Hidden Identity

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HIDDEN IDENTITY is an underground band from kolkata formed in 2011.after many changes the group's line up consists of vocalist- Shibendu roy lead guitarist -Avishek Pradhan (Funky) and on bass and backing vocals-Soumen shaw and on drums-Akash sarkar and on keys/FX -Debanjan Dey(For studio session).Pushpendu Roy is our session guitarist.
Our past members-
Sounik Paul
Himadri nath
Debmallya sengupta
Sounak Sengupta
A nu genre,collaboration of rap Heavy and funk riffs, Dubstep tones etc.A new sound,New genre,just exploring our sound in a different way.
HIDDEN IDENTITY drew inspiration from early heavy metal bands like pantera rage against the machine,public enemy and some new faces like hed pe slipknot,limp bizkit e.t.c

Our journey & Achievements
Hidden Identity came into existence in late 2011,After many changes in line up band got its first fixed line up in 2012 and stated their journey.At calcutta medical college they've secured a position and got appreciation from the renowned band Alienz. Then later on they've changed their sound little bit and got selected for Sennheiser Top 50 band online competition,over there they got a good place.This way the journey continues

Shibendu Roy - Front man/Emcee/Rapper
Avishek Pradhan - Guitarist
Soumen Shaw - Guitarist
Akash Sarkar - Drummer

Hidden Identity - Another Day In My Way (Single) (2013)
Bitrate: 128 Kbps
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