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Studio albums
2001 - Revolution Revolución
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01. God Save Us
02. If You Still Hate Me
03. Unreal
04. Nothing's Clear
05. What Comes Around
06. Liar
07. Rumba
08. Predisposed
09. I Am Loco
10. No Murder
11. Rip Out Your Eyes
12. Revolution
13. With You
14. Fallen
15. Eye For An Eye (live)
16. God Save Us (live)
17. What Comes Around (Spanish version)
18. Unreal (Spanish version)

MP3 320 kbps | Narod
2003 - Confession
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01. Te Amo... I Hate You
02. How Can I Live
03. Two (Vaya Con Dios)
04. Unframed
05. Cleansing
06. This Time's for Real
07. Lifeless... Life...
08. Numb
09. Have You Ever Felt
10. When It Cuts
11. Letting Go
12. All the Right Words
13. Re-Birth
14. How Can I Live (Spanish version)
15. How Can I Live (Single Mix)
16. I'll Find A Way
17. Someone Or Something

MP3 320 kbps | Narod
2005 - One Nation Underground
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01. This Is War
02. My Resurrection
03. What You Deserve
04. Turns To Gray
05. De La Vida 4:05
06. La Liberacion Of Our Awakening
07. All I Ask For
08. Corazon Of Mine
09. Everything Beautiful
10. In This Moment
11. My Pleasant Torture
12. Barely Breathing
13. Violent Saint
14. Frustrated

MP3 320 kbps | Narod Uloz.to
2008 - Enigma
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01. The Alibi Of Tyrants
02. Pieces Of The Sun
03. Finger Painting
04. March Against Me
05. Compulsion Of Virus And Fever
06. Formal Obsession
07. Hot Summer's Tragedy
08. Me Gusta La Soledad
09. 2012
10. Guerilla Carnival
11. Estoy Perdino
12. Kellog's Bombs & Cracker Jacks
13. De Sangre Hermosa

MP3 320 kbps | Uloz.to
MP3 Scene by NLT | Uloz.to
2010 - Dead New World
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01. God is For The Dead
02. The Art of War
03. Against The Wall
04. Mi Revolucion
05. Bleed Like You
06. Serve The Grave
07. If You Were Me
08. Ritual
09. Killing You, Killing Me
10. How Could I Believe
11. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
12. Scarred

MP3 320 kbps | Narod Uloz.to
FLAC | Uloz.to
2012 - Epidemia
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01. The Depression
02. Only the Unloved
03. La Epidemia
04. Eva
05. Demi-God
06. Death Wants More
07. Escape
08. Time Won't Save You
09. Forgive Me Father
10. Invisible People

MP3 320 kbps | iFolder Uloz.to
MP3 Scene by FNT | Uloz.to
Demos, EPs, etc.
1998 - El Nino (Demo)
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01. El Niño
02. With Zen
03. I Believe
04. Can I Live
05. Buscando Una Pelea
06. God Is I
07. Don't Punish Me
08. Contribution
09. Warrior Soul
10. El Niño (Alternate Version)
11. Demons (Live)
12. Revolucion (demo)
13. Ready (live)

MP3 128 kbps | Mediafire
2000 - Ill Nino (EP)
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01. Nothing's Clear
02. Disposed
03. Rumba
04. Fallen
05. Part Of The Signs
06. El Nino
07. God Is I

MP3 320 kbps | Uloz.to
2006 - The Undercover Sessions
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01. Arrastra
02. Zombie Eaters
03. Reservation For Two
04. Red Rain
05. Territorial Pissings

MP3 320 kbps | Uloz.to
2008 - Demo Sessions
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01. How Can I Live (Acoustic Live)
02. This Time's For Real (Acoustic Live)
03. Make Me Feel (Someone Or Something Demo)
04. Someone Or Something
05. What Comes Around (Day of the Dead Remix)
06. Buscondo
07. El Nino
08. About Them
09. Nothings Clear
10. I Believe
11. Unreal
12. When It Cuts
13. I'll Find A Way
14. Frustrated
15. Every Day (This Time's For Real Demo)

MP3 VBR | iFolder

Discography (AAC)
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01. Live Like There's No Tomorrow 05:05
02. Not Alive in My Nightmare 05:06
03. I'm Not the Enemy 04:13
04. Blood is Thicker than Water 06:40
05. Are We So Innocent 04:35
06. Pray I Don't Find You 04:52
07. World So Cold 04:21
08. Dead Friends 04:22
09. Breaking the Rules 04:27
10. Payaso 03:34
11. My Bullet 04:03

Scene VBR V2 (KzT)
Scene MP3 256 kbps(0MNi_INT)
M4A (256 kbps)/MP3 (320 kbps)

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Latin metallers ILL NIÑO are preparing to commence work on their next studio album.

The New Jersey-based group, which is currently celebrating the 15th anniversary of their debut LP, "Revolution Revolución", with a European tour, hasn't released a full-length record since 2014's "Till Death, La Familia".

Asked by "Mike James Rock Show" if ILL NIÑO has any plans to start composing material for the next disc in the near future, singer Cristian Machado said: "Oh, definitely. I know we're all excited to begin the writing process. We haven't yet — we have some ideas throwing around, things like that, but we haven't started gelling ideas together."

Regarding whether ILL NIÑO writes any music on the road, Machado said: "We've tried it. We've done some writing on tour buses, but it never works out. You can of need to be in a room and playing loud, or in a studio, in the proper environment, experimenting and things like that. I suppose it depends what kind of music. If you just wanna write a simple song, I suppose you can do it on your tour bus, and I guess creativity can spark at any moment; you just write a song. But on the road you get into this mental state of going to bed really late, and by the time you wake up, the sun is almost gone and then you're looking for a bathroom and then you just wanna get the things in the venue, and then you've gotta do soundcheck. And by the time you do soundcheck, you just want an hour to clear your head. It's not even the right atmosphere, if you ask me. But some people can do it. I don't know… The guys in my band I don't think can write on the road."

Machado, who immigrated to America from Venezuela more than thirty years ago at age 11, told NorthJersey.com about the impact of ILL NIÑO's debut album: "I think having the title in both English and Spanish captured the spiritual and musical essence of the band. We wanted to find our own niche and bring parts of South America to our music. We were trying to put ourselves into the music however we could. We sounded different out of creative curiosity."

Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ill-nino-...YLyASRHuvlg7.99
концерт крут.но мачало убого мог в живой вокал.
на последнем концерте в рашке ваще пздц.караоке почти
неважно какое качество, достаточно глянуть с какого хоста качать
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rqst in pm - https://t.me/SVFLC - flac`s

Открытие января CLANN - Seelie (2017) - Violin, Downtempo, Female Vocal, Trip-Hop
Отдам за сколько не жалко. Отправка через транспортную компанию Сдэк за счёт получателя.

The Undercover Sessions (2006) состояние CD и Digipack идеальное.
Enigma (2008) идеальное состояние, CD и коробка без царапин, пластик блестит, как только что вскрытый из упаковки. Бутлег без мятен, всё как новое.

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И мои 5 копеек на продажу картинка, оставленная пользователем
и dvd
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а есть у кого-то фото Cristian Machado в максимально большом разрешении, желательно максимально старое фото? скиньте пожалуйста, если есть

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