Girls – Broken Dreams Club (2010)

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Genre: lo-fi,indie,indie pop
Bitrate: MP3 / 320
Duration: 30:11
Size: 69 mb
1. Thee Oh So Protective One (03:37)
2. Heartbreaker (04:02)
3. Broken Dreams Club (05:13)
4. Alright (04:47)
5. Substance (04:49)
6. Carolina (07:44)

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Girls - Broken Dreams Club EP - 2010
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Artist: Girls
Title: Broken Dreams Club EP
Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Encoder: FhG
Size: 63,7 mb
Play Time: 00:30:11 min

01. Thee Oh So Protective One (3:36)
02. Heartbreaker (4:02)
03. Broken Dreams Club (5:12)
04. Alright (4:46)
05. Substance (4:48)
06. Carolina (7:43)

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Artist: Girls
Title: Broken Dreams Club (EP)
Label: True Panther Sounds
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: VBR Kbps
Time: 30:20
Size: 42.4 MB
Rip Date: 2010-12-06
Str Date: 2010-11-22

Track List:

01. The Oh So Protective One 03:37
02. Heartbreaker 04:04
03. Broken Dreams Club 05:15
04. Alright 04:49
05. Substance 04:51
06. Carolina 07:44

Release Notes:

2010's Broken Dreams Club EP is the natural follow up
to Album but introduces a massive sonic shift for the
band, in their homemade studio in San Francisco with JR
White at the helm. On Broken Dreams Club, we find Girls
emerging with a more massive, lusher sound with horns
pedal steel and psychedelic effects dappled throughout
This EP features 6 brand new songs (a few of which that
have been in recent setlists) with a running time of 35

The San Franciscan songwriting duo Girls, comprised of
Christopher Owens and Chet JR White, return with the follow
up with their debut, entitled Album. In 2009, Girls
introduced the world to a deeply heartfelt confessional
album that at once channels some of the classic songsmiths
of all time while demonstrating a unique sense of
song-writing and production. Album brought critical acclaim
to ranging from placements on year-end lists, sold out
shows at some of the world's most famous venues and rapturous
audiences worldwide





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Artist: Girls
Title: Album (Special Edition)
Label: True Panther Sounds
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: VBR Kbps
Time: 56:24
Size: 72.4 MB
Rip Date: 2010-12-06
Str Date: 2009-12-11

Track List:

01. Lust For Life 02:25
02. Laura 04:52
03. Ghost Mouth 03:12
04. God Damned 02:18
05. Big Bad Mean Motherfucker 02:16
06. Hellhole Ratrace 06:57
07. Headache 04:00
08. Summertime 05:40
09. Lauren Marie 04:58
10. Morning Light 02:37
11. Curls 02:08
12. Darling 03:00
13. Oh Boy (Bonus Track) 02:40
14. End Of The World (Bonus Track) 03:36
15. Life In San Francisco (Bonus Track) 02:18
16. Solitude (Bonus Track) 03:27





я еаверно музыкально неграмотный человек,но что означает Lo-Fi в тегах?

а нельзя ли перезалить лимитед эдишн, поудаляли файлы с серваков sad.gif
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На megaupload осталась живая ссылка.
On September 13th, 2011 San Francisco’s Girls will release their second album and third record Father, Son, Holy Ghost on True Panther Sounds. The album comes two years after their debut (Album), and one year after the follow-up EP (Broken Dreams Club). It is their most accomplished to date.

On the third anniversary of the birth of Girls as a band Christopher Owens and Chet White found themselves entering the studio to begin recording their second album. More a collection of gear than a studio, recording took place in the bowels of a San Francisco office building. The two teamed up with new drummer Darren Weiss and guitarist John Anderson assembling performances and ultimately creating new music and musical relationships to carry the band through its newest incarnation. Quickly the record took shape and with the luxury of time and an outstanding and vast collection of amplifiers as well as tube and transistor based recording equipment the sound was formed. Less explorative than previous records the sound is built on the ideas and ears of a much more confident band. And the outcome is their most important release to date.
Girls have taken what they’ve always done best and have displayed it with amazing clarity and the strongest of intent. Classic songwriting coupled with exciting production is their way. “I’m still all the same,” Owens says. “I still know I have to do it. I still love the songs and writing songs.”

Father. Son, Holy Ghost is at times ebullient and at times absolutely devastating. A truly beautiful record and the perfect amalgamation of a band’s past and present while most importantly leaving us all excited and hungry for their future

Упс, прошу прощения, куда смотрел только...
Спасибо большое, качаю.

отличная новость. после ЕР очень хочется послушать побольше их материала. надеюсь не испортятся ребята.
хм, и я первый пишу об этом. вынырнула песенка с грядущего альбома:
Listen to the dead.

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