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Highasakite - All That Floats Will Rain - 2012
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Artist: Highasakite
Title: All That Floats Will Rain
Label: Riot Factory
Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Encoder: LAME 3.98r
Size: 101,6 mb
Play Time: 00:41:17 min

01. Son Of A bitch
02. Winners Don't Come Easy
03. Indian Summer
04. When You Have Gone
05. In And Out Of Weeks
06. God Is A Banquet
07. My Soldier
08. Whatever That Means
09. Everything Sank In You
10. The Heron

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воздушная музыка / Whatever That Means очень понравилась

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Талант всегда себя проявит, дорогуша (с) Фредди

офигенные ребята
Какой отвратительный тембр голоса.
Ингрид молодец, она мне еще по "Your Headlights Are On" запомнилась. Жаль только диск никак нельзя заказать если живешь в России.
Ингрид молодец, она мне еще по "Your Headlights Are On" запомнилась

Вот оно что оказывается! а то чувствую знакомый голос и не пойму откуда.
Но выходит Your Headlights Are On распались - это плохо.(
Ребят, а нет ни у кого возможности перезалить альбом 2012г.?
Highasakite - All That Floats Will Rain - 2012

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Artist: Highasakite
Title: All That Floats Will Rain
Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Encoder: LAME 3.98r
Size: 94,5 mb

01. Son Of A bitch
02. Winners Don't Come Easy
03. Indian Summer
04. When You Have Gone
05. In And Out Of Weeks
06. God Is A Banquet
07. My Soldier
08. Whatever That Means
09. Everything Sank In You
10. The Heron


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Highasakite - In & Out Of Weeks (Promo EP)

Label.........................: Propeller
Genre.........................: Indie
StoreDate.....................: Mar-05-2013
Source........................: CDDA
Grabber.......................: Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode)
Encoding Scheme...............: Lame 3.98.4 V0 VBR Joint-Stereo
Size..........................: 31.45 MB
Total Playing Time............: 18:29

Release Notes:

Highasakite inhabits their own rare musical landscape, a place of long
dark shadows, sudden flashes of glittering light, brooding silences and
unexpected explosions of fierce percussion. Ingrid Hеvik’s surrealistic
lyrics and ardent vocals float out of another time and place, drawing
you down into the breathless maelstrom created by her band mates.
Progressive rock, Norwegian folk music, jazzy tribal drumming, spaced
out synthesizers, zither and autoharp come together to create a deep,
mysterious resonance, echoing the sounds your hear in the midnight
dreams that often seem more real than anything you experience during
your waking hours. Imagine Phil Spector producing Cluster, with a dash
of Radiohead on the side, and you’ll have the general idea, but
Highasakite brings their own singular vision to the party.

The band took flight when Hеvik and drummer Trond Bersu met while
studying jazz at the Trondheim Jazz Conservatory. They started as a duo,
with Bersu on drums and Hеvik singing and playing zither. After a few
gigs, they enlisted producer Thomas Dahl (Krшyt) to help them capture
the sounds they were hearing in their heads. “We wanted to combine the
rhythm patterns I was composing with 60s American pop, Norwegian folk
music and synthesizers,” Bersu says. With Dahl producing and playing
bass and guitar, and their friend Шystein Skar contributing his
synthesizer wizardry, they worked for six months to produce a collection
of songs cryptically titled All That Floats Will Rain. This was an
immediate success and Highasakite was named the best new act of 2012 by
many Norwegian magazines and newspapers.

With their reputation in Norway secure, Highasakite is setting their
sights on the American market with In and Out of Weeks. The five-song
mini-album will introduce America to the band’s highly emotional music
and their distinctive approach to songwriting and arranging. Tribal
drums and throbbing, euphoric synthesizer open “Son of a Bitch,” a mid
tempo rocker that alternates between Hеvik’s propulsive, tongue twisting
verses and wordless trills, underscored by Dahl’s swooping bass. “In and
Out of Weeks” is a tense, moody ballad full of long sustained guitar
notes, vast washes of spacey keyboards and dense layers of skittering
percussion. Hеvik’s somnambulant vocals capture the muzzy feeling of a
sleepless night.

“Indian Summer” has a skewed rhythm halfway between a waltz and a tango,
marked by pealing acoustic guitars, kaleidoscopic percussion effects and
a soulful, wailing vocal from Hеvik. “The song is a nostalgic look at my
childhood, playing cowboys and Indians in a suburban forest. It’s the
first song I wrote using a synthesizer.” The stories of soldiers
returning from Iraq and Afghanistan inspired the quiet drama of
“Whatever That Means.” Chiming synthesizers, zither and crashing cymbals
highlight a choral vocal that delivers a feeling of quiet desperation.
The music of Highasakite is unquestionably pop, but Hеvik’s emotional
singing and songwriting, and the band’s commanding wall of sound,
conjures up overwhelming feelings that will leave listeners thrilled.

