Holopaw:Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness 2009.

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On their first two albums, Holopaw ruffled hushed folk with synths and loops. Nestled in almost-sterile arrangements, John Orth’s flutey voice defined fragility, as circular arpeggios turned like quiet screws. Their new album, thankfully, still sounds like Holopaw. It’s just that now, Orth’s voice is often buffeted by bright bursting chords, and leads glinting with pretty little errors. Standard but effective strings and horns sub in for electronics. The result is an album that’s vigorously lily-livered, with hardly a dull moment to be found. Orth’s lyrics are holistic and tender; rich with impressions of shipwrecks, honeybees, smoke and spearmint.

Prayerful moments like “The Last Transmission (Honeybee)” offset the rockers, which themselves have a muted glow, bone-weary yet anthemic. The guitar on “The Art Teacher and the Little Stallion” catches like a sob in the throat, as Orth sings, “Whistled through your crooked teeth / I never noticed your crooked teeth.” That sums up the whole record: A startled elegy, crammed with emotionally penetrating details.

Holopaw – Oh Glory, Oh Wilderness [2009]

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My brain goes wild with images when I listen to music.
And living in NYC, it’s easy to get carried away… But when I listen to Holopaw, my chin lowers, all the rushed movements and passerbys smooth out – glinted silvery light takes over and I find myself in a soft world of tenderness, hope, fallen beauty. It’s white; snow, or cotton perhaps, lit up and hazy. White sun like fingers, combing over creatures beneath. I can wander through it. I can go slowly. I can take a sharp breath in if I want. I am crestfallen, perhaps, but in the prettiest way…
Shoulders shrugged, head set down, my wolf/fox/bullfighter rests beneath the arctic sun. Golds and blues, pink socks. White sky, blue ring, inspired by the landscape of the words and sounds, or maybe, just maybe, simply from the white splinters inside john orth’s own eyes – which I only just noticed this summer, on the black waters of Lake Santa Fe, grey raindrops starting to fall, his legendary blues out-twinkling Sinatra, the startling white marks his own crystallines – after I asked something to the effect of…
You lean forward…and I’ll lean forward…

1. Art Teacher and the Little Stallion
2. Lazy Atador
3. P-A-L-O-M-I-N-E
4. Little Stallion with a Glass Jaw
5. Last Transmission (Honeybee)
6. Oh, Glory
7. Boys on Motorbikes
8. Cherry Glow
9. Black Lacquered Shames
10. Conductor and the Hobbyist (Avalanche)

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Artist: Holopaw
Album: Oh Glory Oh Wilderness
Label: Bakery Outlet
Playtime: 41:34 min
Genre: Indie
URL: http://www.myspace.com/holopaw
Rip date: 2009-12-15
Street date: 2009-11-24
Size: 58.96 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 188 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

Track List
01. Art Teacher and the Little Stallion ( 3:50)
02. Lazy Atador ( 5:04)
03. P-A-L-O-M-I-N-E ( 3:28)
04. Little Stallion with a Glass Jaw ( 3:33)
05. Last Transmission (Honeybee) ( 4:31)
06. Oh, Glory ( 3:22)
07. Boys on Motorbikes ( 3:45)
08. Cherry Glow ( 5:05)
09. Black Lacquered Shames ( 5:01)
10. Conductor and the Hobbyist (Avalanche) ( 3:55)



Release Notes

2009 release, the third album overall from the Gainesville Alt-Rock outfit.
John Orth and Jeff Hays have remained the pivotal writers in the band with an
almost collective like change in line up which now includes Patrick Quinney,
Matt Radick, Jeff McMullen, Christa Molinaro and Jody Bilinski.

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Holopaw – Academy Songs, Volume 1 (2013)

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Artist : Holopaw
Album : Academy Songs, Volume 1
Year : 2013
Genre : Indie
Bitrate : VBR ~216K/s 44100Hz Joint Stereo


1. Academy (1:39)
2. Golden Sparklers (5:31)
3. Diamonds (5:05)
4. Bedfellows Farewell (2:49)
5. Dirty Boots (He Don't) (3:13)
6. We Are the Virgin Snow (5:55)
7. Discotheque (3:20)
8. Infidels (4:00)
9. Chapperelles (0:48)
10. The Lights from the Disco (4:39)
11. Golden Years (2:28)

Total Playing Time: 39:33
Total Size : 65,1 MB

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Label.........................: Misra
Genre.........................: Indie
StoreDate.....................: Jan-15-2013
Source........................: CDDA
Grabber.......................: Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode)
Encoding Scheme...............: Lame 3.98.4 V0 VBR Joint-Stereo
Size..........................: 68.19 MB
Total Playing Time............: 39:27

Release Notes:

Holopaw is a long-loved independent rock band from Gainesville, FL.

Academy Songs, Volume I, Holopaw’s Misra Records debut, takes the band
to never-treaded levels. Through three records on SUB POP and a
collaboration with Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock (Ugly Casanova), frontman
John Orth has honed his gift for lyricism, storytelling, and delivery.
Now, backed by a variant possessing uncanny chemistry (complete with
identical twin brothers), we’ve been graced with an unparalleled,
breathtaking Holopaw album.

Over a ten-song cycle, the close quarters of an all-boys preparatory
academy, and the world beyond its “ivied walls,” become the sites of
devotion, betrayal, communion (or near-communion), and abject
loneliness. The joys and thrills and dangers of both discovery and
transgression are detailed. “The rising and falling of their little
lives” is illuminated in stunning imagery.

Jeremy Scott drove his Civil Defense Studio down from Brooklyn to record
Academy Songs in a St. Augustine beach house. Serendipitously, the
physical intimacy of the experience seemed to mirror the boys academy
detailed in song. Holopaw lived, worked, cooked, and swam together.
Their world consisted of playing music and cutting paths from beach
house to beach and back again. Long days recording were celebrated over
homemade horchata, fish tacos, and a different flavor of hand-churned
ice cream each night (ginger lime and peach brown sugar standing out as
favorites). A night swim would commence, followed by recording into the
dark and light of morning.

Paw’s Patrick Quinney summarized the experience upon returning: “You
know that feeling you have after swimming and getting a lot of sun,
where you seem to experience every little thing–food, rest, humor,
music–as a kind of deep physical and spiritual luxury? We have been
asked by a surprising number of people if the recording got ‘beachy’ out
there: in the sense that we made it entirely in an atmosphere of that
physical and spiritual luxury, I would have to say that it did. I
certainly hope that everything that sounded good or seemed like a great
idea at the time will continue to do so after the last of the sand is
out of our shoes.


01. Academy 1:39
02. Golden Sparklers 5:31
03. Diamonds 5:05
04. Bedfellows Farewell 2:49
05. Dirty Boots (He Don't) 3:13
06. We Are The Virgin Snow 5:55
07. Discotheque 3:20
08. Infidels 4:00
09. Chapperelles 0:48
10. The Lights From The Disco 4:39
11. Golden Years 2:28
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