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Hookworms - Hookworms (2011) 256 / 44 mb

1. Medicine Cabinet 06:23
2. Teen Dreams 06:21
3. I Have Some Business Out West 05:30
4. Resolution 08:41

Hookworms - Hookworms (2011).rar

p. s. great band
Sounds From Outside My Window
p. s. great band
весьма недурственно. спасибо!
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HOOKWORMS - Pearl Mystic (2013)


Away Towards
Form & Function
In Our Time
Since We Have Changed
What We Talk About

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‘Pearl Mystic’ was recorded and produced in MJ’s own Suburban Studios – where he’s worked on records for Mazes, Eagulls and Spectrals among others – and he admits he enjoyed the greater freedom he could allow himself on his own project. The album is an absolutely thunderous statement of intent for Hookworms (MJ – vox/keys/analogues; JW – guitarist, SS – guitarist; MB – bass; JN – drums) after a portentous couple of years of live shows and limited releases (a debut self-titled EP on Sun Araw’s Sun Ark label, a 7” Gringo Records all sold out quickly). Whilst their live shows continued to increase in intensity, with impressive festival appearances at Beacons, Liverpool PsychFest and Supersonic cementing their reputation treading the boards. Live and on record, like Spaceman 3, they pointedly subvert the tripped out sound environments of psychedelia with a darkly malevolent punk menace; unlike J.Spaceman et al, there’s no chemical assistance, these concepts and feelings come with clarity, and hit all the harder for it.

Indeed, the most impressive thing about Hookworms is that, through this torrent of emotion, through their wild motorik and their thick slabs of noise that threaten to spill over, there’s always the sense that they’re in control of it all, so committed are they to this catharsis that they refuse to throw any of it to chance. And so they shouldn’t, because even at this early stage we think Pearl Mystic will be one of the albums of 2013.

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Bst msc of 2018: 1-я половина / tlgrm
Hookworms – The Hum (2014) 320K / Mirror
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1. The Impasse (2:42)
2. On Leaving (6:02)
3. iv (2:58)
4. Radio Tokyo (4:01)
5. Beginners (6:36)
6. v (0:39)
7. Off Screen (7:37)
8. vi (1:31)
9. Retreat (5:48)
официальный клип на "Radio Tokyo"

any reup would be great!

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Artist.....: Hookworms
Title......: Microshift
Label......: Domino Recording
Genre......: Alternative
Rip date...: 2018-02-01
Runtime....: 46:32
Tracks.....: 9
Size.......: 107m
Quality....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
Codec......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)
Encoder....: LAME
Url........: play.google.com


01. Negative Space 06:56
02. Static Resistance 03:48
03. Ullswater 07:08
04. The Soft Season 04:00
05. Opener 08:36
06. Each Time We Pass 05:15
07. Boxing Day 02:18
08. Reunion 02:51
09. Shortcomings 05:40
Less WEB, More CD
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Hookworms – Microshift (2018)
FLAC, Tracks
265,49 MB
01. Negative Space
02. Static Resistance
03. Ullswater
04. The Soft Season
05. Opener
06. Each Time We Pass
07. Boxing Day
08. Reunion
09. Shortcomings

повторите пожалуйста The Hum please!
06. Each Time We Pass
07. Boxing Day
09. Shortcomings

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