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Hey everyone! I'm *not* complaining, just informing: Uploadboy has changed their usage policy, allowing just 4 downloads within any 72 hour period. I inform on this 'cos there are so many wonderful posts here that utilize Uploadboy, and their purchase option for Premium usage does not apply worldwide which very much restricts being able to give these releases a download & listen. I'm hoping that either Uploadboy relents and goes back to their previous usage policy or that those around here can see fit to utilize alternate options, perhaps Zippyshare or Mediafire or et al. Again, I'm *not* complaining, I remain immeasurably appreciative of these remarkable series of posts in this forum. thumb.gif smile.gif
Unfortunately I am unable to read or communicate in Russian ...
Discuji - The Unofficial Edits and ReRoutes Vol. 1

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FLAC: upboy, uploaded
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Lady Blacktronika - Wax Cylinder Only

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FLAC: upboy, uploaded

Letherette - Mander House, Vol. 1

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uploaded, upboy
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Free for now!

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MΔTΣ: Stupid / Smart Trance EP [The Purple Seal / PS​-​005]


#House #Techno #Lofi #TechHouse #Experimental


1 - Stupid Trance 05:31
2 - Smart Trance 04:39
3 - Stupid Trance (Dub Mix) 08:45
4 - Smart Trance (303 Mix) 05:23

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