How Can I Join FunkyTorrents Again?

i can't login or register anymore
Закрыто parkin (16-10-2008 16:30) :
I was a member a while back, but I didn't log in for a while so I guess I was deleted.

How can I rejoin?
No i dont speak russian, but google translator works wonders
I have the same problem- I do not understand what happened I was a member for a long time with good ratio, and my account dissappeared- I can not log in, and it says my email is not in database?? Any help would be appreciated.
The short answer is:
1. They kept the Power Users only.
2. When the new users get invitations, go find one...

PS1. I'm in the same situation as you.
PS2. A pitty that a site I was fond of especially for finding the more rare music, decided to treat it's users like this.
Why wouldnt they let you know that before hand so we could prepare? Instead they just said "be back in a month! Seeya!" had they said something about us all losing our accounts i would have done something about it like.. joining another BT site.. I gave back plenty in terms of seeding and i was an avid user and its a shame that it seems like high school all over again and only "cool kids" ie power users get invited to the lunch table. Its ridiculous we have to go on the hunt for an invite that we already had. Demonoid didnt do that then it went down. Anyway, ill forgive FT if they make it right to the contributors and the supporters that participated in the organic growth of one of the best underground BT trackers on the web.

Thats my rant, let the trivial hate threads begin.
Any can help us ??
Man I'm in the same situation. Long time user, always maintained a good ratio, always shared more than I downloaded, checked back regularly during the down time like they told us to, and now I can't log in and my email address isn't in the database. How do we get an invite from a so-called 'power-user'? Where do we make contact with one?

Why is every site these days going so exclusive? Surely the more the better, so long as everyone obeys the rules and shares at least as much as they take. No question there are good reasons to cut rule breakers and rampant leechers with bad ratios. But why do those of us that have been contributors to the community and loyal for so long now have to prove ourselves to the cool kids?

Can anyone at all help with an invite?
same here

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