Guillaume And The Coutu Dumonts - Face A L'Est (2007)

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Label: Musique Risquee
Catalog#: RISQUE 015 CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: Canada
Released: November 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House, Minimal


01. Salaat Linkuere
02. Can't Cheat With Concrete
03. Domdom
04. Les Cans
05. Harmattan
06. Salaat Dakar
07. Yenon
08. Ze Blob
09. They Only Came Out At Night
10. Fat Cat

Musiquee Risquee is fast turning into the one of the best labels around and this album from Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts is further proof of that claim. The album is kicked off in fine style with 'Can't Cheat With Concrete', a heavy deep houser and then continues to explore deep, skippy minimal house in all it's forms. Getting a lot of love from Villalobos apparently and it's not hard to see why. CD version feature a couple more tracks than the vinyl pack too.

Classically trained as a percussionist, Montreal's Guillaume Coutu Dumont does a predictably good job with his beat programming on this full length for Mutek-related imprint Musique Risquee. After an odd electroacoustic vocal introduction, the album kicks off properly with 'Can't Cheat With Concrete', a classy ten-minute cut that features rich, textured production bolstering a subtly tuneful impulse and waves of Latin American-influenced drum sequencing. 'Domdom' is slightly more overt about its digital pedigree, with glitching electronics weaving a beat and CD-skipping sounds shaping a melody. Far from being an austere exercise in laptop chicanery though, Face A L'Est clearly has roots in far more conventional, classic house music, dabbling with a number of different styles. There are some jazzy sax phrases worked into 'Les Gans' which lends the mix a casual, loosened up quality, while 'Ze Blob' is more in keeping with the hipster minimal scene. Guillaume proves himself an eminently capable producer across a multitude of different styles and sub genres, but you will find the odd bum note here and there, notably the duff Tom Waits-styled techno spoken word of 'Fat Cat', which finishes the album off, possibly in more ways than one.



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супер, спасиба
Thanks! Отличный релиз! smile.gif
вещь thumb.gif
Понравилось сенкс!

I have monster under my bed. He fucks my ego every day
славненький дисочек! аппетитный))
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Я мелкое чмо ничего не понимающее в музыке! Срите мои посты и баньте сколько душе угодно.
Чёт не очень, одинаковое всё какое-то rolleyes.gif
да ладн одинаковое)) послушай ещё разок.. потом ещё..

а может есть у кого EP его? был бы оч признателен
HEPB ты похоже не слышал одинаковое всё", а этот релиз как раз очень разнообразный и хоть я не любитель "арабской" музыки её вкрапления здесь очень уместны.
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Live @ Djoon Paris (16-01-2009)

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Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Live @ Djoon Paris (16-01-2009)

nice set!
ай фолдер плз!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – Breaking The Fourth Wall [Circus Company 2010]

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Artist: Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts
Title: Breaking The Fourth Wall
Style: Tech House, Minimal
Label: Circus Company
Quality: 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo
Date: 10-05-2010


1. 32 Tonnes De Pigeons 7:56
2. Can’t Have Everything 6:39
3. Decennie 6:53
4. Discotheque 11:01
5. Helicoptere 8:38
6. Intermede (Breaking The Fourth Wall) 3:38
7. Mindtrap 5:49
8. On The Lips 9:00
9. Radio Novela 4:58
10.Unwelcome 7:33
11.Walking The Pattern 5:58

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – Breaking The Fourth Wall [Circus Company 2010] mirrror please smile.gif

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