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Does anybody have some links to the Base and Es Vive albums please?

These would be:

Base Bar
Base Bar 2002
Base Bar 2003
Base Ibiza 2004

Es Vive Ibiza
Es Vive Ibiza 2003
Es Vive Ibiza 2004

Also these 2 albums appeared under the Hed Kandi label and are part of the series:

45 Dip - The Acid Lounge
Afterlife - Simplicity Two Thousand

Thanks in advance thumb.gif

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Thanks man very good job
Anyone got these songs for me?

Hed Kandi - Twisted Disco 02.05
CD 1

09 LnM Projekt vs. Vedo - White out (Superstar)
10 Penny Foster - Alone together
12 Dylan Rhymes ft. Katherine Ellis - Salty


not the problem, the .cue files should be included!??
personaly I like when mixed cd's go to the scene as not split mp3z... biggrin.gif

pls hurry up with uploading:thumb:
Hed Kandi Winter Chill - 06.03
kurtl good thumb.gif
could somebody help please??
help about what?huh.gif
probably about downloading Beach House 04.05 wink.gif
выложите пожалуйста Beach House 04.05, старые линки умерли
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а есть м у кого-то Beach House 04.05 CD2
буду очень признателен.... музыка того стоит чтобы её закачать!!!
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VA - Hed Kandi - Beach House 04.05 [2005]

Список треков:
01. Eddy Meets Yannah - Reach The Sky (Album Version)
02. Malena - Suavemente
03. Summer Of Space - A New Start
04. Bonnie Bailey - Rise (Beach House Mix)
05. Robina - New Moon
06. Kuppercoco - Undone
07. Lisa Shaw - Let It Ride (Jimpster Main Vocal)
08. Latrice - Hold The Light
09. King DK - Can't Read Your Mind (Tinderbox Radio Mix)
10. Stephanie Mills - Free (Vocal Mix)
11. Aquanote - Nowhere (Gabriel's Drop 4 Original)

01. Aya - Sean (Mig's Salted Vocal)
02. StoneBridge Feat. Julie Morrison & Jay Soul - Show You How (Wonderchops Mix)
03. Afterlife - Never Before (Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto Mix)
04. Peyton - Need To Feel Wanted
05. D'Stephanie Feat. Melissa - Back To Us (Tinderbox Vocal Remix)
06. Late Night Alumni - Nothing Left To Say
07. Kaskade - Everything (Kaskade's Big Room Mix)
08. Mylo - In My Arms (King Unique Re-Edit)
09. Morris T Feat. Janie Romer - Reach For The Sunrise
10. Roachford - River Of Love (Full Intention Vocal)
11. Steve Mac Vs. Mosquito Feat. Steve Smith - Lovin' You More (That Big Track) (Original Club Mix)



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VA - Hed Kandi - Back To Love [2005]
VA - Hed Kandi - Base Ibiza [2004]
VA - Hed Kandi - Beach House 04.02
VA - Hed Kandi - Disco Heaven 01.05
VA - Hed Kandi - Es Vive Ibiza [2004]
VA - Hed Kandi - Live on Galaxy 03.05
VA - Hed Kandi - Spring Sampler [2005]
VA - Hed Kandi - Stereo Sushi Teriyaki
VA - Hed Kandi - The Mix Summer 2004
VA - Hed Kandi - The Mix Winter 2004
VA - Hed Kandi - The World Series UK Mix 1
VA - Hed Kandi - Twisted Disco 02.05
VA - Hed Kandi - Winter Chill 06.04

Спасибо AntonNCV
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Thanx a million for the latest Beach House album!!!!

Wow, nice going with the funkytorrents

too bad the Base Ibiza album is one long mix, I want seperate tracks sad.gif

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