Human Body

This was originally Roger Troutman's group before Zapp, and they reformed for a couple of albums in the mid-80's. As with all his albums, it has crisp, clean production values and sharp melodies throughout. However, this isn't really a funk album. It's more along the lines of a solid R&B album that's a cut above most of the fare from the 80's. The extensive presence of Ray Davis certainly helps, as he was listed as one of the co-lead singers. Every track features great singing and lush but not cheesy arrangements. There are only two funky tracks: "Make You Shake It" and "Hit Me", featuring a faster beat. The album is almost entirely keyboard-driven, but a solid rhythm section and percussion keeps it from sounding hollow. The lyrics are also decent but predictable, since most of the songs are typical love ballads. The album is out of print, and having never seen it at a used record shop, I have no idea what it's going for. But I wouldn't spend more than $10 on it, unless you're a fanatical fan of Roger Troutman or Ray Davis.

Human Body - Make You Shake It (2007) (Remastered 1984)

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01. Make You Shake It
02. Tomorrow
03. Keep Your Head Up
04. Hit Me
05. As We Lay
06. Please Help Me Find Her
07. There Is Nobody
08. I Believe We Can



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а как музончик то?
а как музончик то?

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Karlasan, спасибо за фолдер!
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МАЗА - понравилось!!! спасибо!
mille merci
Если честно то абсолютно не впечатлило.
И никакой это не фанк, а второсортный фьюжн. Ту май майнд.
Deep funk & soul в контакте:
the human body
truth be known (1976)
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roger troutman - music, guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, flute, percussion, vibes
larry troutman - lyrics, congas, percussion
lester troutman - drums, timpani, percussion
carl cowen - saxophone, flute, horns
garfield senior high school choir, donna sloss, joy barry, beverly sudduth, bobby glover - backing vocals
terry dews, johnny lytle - percussion, vibes
chuck, blatz - horns
terry "zapp" troutman - roadie
"ma" troutman - mending socks, sandwiches

1. Freedom (6:17)
2. Truth Be Known (3:56)
3. Brother Lester (2:54)
4. Bearings Straight (7:09)
5. Nature's Song (7:59)
6. Hey Mama (5:26)
7. Been This Way Before (8:23)
8. Take A Break (3:31)

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