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ARTIST: Geowulf
TITLE: Great Big Blue
LABEL: 37 Adventures
GENRE: Alternative
BITRATE: 254kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 42m total
RELEASE DATE: 2018-02-16
RIP DATE: 2018-02-17

Track List
1. Sunday 3:41
2. Saltwater 4:07
3. Get You 3:48
4. Greatest Fool 3:07
5. Hideaway 4:16
6. Only High 3:47
7. Drink Too Much 3:47
8. Don't Talk About You 3:36
9. Won't Look Back 4:39
10. Summer Fling 3:48
11. Work In Progress 4:12

Release Notes:

Originally hailing from the coastal town of Noosa, Australia, Star Kendrick and
Toma Banjanin met in their teens and moved to Europe, spending their time
between London, Berlin, and Gothenburg. The duo starting writing together when
Kendrick had laid down a few demo vocal tracks and asked Banjanin to flesh them
out. The resulting guitar- and synth-laden dream pop caught the ear of
London-based independent 37 Adventures, which snapped up their debut 2016 single
"Saltwater." At the end of the year, the duo released a second track, "Don't
Talk About You." 2017 saw their fan base expand; the pair issued "Won't Look
Back" and "Get You" before collecting them for their debut EP Relapse. They
followed up with the single "Drink Too Much," while also spending their time
touring and recording their debut album.
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Geowulf – Great Big Blue (2018)
CBR 320 kbps
101,6 MB
01. Sunday
02. Saltwater
03. Get You
04. Greatest Fool
05. Hideaway
06. Only High
07. Drink Too Much
08. Don’t Talk About You
09. Won’t Look Back
10. Summer Fling
11. Work In Progress

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