Hеvik and Bersu started Highasakite while attending the Trondheim Jazz
Conservatory. “We fell in love, but he was always gone, playing in
bands,” Hеvik recalls. “I was in bands as well. We thought we’d have
more time together if we started our own group.” Both came from families
that encouraged their musical ambitions. “My mother was a conductor and
singer,” Hеvik recalls. “When I was young, she got a mike that plugged
into the CD player, stuck it in my hand and had me sing along with
Mariah Carey. I was in church choirs, but didn’t like it much. Later on,
I realized choir singing was good training for my voice.”

Bersu’s grandfather sang and played Norwegian folk music on his
accordion. “I liked folk as a kid,” he says. “My grandfather let me
press the buttons while he played, but I was more fascinated by the
drums. I got a Mickey Mouse drum kit when I was four or five and
destroyed it. I made my own kit out of empty ice buckets. My inspiration
was Metallica and American punk bands like Green Day.” Bersu discovered
jazz in high school. “I joined the jazz ensemble and studied composition
and percussion at University. I was set on having a career in music.”

“I thought about being a jazz singer,” Hеvik says, “but I didn’t sing
with a band until University. I never thought about music as a full time
possibility until I’d been in bands for a couple of years. The singers
were all songwriters too, but writing lyrics intimidated me. Finally,
one of my teachers encouraged me and got me started writing.”

Hеvik eventually showed her songs to Bersu. They started performing and
decided to make a record. In May of 2011, they went into the studio with
friend and producer Thomas Dahl (Krшyt). “We recorded drums, autoharp,
zither and vocals, with Thomas improvising guitar and bass,” Bersu
explains. “Then my high school friend Шystein Skar came in and added
synthesizer parts.” Шystein was a classically trained pianist who
changed his focus to pop, rock and fusion and works as a composer and
sideman when he’s not on the road with Highasakite.

After six months of intense exploration, the trio released All That
Floats Will Rain in Norway in February of 2012 and began playing dates
to support its release. “At first, it was challenging to play the songs
live,” Bersu says. “We’d recorded all the tracks separately and had to
find a way to translate the studio recordings to the stage. We added
Marte Eberson, a friend of Ingrid’s, on synthesizer and my friend
Kristoffer Lo on guitar, percussion, flugabone and tuba.” Lo’s
electronic approach to tuba has made him a favorite sidemen for metal,
jazz and noise bands. The band’s live performances struck a chord with
both critics and the public. They were a hit at Norway’s Oya, Hove and
Pstereo Music festivals last summer and have attracted great attention
on international showcase festivals like Iceland Airwaves, Berlin Music
Week, and Eurosonic to mention a few. They are looking forward to their
American debut at SXSW in March. They’re currently at work on their
international debut album, due out in late 2013.


01. Son Of A Bitch 3:05
02. Winners Don't Come Easy 3:40
03. Indian Summer 3:31
04. In & Out Of Weeks 3:41
05. Whatever That Means 4:32

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Artist : Highasakite
Album : Silent Treatment
Genre : Pop
Year : 2014
Label : Propeller Recordings
Cat# : PRR82
Source : CDDA
Bitrate : 241Kbps
Size : 90,80 MB
Runtime : 54:36 min
URL : http://www.highasakite.no/


01. Lover, Where Do You Live ? 05:04
02. Since Last Wednesday 03:57
03. Leaving No Traces 04:21
04. Hiroshima 06:03
05. My Only Crime 02:55
06. I, The Hand Grenade 06:18
07. Darth Vader 03:30
08. Iran 04:07
09. The Man on the Ferry 04:07
10. Science & Blood Tests 14:14

Release notes
Loved by Bon Iver, nominated at Norway's Grammys, they're like
Coldplay with a female singer, only better than that sounds.

Highasakite - who Justin Vernon invited on tour with Bon Iver
after being blown away by them live - are a Sundays/Smiths of
a Scandinavian indie-pop group, with a singer, Ingrid Helene
Hеvik, who tends towards the Bjцrk/Lykke Li school of
idiosyncratic vocalese. The band formed after Hеvik met
drummer Trond Bersu at the Trondheim Jazz Conservatory and
began to write, record and perform together. The only other
band we can think of where the singer and drummer are the twin
creative forces are Metallica, and at a pinch the Carpenters.
Which makes us want to daydream that Highasakite are what
might happen if powerful bluster met serene melancholia.

