Gary Hoey

Gary Hoey - Bug Alley

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Track Listing
1. Desire
2. Tribal War Babies
3. Black Magic Woman
4. Yeah
5. Bug Alley
6. Peace Pipe
7. Gotta Serve Somebody
8. Karma Climb
9. Moustache Muchacho
10. Coasting
11. The Green Room

Gary Hoey (guitar)
Brian Setzer (guitar)
Tony Franklin (bass)
Gregg Bissonette (drums).

A more mature and experimental offering, as the release is not only heavier and meatier in places, but also an improvement in terms of structure and talent. There's some Kenny Wayne Shepherd blues-sass moments, a few Santana phrasings, and at times the rip and tear of Saki Kaskas (if you haven't heard of him, ask me!). All of these elements are wrapped in metal, of course.

The crunching background and tooling lead of "Desire" is the album's opener, and is followed by the moving and trance-like feel of "Tribal War Babies". There is a dark and nasty cover of "Black Magic Woman," where Hoey shows off a decent set of pipes! The sassy "Bug Alley" stands out, and lighter moments include the laid-back "Peace Pipe" and the mesmerizing drums/effects of "The Green Room".

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Gary Hoey - American Made

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Track Listing
1. Shed My Skin
2. Lunatic Fringe
3. Reaction
4. Psychedelic Psycho
5. Fly on the Wall
6. American Made
7. Welcome to My World
8. Gonzo Guru
9. Fades Away
10. Truth
11. Tribal Mania
12. The Deep

World renowned instrumental rock guitarist Gary Hoey forges new territory as a lead vocalist on Amercian Made. With thirteen instrumental albums under his belt (which have spawned several top rock radio hits and over 600,000 albums sold), Gary proves that his incredible talent goes beyond his fingertips. This record features twelve new tracks, including the first single, "Lunatic Fringe". As always, he'll embark on a national radio morning show tour and through syndication, he'll be heard on over 400 stations. Never fear, instrumental fans, four instrumentals bolster American Made, including "Psychedelic Psycho", "Gonzo Guru", "Tribal Mania" and "The Deep".

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Gary Hoey - 8 CDs:

(MP3, CBR, 160 KBPS, HQ)

Animal Instinct
Endless Summer II
Gary Hoey
Bug Alley
Ho!Ho! Hoey
Hocus Pocus
Wake Up Call
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Gary Hoey - Monster Surf (2005) :

Gary Hoey is back with Monster Surf. Hoey is the guitar God whose knack for taking well-known songs an turning them into rock instrumental monsters has made him a rock radio icon. He redefined Christmas music with his "Ho! Ho! Hoey" series an is now poise to do the same with classic surf tunes as he tears into songs like "Pipeline", "Hawaii Five-O" and many others in a way like you've never heard! The music on Monster Surf was of course inspired by surfing and the sheer awesome power of Mother Ocean[s waves. Check out covers of the Beach Boys' "Fun, Fun, Fun", Chuck Berry's "Surfin' USA", the Surfari's "Wipe Out", and a heavy version of the Mamas and the Papas' hit "California Dreamin'". Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Hard Rock/Surf) thumb.gif
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залейте пожалуйста песню Gary Hoey - Welcome to My World
The Best Of Gary Hoey

Link to "American Made" is dead. Can anyone upload it?

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Artist: Gary Hoey
Album: Dust & Bones
Bitrate: 262kbps avg
Quality: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.98.4 / -V0 / 44.100Khz
Label: Mascot Records
Genre: Rock
Size: 83.19 megs
PlayTime: 0h 42min 04sec total
Rip Date: 2016-08-05
Store Date: 2016-07-29

Track List:
01. Boxcar Blues 3:43
02. Who's Your Daddy 4:15
03. Born To Love You 3:15
04. Dust & Bones 4:08
05. Steamroller (Tribute to Johnny 3:26
06. Coming Home (feat. Lita Ford) 4:56
07. Ghost Of Yesterday 3:47
08. This Time Tomorrow 4:35
09. Back Up Against The Wall 3:05
10. Blind Faith 3:12
11. Soul Surfer 3:42

Release Notes:
With nineteen other albums under his belt, Gary Hoey is doing his thing again
this time with the new album Dust and Bones. A true blues triumph, it’s where
Gary belongs. This Veteran has taken his Strat, and paid his homage to the blues
gods, and they are pleased.

The album throws us into a Robert Johnson-esque song with a modern twist of
course, called “Boxcar Blues.” This train of a track hits all the stops.
Chugging right along we strut our way into “Who’s Your Daddy.” This song is an
obvious upbeat tribute to the great Brian Setzer and it delivers. “Dust and
Bones,” the album’s namesake, is a modern blues song that showcases Hoey’s
guitar chops as well as his vocal acuity.

Hoey is clear to display his influences especially with the next track,
“Steamroller,” which is a tribute to the legendary Johnny Winter. This is
followed with a power ballad, “Coming Home,” featuring Lita Ford that really
stokes the coals of this smoldering hot album. The longing for home, not just
the place, but the people, especially that special someone that the life of a
traveling musician knows all too well. The second half of the album brings
things down a bit with a more melancholy feel, especially “This Time Tomorrow.”
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Gary Hoey - Neon Highway Blues (2019)
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Время: 0:48:15
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 110.3 Мб

01. Under the Rug (feat. Eric Gales) (4:57)
02. Mercy of Love (feat. Josh Smith) (6:21)
03. Your Kind of Love (3:37)
04. Don't Come Crying (feat. Ian Hoey) (4:34)
05. Still Believe In Love (3:44)
06. Almost Heaven (3:37)
07. I Felt Alive (5:25)
08. Waiting On the Sun (4:14)
09. Damned If I Do (feat. Lance Lopez) (4:42)
10. Living the Highlife (3:53)
11. Neon Highway Blues (3:11)
Тону в неоновом блеске 80-х. Суперкрутой альбом!

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