Anyone copped the "Rwd: The Legacy: 3cd (2012)" CD from a torrent or something?
seeding stopped im at 6% downloading sad.gif
new Footsie and Darq E Freaker EP's are down. Re-up would be greatly appreciated smile.gif
My Darq E Freaker upload is still safe and sound, mate.

Ruff Sqwad - White Label Classics (CD 320's)
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re up plz
Does anyone have something from this release?
The Joyride instrumental alone would be nice.
PM me if you want me to re-up
J-Sweet - Kerb (Remixes) (Marxmen Dubs) [2012]

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01. Kerb (Spooky Remix)
02. Kerb (Starkey Remix)
03. Kerb (N-Type Remix)
04. Kerb (Trends Remix)
05. Kerb (T Dubz Remix)
06. Kerb (Beanz Pro Remix)

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Цитата: (K-Beezy)
Цитата: (twopercento+22.05.11 в 19:41--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>[cool.gif
Цитата:[/b] (twopercento @ 22.05.11 в 19:41)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin--> Anyone have:
cleptomaniacs - all i do (bump & flex dancefloor dub)? or the white label of that mix called "all i didn't do"? not  to be confused with the (bump & flex club mix)

Heres the dub mix your after....havnt heard of the other one all i didnt do (if anyones got that id be interested too!)

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g-funkin I've got a lot of old US garage and deep house if there's anything else you're after.

Danny Weed - Creeper 1 & 2? please 

,1 on that.

And another req: Large Joints - Thinkin' (both the Zoot Master's Vocal and Leg-Up Dub)<!--QuoteEnd] k beezy

cheers for them in advance 2 outta 3 aint bad, im just in process of buying oxide terminator on vinyl just gotta wait for seller to reply so shud see a 320 of that by end of next week hes gotta post from germany .... im gonna look up that wasssup tune see if i can get that too

Wicked stuff man.... Aint heard that terminator tune in years! Would be wicked to have that!

Could Someone reup the Bump & Flex Dancehall dub?

top notch
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VA / Choice Cuts 2 / WEB / 2012

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Choice Cuts 2 (38537)
Label: Slit Jockey Records 38537
Year: 2012
Genre: Dubstep, Grime, UK Garage
Release Date: 20/11/2012
Size: 131 MB
Tracks: 15
Length: 57:00 min
Source: WEB
Quality: 320kbps / 44,1Khz / Full Stereo


01: Starkey - DPMO (ft.Trim) [03:02]
02: DS1 - Addicted (ft.Coco) [02:48]
03: Dev79 - Hedon (ft.Central Spillz) [03:41]
04: J Beatz - Boogaloo [06:33]
05: Moony - Too Jazzy [03:33]
06: Buku - Slippy [04:13]
07: Krueger & Bombe - Hi BB [03:05]
08: Dev79 & El Carnicero - I'm Burnin' (ft.Warrior Queen & Dolla Koin) [04:52]
09: El Carnicero - Ginger Beer Riddim (ft.Mista Chatman) [02:35]
10: Misk - Modulate [03:42]
11: RSK - Airdrop [04:09]
12: Sduk - Fog (Bombe Remix) [03:18]
13: Kozee - Gutz [05:13]
14: DS1 - Nether Edge [03:14]
15: Starkey - DPMO (Devil Mix) [03:02]

njoy! teeth.gif
greetz from NoWTF? oO
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картинка, оставленная пользователем

Note: I'm not the one taking down my uploads, someone keeps reporting them and making them not appear anymore. If anyone reports, I will not upload it again.

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LOTM4 - CD unsure.gif
Still can't find it anywhere

lol at this guy

you gonna upload anything ????

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