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- Release Info -------------------------------------------------------------- -

Artist: Greycoats
Album: Setting Fire To The Great Unknown
Label: Self Released
Playtime: 48:18 min
Genre: Indie
Rip date: 2009-04-11
Street date: 2008-09-08
Size: 69.95 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 193 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

From the revolution-toned language of their website and press kit, it seems
that the Great Leaders of the Greycoats are mobilizing a grassroots army to
invade your hearts and ears. They already infiltrated television in January
by having Watchman, What Is Left of the Night? featured on Gossip Girl.
Resistance may, indeed, be futile.

But when you listen to Setting Fire to the Great Unknown, their self-released
debut full-length, you find the 11 tracks are more battle-weary than
battle-ready. For me, whose coming of age soundtrack consisted of war protest
songs, its a sad realization that these are protest songs for yet another
war and that another generation of young people will have their entire lives
marked by it.

This broad, global theme is made personal in the lyrics, which navigate a
wartime maze of idealism (Revenge), unexpected love (Goodbye, Sweet Youth,
Goodbye), betrayal (An Echo In the Dark), and physical and spiritual
wounds until his protagonist begs Make Me Like the Moon (distant, cold,
empty?) and he finally questions the reasons for fighting (Monarch Wings)
and falls into despair (Watchman, What Is Left of the Night). The story arc
completes with redemption (Spiritual) and hope for peace (Not Afraid). I
especially like how the old sailors rhyme Red sky by night, sailors
delight/Red sky by morning, sailor take warning is incorporated into
Watchmen. Its a nice touch that adds to the tone of despondency and
impending doom in that song.

Musically, the albums earnest, melodious style is reminiscent of Keane,
Muse, and Elbow. Jon Reines vocals, especially his falsetto, further
underline the similarity. The beauty of this album makes it a pleasure to
listen to, and I can strongly recommend.

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

01. Learning To Remain ( 3:30)
02. Revenge ( 5:25)
03. Goodbye Sweet Youth, Goodbye ( 4:22)
04. An Echo In The Dark ( 5:02)
05. La Resistance ( 4:07)
06. That Great And Terrible Day ( 2:55)
07. Monarch Wings ( 4:30)
08. Watchmen, What Is Left Of The Night? ( 5:13)
09. Make Me Like The Moon ( 4:16)
10. Spiritual ( 5:05)
11. Not Afraid ( 3:53)

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

Понравилось, очень цепляет. Хз с кем сравнить.
очень даже неплохо thumb.gif
Очень здорово! Респект аплоадеру...
Выпил по ошибке проявитель, выпей закрепитель - дело нужно доводить до конца...
Хорошие thumb.gif
Интересный коллектив.
Что-то в них есть... smile.gif
В общем, очень понравились, приятная музыка и вокал. Особенно 5й трек thumb.gif
хороши ))
forever read only
Музыка дя дождливого дня почему-то такое ощущение. В целом ничего
Перезалейте, пожалуйста, альбом "Setting Fire to the Great Unknown"!
Greycoats – World Of Tomorrow (2013)

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Artist : Greycoats
Album : World Of Tomorrow
Year : 2013
Genre : Indie
Bitrate : 320K/s 44100Hz Joint Stereo


1. The Chemic Drop (4:16)
2. Prometheus, Glow! (3:49)
3. Hideaway (3:53)
4. The Lions and the Swans (4:01)
5. Foshay (5:09)
6. No Encores (3:54)
7. Weightless (3:22)
8. Keep Us Young (4:27)
9. Summer Idyll (2:44)
10. Leviathan (7:50)
11. Holiday (8:05)

Total Playing Time: 51:35
Total Size : 119,6 MB

Greycoats – Adrift - 2015 320kbps

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02. Knights Of Lake Ladoga
03. The Decider
04. Constellations
05. Guardian
06. Cleopatra
07. Old Believers
08. Strange Animals
09. Fade To Blue
10. Voyagers

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Greycoats - Runner (Single)
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mp3, 320kbps


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