Hard Girls

Hard Girls have a lot to live up to. The three members represent most of San Jose's unsung punk rock heroes Shinobu and Pteradon who have continued to live in the town. They also represent 3/4 of Jesse Michaels' new band, Classics of Love.
Hard Girls are a great band. They probably listen to Silkworm and Pavement on a regular basis; you can hear it in the way they understand a song is something that can march along with subtleties, exploding somewhere near the end. Or, they can be the opposite of all of that and just kinda knock it the fuck out, having a blast. You could call it innocence but that wouldn't necessarily make a whole lot of sense as they've been doing this for a while. Either way, it's enjoyable. They write cool songs. Isn't It Worse has nine new ones. Sometimes it's just that simple.

Hello [EP]: http://quoteunquoterecords.com/qur035.htm

2012 — Isn't It Worse [mp3, V0]

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01. Focus On The Tedium
02. Hot For The Halo
03. My Buddy Valentine
04. Day Windows
05. Fed By The Eater
06. Swamp With Potential
07. Mary Anne
08. San Francisco
09. Major Payne

Клип чертовски хорош.

Посмотрев клип, ожидал большего. Нудятина )
2012 — Hard Girls / Summer Vacation Split [mp3, mutt rip, V1, V0]

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01. Hard Girls - If They Never Find Out
02. Summer Vacation - Morning-After Party Pill
03. Summer Vacation - Guerrero St.
04. Summer Vacation - I'm Hard


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2014 - A Thousand Surfaces [mp3, V0]

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01. The Quark
02. Sign of the Dune
03. 996 Tears
04. Screw
05. Die Slow
06. Plan
07. Flying Dream
08. Without A Sound
09. Samizdat
10. On & On
11. The Chord
12. Thenar Space
13. Deep Gulch
14. Eddie Vedder vs. Jack the Ripper


Очень хороший альбом.
‘Floating Now‘ will be out October 6, 2017 via Asian Man (US) and Specialist Subject Records (UK).
Hard Girls - Floating Now [2017] - [MP3 / 320 / WEB]
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1.Field '99 03:08
2.Puddle of Blood 02:13
3.Codeine Dreams 03:00
4.Camera 03:46
5.Echolocation 04:04
6.Halfway to the Hearse 03:58
7.Guadalupe on the Banks of the Sty 03:56
8.Neurons on the Fritz 03:16
9.Herd 03:40
10.Dulcet Tones 02:45
11.Dizzy Wizard 03:35
12.Running 04:48

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