthcoming Maltine]
US Alliance - All I Know (Robbie T 4x4 Mix) [Dubplate]
Figures & Stevie B - Stevie's Groove [Dubplate]
S0n!ka - Bright Light [Kursed Recordings]
M2J - Downer [forthcoming L2S Recordings]
Diddy feat Fabian - Coming Home (Future Riddim Underground Mix) [Dubplate]
Submerse feat Rachel Anne Coulter (Whistla's Hardcore Remix) [Heartbeats]
Stan Badboy - Jamaica Soundsystem (Jamrock Mix) [Bass Machine Music]
Clueless - The Girl From Croydon [forthcoming L2S Recordings]
Para feat Robbie Craig - Tell Me (Atomic 2 Step Mix) [Kronik]
Koreless - MTI [Pictures Music]
Troy Gunner - Sworn I'll Forget [forthcoming L2S Recordings]
Artek - Holdin' [forthcoming Car Crash Set]
Macabre Unit - Clockwork [Dubplate]
GSUB - All I Want (Whistla Remix) [Cordovan]
DYP - Desire [forthcoming L2S Recordings]
Stikkman - In My Life [Record Union]
Max Yesakov - Moisture [Dubplate]
Clueless - Ride With You [forthcoming L2S Recordings]
Josif - Oh My [Dubplate]
Dark0 - Hyli [Dubplate]
Whistla - Way 2 Dark [Dubplate]
Scott Garcia - U Could Be (Instrumental Mix) [forthcoming L2S Recordings]
TRP - Tear Gas [L2S Recordings]
Whistla - Pillowtalk [L2S Recordings]

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Truancy Compilation One features fourteen tracks from a mixture of both upcoming and established artists based from all corners of the world, something we consider to be an important and essential venture with our first release as it embodies our ethos on music as a blog, having talked and written about DJs and producers from all over the world. We hope you enjoy the compilation as much as we do. And although you can download the compilation for free, we’d appreciate if if you could make a small donation to the bank account we set up for this project. All proceeds will be forwarded to the Libya & Region Appeal, and will be transferred on April 30th and May 31th. After the last transition the account will be closed. Thanks a lot to everyone who made this possible, the artists, our lovely audio engineer Faisal and of course, the listeners. One love.

1. Grown Folk – Steady Moving
2. Teeth – Some
3. NGUZUNGUZU – Story Riddim
4. Darling Farah – Varsity
5. Brenmar – Boy U Got Me
6. Glass Actor – What I Couldn’t Do
7. LOL Boys & Teki Latex – Modern
8. Chaos In The CBD – Ima Do It Right
9. Melé – Pyrex Vision
10. Tanka – Short Sighted
11. Femme En Fourure – Femdom
12. ITFW – Surgeon
13. Square Mode – One Way
14. Brey – Tru4ncy

Get it HERE
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Cut's first release is a statement of intent, a taster of what we have to come. A cross-section of our sound, and a starting point for us to develop from. Over an hour of incredible electronic music for free. 14 beautiful tracks covering deep dub-techno, dubstep, drum and bass, future garage and IDM.

Various Artists - Cut Volume 1 [2011]
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Uk Garage / Ambient / IDM
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1.Vax - Let's Go 05:10
2.Lostlogic - Give Me Love 05:08
3.Atomic Haze - Couchlocked 04:13
4.DFRNT - Going The Distance 06:30
5.Lush - Spatial Love 04:46
6.Lung - Whale Song 06:35
7.Klatu - Zealous 06:03
8.Mekha - Acufen 06:01
9.Myrkur - Transmission 05:01
10.Toffee - Milkshake 05:33
11.Jazzy Jazzy - Friends With Benefits 05:35
12.Nowan - Snowflakes 04:55 download
13.Vandera - India Joya (DnB Remix) 06:21
14.Oddisee feat. Oliver Daysoul - In The Now (Krts Remix) 05:09

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Mute / Toys In The Attic / Sillhouette Music / SIL 005 / 28th March 2011

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Mute - Toys In The Attic (SIL 005)

1. Searhorse
2. Agnes
3. Fake
4. Agggain, 320MP3, 42.73MB


Emi Ono / Ikidomari EP / Echodub Recordings / EDUB 002 / 28th March 2011

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Emi Ono - Ikidomari EP (EDUB 002)

1. Ikidomari (Aftermath)
2. Kuukan (The Next Step)
3. Orb (The Next Step) 320MP3, 39.68MB
Cut Volume - сильный сборник, спасибо!
Cut Volume - сильный сборник, спасибо!

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Why did the lion get lost? Because the jungle is massive

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