Tthe music on their album Silent Treatment is a fairly richly
melodic form of indie-pop (although we had to Google to find
out what a flugabone is). There are some electronic touches,
and some folk, even prog, influences/elements. We can't hear
much jazz, but then Trondheim, to the best of our knowledge,
doesn't have a Prog-Folk Conservatory. Hеvik cites Mary
Margaret O'Hara, Fever Ray and Diamanda Galбs as some of her
favourite musicians, as well as those legendary Voix Mystиres
from Bulgaria, but really, Highasakite aren't that esoteric.

Weird lyrics, though. "Reference points [that] have helped
inform Silent Treatment [include] Hеvik's time in New York and
Istanbul," their press release explains, cryptically, adding
that "many of its themes exist in the realm of relationships
behind closed doors". The titles alone suggest those
relationships might not have been that cosy, but then, we're
talking about a band who opened their 2012 debut album with a
little ditty called Son of a Bitch. There are songs on Silent
Treatment called Hiroshima, Iran, Science & Blood Tests, Darth
Vader and I, the Hand Grenade. If they are songs about
relationships we're talking about a fairly advanced level of
metaphor being employed. We can't always make out their
lyrics, but certainly Highasakite know how to get your
attention - they could start an advice website for young bands
called arrestingopeninglines.com. My Only Crime starts with "I
dreamed I was a devil's child" while Darth Vader's opening
gambit is "I am a Philistine..." and Since Last Wednesday's
is, "He would never do graffiti or vandalise that house." Our
advice would be to seek marriage guidance.

The music ranges from the subtly atmospheric to the
bombastically rousing. Sometimes they sound like Coldplay with
a female singer, or Sigur Ros in a tussle with the Sugarcubes,
only not that good. Leaving No Traces moves at a gallop, a
canter, with a nagging (see what we did there?) chorus that
recalls Cranberries/All About Eve. If Highasakite had been
around in 1990, they would have been on the cover of the
Melody Maker every week. I, the Hand Grenade is the first song
we can remember written about a suspect device from the point
of view of the bomb since 10cc's Clockwork Creep. We were
going to say, don't come here looking for rapier wit and
chuckles, but then we listened to Darth Vader again. "I'm not
the real Darth Vader," it goes, "I'll slay dragons, too - doo
doo doo doo doot doo… I am a killer bee." We would recommend
treatment, silent or otherwise.

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Artist : Highasakite
Album : All That Floats Will Rain
Genre : Pop
Year : 2012
Label : Riot Factory
Cat# : RFAC30
Source : CDDA
Bitrate : 256Kbps
Size : 75,68 MB
Runtime : 41:18 min
URL : www.highasakite.no


01. Son of a Bitch 03:05
02. Winners Don't Come Easy 03:42
03. Indian Summer 03:29
04. When You Have Gone 04:03
05. In and out of Weeks 03:40
06. God is a Banquet 04:38
07. My Soldier 04:13
08. Whatever That Means 04:32
09. Everything Sank in You 04:38
10. The Heron 05:18

Release notes

Highasakite are Trond Bersu, Ingrid Helene Hхvik and ╪ystein
Skar. Together they create smart pop music with elegant
arrangements and lush soundscapes. Their mix of driving
keyboards, pounding drums, powerful vocals and the occasional
noise guitar is unlike most things to come out of Norway in
the past few years and that's precisely why you should check
them out.

Inspired by artists such as Lykke Li and the movie "Where The
Wild Things Are", Highasakite's debut album All That Floats
Will Rain, released in February 2012 on Norwegian indie label
Riot Factory, has received rave reviews throughout the
Norwegian press. Dagbladet even named it album of the year and
said that "No song on this album is redundant, it's all
brilliantly brought to life."

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Anybody's got Highasakite lead singer debut album "Ingrid - Babylove (2013)"please?

Highasakite ‎– 2016.Camp Echo

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01. My Name Is Liar (03:44)
02. Samurai Swords (03:19)
03. Someone Who'll Get It (03:42)
04. My Mind Is A Bad Neighborhood (04:47)
05. God Don't Leave Me (05:55)
06. I Am My Own Disease (03:38)
07. Golden Ticket (03:53)
08. Deep Sea Diver (04:26)
09. Chernobyl (05:34)

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The Grasshopper lies heavy
Anybody have Highasakite concert from Oyafestival 2016 ?

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