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Emo / Post Hardcore / Screamo

It is unusual for a band to be equally influenced by hard-hitting groups like He Is Legend and Diecast, as well as the epic balladry of musicals like Les Miserables and Phantom. Yet, on Ice Nine Kills' debut album, Last Chance to Make Amends (Out Now), the sound of earth-shattering double bass drums and lacerating guitar riffs on a song like Last Words, share space with ballads like Chapter Two that gently move the listener with little more than a soft piano and a clean guitar.

Ice Nine Kills, The band, named after the ultimate weapon of mass destruction- the Ice Nine isotope from Kurt Vonneguts novel, Cats Cradle -will, like its namesake, awe you. The group seamlessly weaves the soaring melodies of punk rock and emo with the raw emotion and aggression of post hardcore and metal, creating in the process a refreshing sound that both soothes and knocks-over the listener.

Even in their most aggressive of moments, Ice Nine Kills, unlike many bands in todays scene, does not rely on unnecessary screaming to make up for lack of depth or meaning. The whole screaming thing seems really played out these days, everyone is doing it excessively. We try to only use an aggressive vocal style when it fits the part, and when it truly intensifies the song, says Jeremy.

The band provides the listener with multi textured guitar hooks, a dual vocal attack, and a pummeling rhythm section which takes the listener by the throat, and refuses to let go We try and tell our stories not only with our lyrics but with our music as well, says Jeremy, who pens the lyrics for INK. Every song I write comes from either personal experience or that of a close friend. Of course some of the stories are exaggerated, but they are all based on things that I have been through, I think thats why kids can relate to our band.

Nice Band. Check Them Out!

Could Someone Upload Their CD! thumb.gif
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Эхххх, а я надеялся скачать ихнии творения! ohmy.gif cool.gif
Надо же, тема про них всё-таки появилась. А я тут полгода назад скачал их альбомчик (качал, в общем-то, из-за названия; оказался довольно мягкий эмо/пост-хардкор), послушал пару раз и стёр.
Как-то даже не захотелось такую хрень заливать. biggrin.gif
A million hopeless faces dwell within protected walls
All waiting for a moment in life when they can heed the clarion call
And it's all so oppressive my mind feels like a sieve
This city's overcrowded, man - and I need room to live
Monsta, да я тож хрен знает когда качал. И даж не помню что они играют. Значит не впечатлило. ж)
Ну что такое!? Ссылки плиз! sad.gif
i'm interested in their CD too
i'm interested in their CD too

...fuck the ones who never felt this way

Thanks PinkBear smile.gif
If you have a REQUEST* please PM me.
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Please iFolder Link sad.gif
i can't use torrents and ifolder doesn't work for me, i'm not russian sad.gif

i need an up on a DD site T_T
yeah, please sendspace or rapidshare.de, cause i don't wanna get my shitty ratio even shittier...

If you have a REQUEST* please PM me.
*My posted stuff

yeah, thx, but it's really hard for me to seed fast, because my sucky broadband connection. hah.

thanks again for this! smile.gif
I hope Sendspace is okay for you

And special thanks to pinkbear ;P
If you have a REQUEST* please PM me.
*My posted stuff
btw, did anyone see a torrent that was recently upped and removed? some band, Hardcore/Southern Rock, i forgot what it was called, please help me!

cause i listened, and i was like, "this is great" then when i checked again, the torrents had been deleted. :/

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