Trigga, Chimpo, Sam Binga - Who Run Tingz, MCR [GIRLS020] Z preview

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Oooh! my gosh, I know gloomood personally !
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if anyone has a way to convert (Apple Music.m4p) give me a message

If your burn the songs to disc, audio disc not data, then you can rip the songs from the new cd, there will be no protection on the new mp3 files. It's a pain but works.

Unfortunately my superdrive on my Mac is packed in, can't burn nothing sad.gif
PM if links go down
Slit Jockey - Ten Years Of Grime (320 mp3)

Original catalysts of the US - UK bass dialogue, Philadelphia's Slit Jockey Records juice out 38 of their best moments from 10 years of operations in the grimy field. Includes highlights from both sides of the pond between Starkey and Trim's hard-edged 'DPMO'; the haunted dancehall-grime minimalism of Mr. Mitch's 'Bethlem Royal'; Rustie's bouncing remix of 'G41' by 8Bitch; J-Sweet's 8-bar muder, 'Streethawk'. A crushing halfstep raver from Wonder in 'RaveT'.

part 1

part 2

mokona pls
Big REQ:

Skepta - Gunshot Riddim (Pulse Eskimo)

big big big tune ohmy.gif
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mokona pls

+1 and the Trends EP on a PM anyone?

Cheers in advance thumb.gif

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anyone got mp3 or vinyl rip of this smile.gif
Mokona - Breathless
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Skepta - Gunshot Riddim (Pulse Eskimo) - 192
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Trends - Pump It Up
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zing zing zoom vol. 1 anyone?
Stay True To The Game
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zing zing zoom vol. 1 anyone?

yes pls
Req: Shiftee & Badman shark -Ekg Riddim
Anyone have any Killa P mixtapes?
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Anyone have any Killa P mixtapes?

Killa P - 2008 - Killer Instinct Volume 1
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Killa P - 2009 - Credit Crunch Vol. 1
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Killa P - 2009 - Killer Instinct Volume 2
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Killa P - 2010 - Credit Crunch Vol. 2
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Killa P - 2012 - Killa Instinct Volume 3
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And a bonus.

Badness, Killa P, Shizzle & Jamakabi - 2010 - Full Of Lyrics [Mixed by DJ Logan Sama]
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I think the first 4 Killa P mixtapes are mp3 V2, the last one is V0 and Full Of Lyrics is 320kbps.

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