Digital Hardcore / Hardcore / Speedcore / Обсуждение, линки на поcледние релизы.
Saintone - Pandorum
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Artist: Saintone
Label: Wasteland
Catalog: WASTELAND00012
Released: 30.06.2017
Type: Album
Style: Electronic, Gabber, Hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Alone In The Dark (05:56)
2. Bloody Chain (05:56)
3. Broken (05:51)
4. Brainriot (05:55)
5. Danger Monster (06:02)
6. Pandorum (06:02)
7. Midnight (05:56)

Soulshaver - Inner Pain (Remix)
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Artist: Soulshaver
Label: Aurora Mortem
Catalog: AMR006
Released: 07.07.2017
Type: EP
Style: Electronic, Darkwave, Hardcore, Industrial
Quality: 320 kbps

1. New Horizon In Pain (Intro) (02:58)
2. Inner Pain (Hellios Is Dead remix) (07:54)
3. Inner Pain (Diffuse remix) (07:09)
4. Inner Pain (Psycow remix) (09:16)
5. Heart Machine (Interlude) (04:42)
6. Inner Pain (Nekra Damage remix) (07:12)
7. Inner Pain (Destination To Hell remix) (06:51)
8. Inner Pain (Mabrook remix) (05:32)
9. Complainte For Chaos Children (Outro) (03:18)

Various - Inner Circle
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Artist: Various
Label: Harder & Louder
Catalog: HLRECS003
Released: 25.09.2017
Type: Compilation
Style: Electronic, Crossbreed, Darkside, Drum & Bass, Hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Brainpain – Nekrofunk (06:19)
2. BSA – Whiskey Cola (04:52)
3. eDUB & MBK – G (04:04)
4. Freqax – Pitsaw (04:34)
5. Gorebug – Difficult Decisions (07:05)
6. Peter Kurten – G.A.M. (Giant Absurd Machine) (05:31)
7. Savage & Mystification – Choose Life (05:21)
8. Savage – Replicant Abortion (04:48)
9. Suicide – Justice (07:06)
10. Throttler – Butterfly (06:02)
11. Dyslexia – The Evil Eye (Bonus Track) (05:19)
12. Kryzys – Drifted Off (Bonus Track) (05:36)

http://uploadboy.me/e7h02pcoyf7z/Technoboy & Tuneboy aka TNT - 1998 (Extended Mix).mp3.html
The Mover - Selected Classics (Remastered 2017)

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RPS 01 - 07
(7 EPs)

Hardtek / Tribe / Acid / Tribecore / France

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MP3 / 256 kbps / 44 kHz


!! RAVE ON !!


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Enya - Athair Ar Neamh (Wasted Mind Bootleg - Feel Alive Edit) у кого имеется это чудо просьба написать Лс wink.gif
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PM me for trade dubs :)
[REQ] Gabber Eleganza - Never Sleep #1
Hardcore archivist and fetishist Alberto Guerrini a.k.a. Gabber Eleganza débuts his keenly anticipated studio work on Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? with Never Sleep #1. Perfectly toying with expectations, GE extracts what he needs from the ‘90s hard dance archetype and mutates it in-the-mix with smart strokes of romantic synth pads and a windswept dynamic of his own making.

It’s basically not gabber as you know and love/hate it - as in frenetic pounders and eye-bleeding stabs - but rather an essence of gabber’s full throttle futurism circumvented or danced around in much the same way Lorenzo did with hard trance.

The results are teasing, deviant, anticipation-baiting, with Junonica juggling bursts of kick drums with inverted black hole peaks and streaking hardstyle lixx, whereas Never Sleep toggles lip-smakingly lush pads with a mix of grubbing and balletic kick drum patterns on a dembow bump, and Total Football is a tempestuous arrangement of jagged shockwaves and pill-belly queasiness that resolves at lush points in a perpetual trajectory to the next peak.

Listen to track 'Never Sleep' below:

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Some interesting 3ball with hard techno on this.

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3BO - 3BO EP x Dealer of Illusions

#3ball #Techno #Synth #HardTechno

The Mover - Final Sickness (Remastered 2017) Flac anyone?
Free for now!

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Vic Paz - Errors EP [DOI-009]

#Glitch #Breakbeat #noise #Techno

Available @ Bandcamp
First single of the new release of ETM, coming out on the 30th of october.
Nice trancey-rave vibes! thumb.gif

No download link yet! sad.gif
Terrortrance From Hell [Throbbing At 200bpm]

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